The Top League of Legends Tournaments to Bet On

League of Legends is one of the most profitable games out there right now. Why is this? Simply put, it brings in the most yield and rewards for their viewers. Plus, they have the largest audience currently in the world.

People in China, Korea, Europe, and North America watch and play the game consistently throughout the day, seven days a week, three-hundred and sixty five days a year. Because of this, the dedication to the League of Legends is immense.

That being said, with a large audience and fanbase for the game, there must be a large betting audience for the betting community. What does this mean?

This means that, because the betting community is so immense, there are many tournaments which you can profit from.

Today, we’ll be going over some of these tournaments and why you should bet on them. These tournaments can yield very high returns and profits. Plus, with League of Legends being such a large platform to navigate, it’s quite easy to get lost.

Luckily for you, you have me. I’ll show you some of the top tournaments and some of my personal favorites in betting. This will not only help you when it comes to betting on your favorite team, it’s going to give you a much larger knowledge of the game of League of Legends. Let’s get started!

How do League of Legends Tournaments Usually Work?

League of Legends tournaments work in the fashion that they usually have a round robin stage before they actually going into some type of bracket. All the teams competing in the tournaments will be placed in different groups. Here, they will play against each other and the top teams will come out and be placed into the playoff brackets.

Now, there are some instances where there isn’t a Groups Stage. This means that, instead of playing round robin matches against your potential opponents for the playoffs, you’ll instead go straight into the bracket where every match counts.

The League of Legends competitive scene follows both of these types of formats. While there are instances where players are put straight into the draw, the officials tend to lean more in favor of having a Groups Stage before the Knockout Rounds.

This is good for the bettor because it means that the bettor has more matches to bet on. They can watch several matches going on at once with little fear of their favored team being eliminated until the playoffs near.

Now that we’ve covered how the League of Legends tournaments work, let’s take a look at some of the top picks and my personal favorites for the League of Legends competitive scene. All of these tournaments are extremely profitable towards your gain.

EU LCS Spring Split

The EU LCS Spring Split is a must on the betting list. Because their teams are usually even when it comes to skill and play level, there’s no telling who will win the match. Of course, there are some favorites like G2 Esports and Fnatic but overall, the playing field is relatively even.

This means that the odds will never be favored towards one team and this means that the prize money won if a team wins will have a higher average. Of course, there is the instance where you can never really know who wins in the scenario because they’re so evenly matched.

However, that’s not the biggest problems you should consider because there are resources like past matches and their playing history against specific opponents which can help you out in determining who wins and who loses in that match up.

But overall, the EU LCS Spring Split is one of my top picks because of how evenly matched the players can be. Now, there is always that one team that performs poorly throughout the entire Groups Stage but that still doesn’t matter. With so many times on the tour, it’s hard for one team’s bad performance to affect the other teams and how they do.

NA LCS Spring Split

The NA LCS Spring Split is also a favorite of mine. Why? Because, though these teams are fan favorites, Counter-Logic Gaming and Team SoloMid have recently struggled to match up against the new rookie teams holding stacked rosters that have rivaled past World Championship winners.

This not only means more competition on the stage, but it also means a higher chance to win more money.

Bigger and stronger teams are more inclined to having evened out matchups just like the EU LCS Spring Split.

With teams like 100 Thieves and Clutch Gaming coming in and taking the North America region by storm, there’s a lot of potential for the future and what it holds. In fact, during Season 8, 100 Thieves and Clutch Gaming made the playoffs of the 2018 Spring Split.

Though 100 Thieves was eliminated in the finals, they still managed to show that they were going to become one of the top teams in the world. Because of this, the NA LCS Spring Split brings dozens upon dozens of matches which are evenly contested, meaning that the amount of money that can be won is immense.


The Korea region—also called the LCK—is a combination of the NA LCS and EU LCS together. They hold some of the top League of Legends while also being incredibly talented when it comes to playing the game.

This is why they’re home to several World Champions like Faker, Bang, Cuvee, and Crown. That being said, there’s little very talking I need to do to show you why the LCK is my favorite region to bet on. Their tournament system follows the same as the NA LCS and the EU LCS but they have something else that sets them apart.

During the playoffs, the LCK place players in different parts of the draws based on how well they played during the tournament with the top seed usually being automatically placed in the finals while the lowest seeds have to start in the Quarterfinals.

Because of this, the odds are stacked against some teams, but this also means higher payouts. For instance, during the 2017 Summer Split final, South Korea Telecom was placed as the lowest seed. Despite this happening, they still managed to make it to the finals before being knocked out by Longzhu Gaming, the top seed.

The competition in the LCK is that of the EU LCS and NA LCS combined and then increased tenfold. This means that the LCK is incredibly competitive and the stakes are even higher. With high risks comes high rewards and this means that it could yield some of the highest rewards during the season.

Mid-Season Invitational

The Mid-Season Invitational is one of the biggest post-season tournaments of the League of Legends competitive scene. Every major region’s top team comes to the Mid-Season Invitational for a chance to win it all in a smaller format of the World Championship.

But the MSI (Mid-Season Invitational) tournament has gotten even bigger recently. With the tournament adding a Play-In Stage for the smaller teams, that means that are even more chances to win more profits.

In the end, only six teams will compete in the Groups Stage but before that, there will be more than ten teams fighting for a spot in the Groups Stage.

This means a longer tournament and more chances for the bettors.

I personally love the Mid-Season Invitational. It has yielded so many opportunities for me. When Edward Gaming beat South Korea Telecom in 2015, the betting community went crazy and in 2017 when G2 Esports managed to oust the Chinese and North American teams to reach the finals against SKT, anyone who bet on G2 Esports was swimming in cash.

The Mid-Season Invitational has only been around for a few years, but it’s already grown into the largest post season Spring tournament of the Spring Split. Despite becoming the World Championship of the first period of the League of Legends season, they still keep expanding and this is one tournament you don’t want to miss out on.

Summer Split (NA LCS, EU LCS, and LCK)

The Summer Split of the NA LCS, EU LCS, and LCK are all high-priority tournaments to bet on. The reason being behind this is because, in the Summer Split, there is more on the line. In the Spring Split, it’s all about getting the seeding for the Summer Split but for the Summer Split, it’s all about reaching the World Championship.

This means that the stakes are higher during the Groups Stage. Sure, there are the same number of rounds for the Summer Split but once you reach the playoffs, that’s when things begin to get intense. Teams get upset left and right and everything seems to get messy.

However, there are also chances to redeem yourself. What the Spring Split doesn’t have the Summer Split possesses is a Regional Qualifier, the chance to make it to the World Championship even if you played poorly during the Summer Split playoffs.

It’s here where the Summer Split truly stands out. It’s here that anyone can make it. During Cloud9’s shakiest Summer Split, they managed to defy the audience and come out with what many consider to be Cloud9’s “Cinderella Run.”

Plus, with the teams already being seeded based off the past half-season performance (the Spring Split) the odds are set. That still doesn’t mean much, though. In 2016, despite Team SoloMid’s shaky start during the first half of the season, they managed to come back and become the top seed during the Summer Split, rewarding any bettors who had their money on them.

That being said, the odds don’t mean anything but a second chance to make even more money. I experienced this first-hand when I watched Team SoloMid go from being in the slumps to becoming the top team in North America.

As someone who has watched countless hours of League of Legends, I can personally say that the NA LCS Summer Split is where a large portion of the earnings come from for esports bettors betting on League of Legends.

It’s packed with action and plenty of game which you should keep your eyes on.

The stakes are so high for some team that one strong bet could be the difference between hundreds and thousands going into your bank.

However, even with the Summer Split yielding plenty of rewards, it is still surprisingly not the biggest and best tournament to bet on for the League of Legends season. Despite having some of the highest return, the Summer Split still stands no chance to the World Championship.

The League of Legends World Championship

The League of Legends World Championship is where it’s all at. This is where the matches really come into play and where everything, starting from the Groups Stage of the Spring Split to the final playoffs of the Summer Split, matters.

The top three teams from every region come to play in the largest tournament of the season, the World Championship. It’s here where the best team in the world is found and where the biggest and most glorious matches are played.

Dozens of upsets have happened at the World Championship with Samsung Galaxy’s win over South Korea Telecom in the finals or their upset of Longzhu Gaming, the fan favorite for the 2017 year. The League of Legends World Championship is always packed full of action.

The World Championship starts out with a Play-In stage for the smaller regions. This way, not only are there more matches to bet on, there are more chances for upsets and highlight reels. Afterward, there’s the Groups Stage.

Here, depending on the number of regions present, each region will be split up into a set number of groups with each group having around four to five teams in their group. Like the Spring and Summer Split, there are weeks where each team in the Groups will face each other.

In the end, the top two teams of each group will leave the Groups Stage and enter the Knockout Rounds where it is single elimination. It’s here that the stakes rise. With eight teams left for the Knockout Rounds, the odds of winning become very high and it’s here where the upsets usually begin.

As I said, Longzhu Gaming was knocked out by Samsung Gaming in 2017 while in 2015, both Origen and Fnatic made history by reaching the World Semifinals together. Fnatic took down Chinese powerhouse Edward Gaming, a team that had beaten South Korea Telecom during the Mid-Season Invitational.

Meanwhile, Origen had ousted Flash Wolves, the team which was making a miracle run throughout its region. Both teams were also responsible for wins over Korean opponents during the Groups Stage while knocking out their American opponents without any hesitation.

The Russian team, Albus Nox Luna also made history during their 2016 run, taking down top teams in their bracket like Counter-Logic Gaming and G2 Esports to make their historic run into the Quarterfinals of the World Championship series.

There is always something going on during the World Championship.

You always have an opportunity to bet during the World Championship and because the odds during this tournament are much higher than any other tournament during the season, as long as you play it right, you’re sure to win something out of it.

League of Legends is expanding. It’s making deals with new franchises and making power moves that will make these tournaments even bigger. If you want to catch up before it’s too late, I highly recommend you get started on betting on the League of Legends World Championship.

I love the World Championship. It’s a time when every region’s top teams come together to play and compete for the title of World Champion. Sure, the Koreans are extremely good at this tournament but there have been times when the other regions have showed up and pushed Korea to its breaking point.

These are happening more often now. Teams from China and Europe are becoming stronger at the game. During the 2017 World Championship, China’s Royal Never Give Up almost upset South Korea Telecom in the semifinals in a nail-biting five setter which ended up with South Korea Telecom winning by a game of inches.

This was the same during the 2015 Mid-Season Invitational when Fnatic brought South Korea Telecom to a fifth set in a game which SKT’s Bang barely managed to prevail and take out Fnatic’s team when it mattered the most.

The game is evolving, and the World Championship is the best place to bet on it. Teams are becoming stronger and we’re seeing an increase in gameplay as the years go by. Upsets and close matches happen more frequently during this tournament and if you want the opportunity to cash out from League of Legends, this should be your go-to tournament.


While IEM isn’t as large of a tournament, it’s still a viable option to bet on. It doesn’t bring as much availability as the Spring Split and Summer Split do because it usually doesn’t start out with a Groups Stage.

Even though they have a smaller format, the sheer number of IEM tournaments held around the world combined with the teams that compete in them means that IEM can be a top option for anyone looking to make a little cash on the side provided they know what they’re doing betting-wise.


League of Legends possesses hundreds, maybe even thousands of tournaments, which you can bet on. However, some of them possess more chances for your betting experience than others do.

For Instance

The Summer Split is better to bet on rather than betting on a LAN-held tournament somewhere in Texas.

With so many tournaments to choose from, sometimes it can be a little daunting to choose which tournament you should bet on and which one would yield the most return. However, this article covers the top tournaments from around the world and why you should bet on them.

Now, this should be no problem! You’ll be betting on tournaments which have dozens of matches played every day and you won’t tire from a repetitive playstyle since these tournaments hold some of the top teams in the world. Best of luck in the betting world!

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