The Best and Worst Places for Your Sports Betting Research

Sports Betting Research Locations

One of the critical aspects of successful sports betting is research. Breaking down matchups gives gamblers the best position to approach games.

The average sports bettor must enlist outside help.

Punters face a challenge merely trying to break even. Making a long-term profit is possible, but only the most elite achieve this level of success.

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One issue facing sports bettors is the amount of information to process. Having nearly unlimited resources muddies the waters. Today, there’s more harmful information available than helpful. If you want to have a profitable sport betting career, you’ll need to differentiate between the good and bad.

Try these best and worst places for your sports betting research. Unlocking a valuable resource could provide excellent rewards.

Legit Sports Betting Experts – Best

One of your best resources can come from legitimate experts on television. These sports professionals have dedicated their lives to studying the games they discuss.

Many of them either focus on a specific sport or league. You can gain valuable insight that the average punter doesn’t have through these experts. The major networks have begun to embrace the sports betting culture. You can find handicappers going through their picks in hour-long programs. Fox Sports and ESPN know their audience. The masses want sports betting, and the media giants are delivering. You’ll need to bounce around until you find an expert that you trust.

It will also help if you enjoy their approach to games. While these experts have made a career of giving gambling advice, there are no guarantees.

Internet Forums – Worst

One of the worst places in the universe for information is the internet forum or message board. Everyone has an opinion, and many of them are worthless.

Sports fans and gamblers share a similar degree of passion.

When the two worlds collide, misinformation abounds. The problem with these forums is that opinions are stated as facts. That’s because people’s beliefs run too deep.

Then you add the element of anonymity, and it creates an anything goes mentality. It’s not like there’s any recourse for spreading false information around the internet. Sadly, most of the excellent information available gets lost in the shuffle. That makes it impossible for novice sports bettors to make good use of internet forums.

If you feel like you’ve stumbled on a bit of valuable data, you should exhaustively fact-check your source. When the information checks out, you could use it to your advantage.

Local Journalists – Best

Beat writers do an excellent job of covering their local team. Many of them know more about what’s happening with a group than anyone outside the organization.

That makes the local journalist one of the best resources for gamblers.

There are far fewer newspaper subscribers than in the past, but there are several ways to get intel. Social media is one of the best resources for staying up to date on the latest news.

Most local writers have an active presence on Facebook and Twitter. Despite all of the negative aspects of these applications, sports bettors may benefit. Beat writers are able to provide sports bettors with the latest intel on the teams they cover. That is valuable when a key player is a late scratch due to injury.

You can also gain an advantage by knowing how a specific player is bouncing back from an injury. The local writers will give daily updates on the entire IR, including any progress.

The Obnoxious Personalities – Worst

Gamblers consume much of their information from the media.

It’s sometimes tough to separate entertainment from the truth.

Popular sports networks must present a line-up that appeals to a broad range of viewers.

Unfortunately, that includes the loudmouth pundits that claim to be experts on everything. These sports personalities throw opinions at viewers with the conviction of a televangelist. Their motives are similarly aligned; viewers equate to dollar signs. The more people talk about them, the more people tune in. That means higher ratings and more significant contracts.

If you enjoy the obnoxious personalities, there’s nothing wrong with that. They’re clearly popular and have massive followings. However, it would help if you didn’t make your wagers based on their opinions. In most instances, they are playing a character for television or radio.

Would you take your betting advice from Scooby-Doo?

Nor should you buy into the blowhard’s image as the contrarian expert in sports.

Wannabe Handicappers – Worst

The world of internet bloggers is filled with great information on sports betting. Yet, there’s an equal amount of pure trash on the matter.

Please Note:
The lines get blurred when media sites use bloggers with little experience. The problem then becomes wading through the insufficient information looking for the good. That will waste a tremendous amount of a gambler’s time.

Bloggers build a reputation by being entertaining as much as being accurate. So, finding the expert sports bettor/blogger is a tall task.

You can break it down pretty quickly by looking for crucial red flags. If a blogger claims to be winning over 55%, that’s a huge red flag.

The most elite punters on the planet are thrilled with that winning percentage. Those gamblers are making many millions of dollars each year. I know what bloggers get paid, and the best aren’t sniffing that type of cash. So, take the advice with a grain of salt.

Tout Services – Worst

Tout services are the worst place on the planet to do your sports betting research. These businesses prey on hapless gamblers.

Tout services claim ridiculous success and offer a piece of the pie.

For the right price, a tout service will sell you their picks for the week. You may even get a money-back guarantee from the company.

But you’re only getting your money back that you paid for the pick, not what you lost at the online sportsbooks. Furthermore, that money back will be in the form of a credit for future worthless choices. Sometimes the tout services will get it right, and you’ll win. However, the service will ultimately fail you. One of the biggest issues with using a tout service is that you’re increasing your losses. Most sports bettors can put similar numbers up by handicapping games themselves.

Paying for picks is more money you’ll never see yield a return. Stay away from tout services, and you’ll become a better sports bettor.

National Gambling Experts – Best

It would be best if you didn’t ignore the experts you find on the top-rated pregame shows.

These insiders have a wealth of information to share.

These reporters work around the clock to stay ahead of the latest news and stories.

That takes a load off of you as a sports bettor.
The average gambler doesn’t have an inside source in locker rooms and front offices. Utilize the reporters that have these relationships to your advantage.

You won’t get straight picks from these pundits, but you’ll get excellent data. Use this data to identify the best opportunities.

For daily fantasy sports players, these experts can be valuable. The difference between winning and looking foolish can come down to one player.

Every week I see rosters with inactive players. Keeping tabs on the experts will ensure you never make that costly mistake.

The Guy in the Next Cubicle Over – Worst

We all know someone that fancies themselves a sports betting expert. These armchair experts have usually claim to have a profitable system.

I only call it a system in theory.

The truth is that flipping a coin may be more of a system than they have. Every week sports bettors are duped by a co-worker, neighbor, or friend and make a terrible wager.

Please Note:
I believe that these “experts” want to help, but their ego is getting in the way. When they hit on a game, you’ll hear about it non-stop.Yet, these gamblers are curiously absent when things blow up in their face.

You won’t be doing much harm by hearing what they have to say from time to time. But, if you’re banking on them to lead you to the promised land, it won’t end well.

Reliable Computer Systems – Best/Worst

Many of the best sports bettors on the planet use computer programs to find the best values. Piggybacking on this success, there are businesses selling software to help amateur punters.

If you can access or develop a proven computer system for researching the best games, you will make a lot of money. One of the major problems is the profitable models aren’t available to the masses. Another issue with computers is that handicappers become too reliant on the programs.

That negates the human element that’s necessary to make the best decisions. Depending on the system you use, computers can be a tremendous help or hindrance.


The purpose of this article isn’t to discourage you. There are hundreds of reliable resources for sports bettors.

You should try the best and worst places for your sports betting research to get a solid foundation.

You’ll find that the time you save avoiding poor outlets can improve your overall results.

Rex Hoffman / Author

Rex Hoffman is a passionate sports writer, with over five years of experience covering sports journalism in line with the Vegas betting landscape. His favorite subjects include football, basketball, and baseball. As a Las Vegas resident, he enjoys finding an edge against the local sportsbooks and aims to share his extensive knowledge with both beginners and experienced bettors. Rex also dabbles in horse racing wagering and enjoys typical casino fare like blackjack and poker in his spare time.

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