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Online blackjack already gives you a strong chance to win. It has player-friendly rules that can push the return to player (RTP) as high as 99.65%.

However, the generous RTP isn’t the only reason why you have a great chance to win money through online blackjack. Some casinos also offer large bonuses.

If you’re an avid player, then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of these offers. This guide discusses how you can capitalize on blackjack deals.

What Blackjack Bonuses Are Available?

Depending upon the casino, you may be eligible for multiple blackjack bonuses. Below, you can see the main types of deals that are available.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are highly coveted because they don’t require you to risk anything.

Instead, you simply register for an account to qualify for them. After receiving the bonus, you use it to generate winnings. The winnings can be withdrawn after you meet terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are often stringent because internet casinos don’t love giving you an easy chance at free money.

Nevertheless, these offers are worthwhile due to how they only involve completing registration.

Deposit Bonus

Those bonuses require you to place a deposit before you qualify. Upon depositing, you’ll receive a match percentage on the deposit amount.

For instance, an online casino might offer a 100% match bonus worth up to $500.

You’ll essentially receive a bonus that’s worth the exact amount of your deposit in this scenario.

Here’s an example on deposit bonuses:

  • A casino offers a 100% match bonus worth up to $250.
  • You deposit $150.
  • You’re now eligible for a $150 bonus.

Free Bet

Casinos that feature live dealer games may also offer free bets. A free wager can give you the chance to win back losses coming from a wager that lost.

Here’s an example on how free bets work:

  • You deposit and receive a $25 wager for live dealer blackjack.
  • You bet $25 and lose.
  • The casino will return the $25 after you meet terms and conditions.

The key with free wagers is that you must lose before it kicks in. Assuming you win the first bet, then you simply collect the winnings and keep playing.

VIP Rewards

Almost every real money online casino provides a loyalty program. These programs offer various rewards based on your playing volume.

Cashback is the backbone of many VIP programs.
It allows you to exchange loyalty points that are earned through blackjack for cash. For instance, you might be able to exchange 1,000 points for $1 cashback.

Loyalty plans also offer other perks, such as deposit bonuses, free spins, free chips, and more. You should definitely check out a casino’s VIP program before signing up and depositing with them.

How Do You Get a Blackjack Bonus?

Qualifying for an online blackjack bonus isn’t difficult. If you’ve never gone after one, though, then you can quickly learn how to do so with the following instructions.

Step 1: Complete Registration

Many online casinos require you to complete registration before playing free games. You’ll probably want to sign up if you like a particular casino anyways.

With that said, registration is absolutely required when seeking a bonus. You need to select the “Sign Up” button on the homepage and proceed to filling in the blanks.

Step 2: Enter the Bonus Code (If Required)

At some point during registration, you might be asked for a bonus code. Many gaming sites use bonus codes to differentiate which offer you want to qualify for.

You may find the relevant codes on the casino’s website. Sometimes, you can get even better offers by going through an affiliate first. After inputting the bonus code (if necessary), then you must agree to a casino’s general terms and conditions and submit the information.

The gaming site should approve your account instantly. The main exception is if you’re from a country that’s not accepted by the casino.

Step 3: Place a Deposit

As explained earlier, you don’t need to fund your account when going after no deposit bonuses. The latter are available after you finish signing up.

Deposit bonuses, on the other hand, do require that you provide funding.

You’ll need to deposit at least the minimum amount to qualify. You must visit the banking section and look for a deposit method that you can use. Afterward, you enter how much you’d like to add to the account and complete the transaction.

Step 4: Claim Your Bonus

The final step to meeting bonus qualifications involves visiting your account and claiming the offer. Once in your account section, you should see a button that reads “claim” or something similar.

The purpose of this action is to activate your bonus funds. From here, you can move to the process of satisfying terms and conditions.

Meet Terms and Conditions

Every online casino requires you to satisfy terms and conditions before releasing bonus cash. Otherwise, they’d just be handing out free money left and right as players withdrew the funds immediately. Here’s information on how you can meet the terms and conditions.


Rollover is the amount that you must bet before cashing out bonus funds. It’s expressed as a multiple of the bonus.

Here’s an example on how rollover (playthrough) works:

  • You qualify for a $100 blackjack bonus.
  • Playthrough is 35x.
  • 100 x 35 = $3,500 must be wagered

You definitely want lower playthrough so that you don’t have to wager too much before cashing out. Most gaming sites offer between 20x and 40x rollover

Why Are Blackjack Bonus Rollovers Higher?

Unfortunately, blackjack playthrough is typically higher than what other games feature. The reason why is because it features higher RTP than most/all other online casino games.

Instead of facing between 20x and 40x playthrough like with slots bonuses, you may have to meet between 50x and 100x rollover with a blackjack bonus.

I definitely encourage you to visit a casino’s bonus terms and conditions page and focus on playthrough. Such research helps you find the most-favorable deals.

Other Common Terms and Conditions

While playthrough is extremely important with regard to earning bonuses, you also must meet other terms as well. Here are some common conditions that you’ll find across the industry:

  • Maximum bet – You normally can’t bet over a certain amount (e.g. $100) with an active bonus.
  • Game restrictions – Blackjack often features higher rollover than slots. In some cases, it’s even entirely excluded from bonus deals.
  • Playthrough timeframe – Casinos limit how many weeks or months you have to satisfy playthrough.
  • Deposit restrictions – Neteller and Skrill deposits often don’t qualify for bonuses.

Withdrawing Bonus Funds

The obvious goal of many blackjack players playing online is to eventually cash out their mobile casino bonuses. You can accomplish this goal by performing the following tasks.

Ensure that You’ve Met Terms and Conditions

The last thing you want to do is try cashing out your bonus before satisfying terms and conditions.

Otherwise, you’ll lose out on the funds by withdrawing too early.

It’s easy to check on where you are regarding rollover by visiting your account section. Other terms, however, can be murkier.

For Example:
You certainly don’t want to wager more than you’re allowed with an active bonus. Going over the maximum bet limits can negate your deal.

Choose a Withdrawal Option

Assuming you’ve met all of the terms and conditions, you’ll be eligible to cash out the bonus. You start this process by going back to the banking section again.

Please Note:
Most online casinos provide several withdrawal methods. Bank transfers, Bitcoin, credit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid cards are some of the most popular options. After choosing a banking method, you must enter how much you’d like to cash out. Next, you confirm the transaction and wait for the funds to arrive.

Usually, you only need to wait less than 24 hours to receive the money. But the wait time varies based on the method you choose. For example, bank transfers and wires usually take longer than e-wallet and cryptocurrency payments to arrive.


The online gaming world is filled with blackjack bonus opportunities. You should definitely take advantage of these offers whenever you play online blackjack.

After all, you’ve got nothing to lose by chasing a bonus while you play.

Luckily, many gaming sites feature such deals.

One key is to ensure that your chosen casino indeed features blackjack bonuses. Another is to check out the terms and conditions before pursuing an offer.

You want lower rollover and other favorable terms in order to earn bonuses as easy as possible. Just a little bit of prep time beforehand will give you a much better chance to meet the necessary terms and receive your bonus cash.

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