Sweden vs Netherlands Betting Predictions, Preview and Team Overviews

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Even though the first semifinals match (England vs USA) hasn’t started yet, we have to turn our attention to the second one. The match featuring two European heavyweights, one of which will get a chance to fight for the trophy. Which one will that be? Well, these Sweden vs Netherlands betting predictions and the corresponding analysis ought to help us predict the winning team!

As far as team qualities are concerned, these two sides are pretty neck and neck. Even more so than England vs USA fixture. The USA is, obviously, a clear favorite in every match, something that can’t be said for either of the teams we’re focusing on today.

Despite that, we’ll still take a closer look at both Swedish and Dutch teams’ performances throughout this event. We’ll talk about their group stage scares, knockout thrillers, and everything noteworthy ahead of the semifinals spectacle.

In the end, I’ll also share my thoughts on Sweden vs Netherlands betting predictions. There will be a few different options catering towards even the neediest of soccer betting enthusiasts.
But, before all that, let’s focus on the biggest soccer betting sites featuring betting options for the Women’s World Cup 2019 in France!

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Finding a proper soccer betting site featuring Women’s World Cup matches was a pretty difficult task a few years ago. Luckily, with a massive public exposure the WWC has been getting (even before the start of the event), that trend is now long gone. In other words, all major soccer betting sites offer various betting options for the Women’s World Cup. After all, it’s the biggest event in women’s football, and as such, it was only a matter of time before it gets the recognition it needs.

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Sweden vs Netherlands Betting Predictions

As stated above, these two teams are pretty similar in terms of both individual and team-based qualities. Even though their playstyles are worlds apart, this Lyon-based spectacle ought to be a neck and neck contest. The stage is set, the first semifinals match between England and the USA is starting in just a few hours, so let’s dig deeper into Sweden vs Netherlands betting predictions and see which of these two teams will get a chance to play in the grand finals!

The Dutch Looking Terrifying

Let’s be realistic here, the Dutch Women’s team seems like a well-oiled machine. They’re unpredictable in the front, fuming with confidence on both wings, and possess a rock-solid defense that doesn’t make too many mistakes. Thus far, they scored ten goals and conceded three. Sure, not exactly the best defensive record in this tournament, but their defensive consistency is still at an admirable level.

Their playstyle is usually pretty straightforward. With a solid set of players in the middle, both technically and motorically gifted, they’re able to keep possession and wear out their opponents pretty quickly. Even though they haven’t been that clinical from regular play, set pieces have become a steady source of goals for Wiegman’s side.

The truth is, the Dutch women’s team looks outright scary when it comes to set pieces. In fact, one of their key strengths are set pieces, a potential key to winning their match against Sweden. Italy experienced their set-piece might first hand, conceding two free-kick goals through brilliant headers. In fact, the Netherlands also scored twice from set-pieces against Japan too. Yes, their second goal was from a penalty kick, but that still counts as a set piece goal.

Considering all that, all four playoffs goal for the Dutch team came from set pieces. One thing’s for sure, Gerhardsson’s team will have to be wary of their opponents’ set-piece prowess.

Overcoming Germany and Canada…

Sweden has always been a solid competitor in the sphere of Women’s soccer. However, their campaigns almost always end in the quarterfinals or semifinals, leaving them with just one gold medal, Women’s EURO gold dating all the way back to 1984. However, this new Sweden team looks mighty. Even though they’re still considered as the biggest underdogs in the semifinals, their playoffs feats haven’t gone unnoticed.

They were in group F with USA, Chile, and Thailand, successfully beating the latter two and losing against the USA in the final group stage match. This saw them going up against Canada, one of the world’s toughest women’s teams. And that’s exactly where Sweden came to shine. With a stellar performance in both halves, and despite being pressured by the mighty Canadian midfield line, Sweden took the lead in the second half through Blackstenius’ goal. Luckily, they managed to hold off the late game pressure and advance through to the quarterfinals. With proper style, if I may add.

There waited another proper giant in the world of international women’s soccer, Germany. Often dubbed as the second-best team in the world (right after the USA), Germany was obviously the heavy favorite coming into the quarterfinals match. Even though they took the first step to the semifinals, Sweden came back from behind and eliminated the second-best team in the world, thanks to Stina Blackstenius’ goal, once again.

Thus far, they scored ten goals, half of them coming against Thailand in the second match day of the group stage. Their defensive record, on the other hand, isn’t as prolific. A total of four conceded goals in five matches, not really bringing that much confidence to their defensive end. Can that be an exploitable factor for Wiegman’s side?

Who to Bet on?

As far as the course of this match goes, I believe the Netherlands will want to keep possession and cement their passive style of play during the first half. That said, we can expect Sweden to aggressively push on early in the match, and depending on the quality of their runs down the flanks, they’ll either score a fast goal and upset their opponents’ playstyle, or succumb to the passive game, wear themselves out and be forced to try with a different approach in the second half.

That’s just how the Dutch team rolls. They’re aggressive on the ball when it comes to getting possession, and can get slightly passive in their attempts to keep it. Even though this playstyle wasn’t always successful (Japan is the perfect example), their ability to maintain pressure in the second half is definitely a precious asset.

The thing is, we can’t count Sweden out just yet. After all, they defeated Germany in the quarterfinals, creating one of the biggest upsets of the event. Not only that – they also swept past Canada in their Ro16 fixture, making them a rather tricky semifinals opponent. Additionally, the experience is on the Swedish side too, having played semifinals on three previous occasions.

With all that in mind, the Netherlands will have a whole lot of pressure coming into this match. Not only because it’s their first time in a major semifinals match, but because they’re actually considered as the favorites. Thus far, their major victories came from a dark horse perspective. And now, even though they don’t have the experience nor superior quality, people expect them to show up for the occasion and eliminate the Swedish side.

If there’s one thing we can conclude from all this, it’s that the first half could turn out dead boring. At the moment, no goals in the first half sits at +160. If that’s too risky for your lengthy accumulators, perhaps under 1.5 first-half goals at -300 is more up your alley.

I have a few more options which, in my book, offer great value. For starters, over 2.5 goals in the second half at +400 is a stunner. Will definitely include it in my WWC semifinals betting accumulator. Lastly, both teams to score at -118 seems like a great all-around option. Whether we’re talking about singles or accumulators, -118 on both teams to score seems like a viable bet. As for match-winner Sweden vs Netherlands betting predictions, I advise you to stay away from them. Even though I’d give the Netherlands a slight advantage, for me, +130 isn’t worth going up against an in-form Swedish team.

The Bets
First half no goals
Over 2.5 goals in the second half
Both teams to score

Women’s World Cup Outright Winner Betting Predictions

I know I’ve already shared my thoughts regarding outright winner betting predictions in my England vs USA semifinals post, but I feel like I should repeat them here. In a much shorter manner, of course.

For starters, I’d like to say that I am in no way trying to belittle the Netherlands and Sweden here. Both teams have done a thrilling job thus far, and are deservingly in the semifinals. Still, I have to say that I can’t see either of them defeating any of the two opposing teams on the other end of the bracket.

In other words, no matter which of these two teams wins tomorrow, their chances of defeating USA or England are next to none. It’s just my point of view, you don’t have to agree with it. From all I’ve seen thus far, England and the USA have been by far the strongest sides. True, France and Germany were up there too, but they both ended their WWC campaign in the quarterfinals.

We’re left with England and the USA, one of which we’ll see in the grand finals match. And, in all honesty, whichever team wins the first semifinals match will probably end up as the World Cup winner. Unless the German tradition continues, that is… You see, the team that beats Germany usually ends up winning the event. In that case, a high-risk outright winner bet on Sweden could be a proper buzzer. On a smaller stake of course. It’s a long shot, that’s for sure, but not impossible. And, quite frankly, at +650 with just two matches to go, it’s great value for sure!

The Bet
Sweden to win WWC