Super Bowl LV Commercial Prop Bets – Super Bowl Commercial Props

Super Bowl LV Commercial Prop Bets – Super Bowl Commercial Props

Are you somebody that likes Super Bowl commercials more than the game itself? Or, maybe you just like betting weird and crazy props to show who the biggest degenerate is amongst your friends? Show these to your friends at your Super Bowl squares’ party, maybe virtually, and it’s bound to be a conversation starter. There is a bet for everyone in the Super Bowl. With each passing year, Super Bowl props continue to get crazier and crazier. That includes Super Bowl commercial props.

The Super Bowl just isn’t about betting the spread and total, or even player and game props. Bet on the ridiculous and weird throughout the game, as well as during the commercials during breaks in the action.

Yes, you can bet on the Super Bowl LV commercials and handicap what’s going to happen during particular commercials, whether there is going to be a certain commercial, or which commercial is going to run first. This should not be at the top of your list of bets to make, at least, if you don’t have any inside information.

The limits are so low on these bets that it makes it difficult to unload anyway. These should be fun bets above all else. The big news regarding commercials is the commercial that won’t be in Super Bowl LV. Budweiser announced that they will have no commercial in 2021 for the first time since 1983.

Instead, they are directing their resources towards Covid-19 vaccine education and awareness. They did run an online ad to announce this initiative. Also keep in mind that there is going to be a Bud Light commercial, so it’s not like they’re completely ignoring the Super Bowl this year. Along with Budweiser, you won’t see Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Hyundai.

All four companies are powerhouses when it comes to Super Bowl commercials. The grand question is if there is going to be a Star Wars question. Even more, are the M&M’s going to be wearing a mask during their ad spot? These are groundbreaking Super Bowl LV questions that must be attempted to be answered. Head below for our free Super Bowl LV Commercial Props on February 7, 2021.

Make sure that you line shop before locking in your Super Bowl wager. Getting the best line and price is one of the best ways to find the best value for Super Bowl LV.

Current Super Bowl Odds (February 7, 2021):

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  • Chiefs (-165)
  • Buccaneers (+140)
  • Chiefs -3.5 (-105)
  • Buccaneers +3.5 (-115)

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Odds at BetUS

  • Chiefs (-165)
  • Buccaneers (+145)
  • Chiefs -3.5 (+100)
  • Buccaneers +3.5 (-120)

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Odds at BetOnline

  • Chiefs (-160)
  • Buccaneers (+140)
  • Chiefs -3 (-113)
  • Buccaneers +3

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Will There Be A Star Wars Commercial?


There is no Star Wars movie scheduled in the immediate future. The filming of the Obi-Wan Kenobi series recently just started, so there is that. Note that this does not have a release date yet, as everything is currently TBD. Maybe Disney wants to shock fans with a teaser into a future film, but I don’t see them highlighting the Obi-Wan series when they don’t even have a release date.

Could Disney run something regarding The Mandalorian? I find it unlikely. The Super Bowl, at least for movies and TV shows, is showcasing the new. If you haven’t been living in a cave the last year, you’ve been exposed to The Mandalorian in one way or another. Spending millions on an ad just doesn’t seem like a game plan they’re going to go with.

The most memorable Star Wars-ish ad is the Volkswagen commercial from 2011. It’s not technically a Star Wars commercial, and to be honest, would be up for the sportsbook’s interpretation if something like that counted as a Star Wars commercial. I would go with no. It’s a Volkswagen commercial. Disney has confirmed that they will have a “I’m going to Disney World” commercial following the game. No indication of Star Wars, and there has been no hype surrounding such an ad.

Our Bet

Will An M&M Spokescandy Be Wearing A Mask?


I’ve watched all of the Super Bowl LV commercials that have been leaked already, and no actors or characters are wearing a mask. This doesn’t apply to M&M’s, but I’m confident that it provides us with a good indicator that the others are going to go mask-less as well. I would be surprised if Mars wants to cover the “face” of their whole marketing initiative. An M&M’s commercial is intended to be lighthearted and a bit of a joke.

I doubt the team putting the Super Bowl commercial together will include masks on their characters. Along with looking at other commercials scheduled for this season, I investigated whether M&M’s used masks on the spokescandies in social media ads or their website. There is also a preview with Dan Levy for their Super Bowl commercial, and it doesn’t appear like they’re going with masks. This bet could be pulled soon, so if you can still find it, NO is juicy but close to a lock.

Our Bet

Will Jerry Rice Make Paper Football Field Goal In Frito-Lay Commercial?


The Frito-Lay commercial has a star-studded lineup featuring Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman, Marshawn Lynch, Joe Montana, Jerome Bettis, Terry Bradshaw, and Deion Sanders. There is a sequence when Rice and Montana are in the attic playing paper football with the Doritos. Rice is attempting a field goal with the chip, with Montana holding up his hands for goalposts. Note that the bet isn’t whether Rice will attempt a field goal. The field goal must be converted. According to the teaser ad, it appears that Rice does kick and make the field goal. If Frito-Lay doesn’t divert from what happened there in the final product, then YES Rice will make the field goal.

Our Bet

Will There Be A Commercial For A Major Motion Picture?


This has to be a given that there is going to be at least one commercial for a major motion picture. In fact, we should see at least a couple of movies getting a spot during the Super Bowl commercials. I can’t recall a Super Bowl as far back as I can remember that didn’t have a commercial for a major motion picture. The fact they’re offering the bet could be like stealing from a baby.

By the time you read this, like other commercial props, they could be pulled because of leaks. There are two that come to mind right off the top of my head that are likely going to be featured. The new Venom film, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, might be the most probable commercial during the Super Bowl. A wildcard might be the Space Jam movie featuring Lebron James.

Anticipation is also building for M. Night Shyamalan’s Old. This film looks like one heck of a thriller, and there has been a lot of mystery surrounding the upcoming movie, slated for release in July. What I’m trying to get at there should be several opportunities to hit this bet on the YES. It might be -250, which looks juicy, but should probably be -1000 or higher.

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