Top 5 Value Plays To Win Super Bowl 56 MVP

Now that the playoffs have officially started, the hype for Super Bowl 56 is growing by the day. We all love betting on the Big Game, but what if I told you that you don’t have to wait until Super Sunday to get in on the Super Bowl 56 betting action? All of the major sportsbooks have posted betting lines for all kinds of bets, and the options are nearly limitless.

Earlier this week, we took a look at the future’s bet odds for which team will win it all, as well as breaking down the betting odds for which conference will take home the Lombardi Trophy. If you haven’t gotten a chance to take a look at those articles, you can find them here and here. Today, we are going to continue our Super Bowl 56 coverage and take a look at the top 5 value plays to win the Super Bowl 56 MVP Award! Let’s get started!

Josh Allen – Buffalo Bills (+600)

If you read my Super Bowl 56 coverage earlier this week, you will know that I am high on the Buffalo Bills. Despite a somewhat disappointing regular season, where they were in real jeopardy of missing the playoffs after a mid-season slump, the Bills got their act together late and made a run to the AFC East Division title. Buffalo has a unique combination of a lot of talent, great coaching, and a nobody believes in us mentality that we have seen many teams ride to a world title.

And after watching the Bills completely dismantle the New England Patriots last night, setting several all-time playoff records, the Bills are officially a Super Bowl contender. There is plenty of credit to go around if you are trying to point to just how the Bills destroyed the Pats, but I don’t think you need to look much further than quarterback Josh Allen, as he had one of the greatest games in postseason history last night.

Allen completed 21 of 25 attempts for 308 yards and a whopping 5 touchdowns. He also chipped in another 66 yards on the ground as the Bills became the first team in league history to finish a game with no field goal, turnovers, or punts, scoring a touchdown every single time they had the ball. It was a masterclass performance, and for those of you out there that forgot about Josh Allen, it served as a reminder that this guy is one of the absolute best in the business.

This list of MVP favorites is quarterback-heavy, as the winning team’s quarterback always has a very good chance of taking home the honors. If Buffalo makes it to the Big Game and somehow finds a way to win, you can be sure that Josh Allen is taking home the MVP Award.

Buffalo is currently paying out (+500) to win Super Bowl 56, so the fact that I can get Josh Allen to win MVP at (+600), which is nearly certain if Buffalo wins the game, opens up some nice value. I love a play of Allen as I see the Bills as the team to beat in the AFC after watching them play flawlessly yesterday against New England.

Tom Brady – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+850)

Winning the Super Bowl MVP Award is basically a birthright for Tom Brady, as his 5 Super Bowl MVP Awards are more than the next 2 closest players behind him combined. Brady has been to more Super Bowls than any player ever, and despite his Bucs team going through a lot of drama right now, on and off the field, you cannot ignore TB12 when any Super Bowl related conversation starts, as he is the greatest winner the NFL has ever seen.

I have my doubts as to the Bucs ability to get back to the Big Game, as they have lots of injuries, but that just means that they are going to rely on the GOAT, even more, making his chances of taking home the Super Bowl MVP Award basically a lock, if Tampa Bay is able to win back-to-back Super Bowls.

A lot of people have lost a lot of money betting against Tom Brady in the playoffs, and somehow, every single year, Brady is able to convince himself that he is the underdog, despite having more rings than Kay Jewelers. If you think that at age-44, Brady has lost a step, think again, as he led the NFL in passing yards, TDs, and attempts, and statistically, he had one of the best seasons of his storied career.

You know that your standards are high when a 13-4 season that ended with a division title and the number 2 seed in the NFC is seen as underachieving. Help is on the way for Tampa Bay as they are expected to get Leonard Fournette back for the postseason, and if you even dream that Brady can’t win another Super Bowl this year, you better wake up and apologize, as all this guy does is win.

Matthew Stafford – Los Angeles Rams (+1400)

Matthew Stafford spent his entire career toiling away in Detroit, playing for the worst franchise in the NFL, and never getting too many opportunities to play in the postseason. In his 12 years in Detroit, the Lions only made the playoffs 3 times, going 0-3. But after being traded from Detroit to LA in the offseason, Stafford has led the Rams to a division title, and they are a sexy dark horse pick to win it all, as they were playing quality football late in the regular season.

Similar to Tom Brady, Stafford is still at the top of his game, as he tied his career-high in TDs this year with 41, and his 4,886 passing yards were the 3rd highest of his career and the most he has thrown for in nearly a decade. It is easy to draw comparisons between Stafford this year and Brady last year, as both players left the only team they had ever played for, to join a team that was loaded at the skill positions.

Cooper Kupp is the best receiver in the NFL, and Odell Beckham Jr has done a really good job of keeping Cupp in single coverage and scoring in the red zone with 5 TDs in 8 games. The Rams have a solid trio of running backs as well, and Stafford never has a lack of people to throw the ball to. The hardest part for Stafford is going to be for the Rams to make it to the Super Bowl.

LA opens up their postseason on Monday night with a very winnable game against the Arizona Cardinals, but after that, depending on how the seeds work out, the Rams might have to travel to Green Bay to play the top-seeded Packers in their next game. That is a tough task for anyone, but after waiting his entire career for a shot at making a Super Bowl run, I doubt that Stafford is going to let it pass him by. My picks right now to make the Super Bowl are the Bills and the Rams, which, if that comes true, makes Stafford a great value play at 14-1.

Derrick Henry– Tennessee Titans (+2500)

The NFL collectively let out a gasp when the Tennessee Titans announced that All-Pro running back Derrick Henry, who hadn’t played since week 8, was going to return for the playoffs. Henry finished in the top-10 in the NFL in rushing yards this year, despite playing only half of a season, and had he played the entire season, he had a real shot at breaking the all-time NFL rushing yards record.

It is basically impossible to overstate what a healthy Derrick Henry would do for the Titans Super Bowl dreams. Not only was Henry on pace to break the single-season rushing record, but he was also on pace to break the single-season attempts record, as the Titans centered their entire offense on Henry running the football. My only concern on this bet is his health, as we have yet to see him in action, and we don’t know what his status really is.

The Titans could have activated Henry from IR as a ploy to get opposing teams to change their defensive schemes, making him basically nothing more than a decoy. If that ends up being the case, Henry has no real shot at winning this award, and the Titans have no real shot at making a deep run in the playoffs.

But if Henry can get back on the field and be the monster that he has been at every stage of his career, both in college and in the pros, the Titans are scary, and Henry has a legit shot at taking home the Super Bowel 56 MVP Award. There are a lot of what-ifs here, but the jumbo price of 25-1 more than makes up for it.

Deebo Samuel – San Francisco 49ers (+8000)

Our final play is a true long shot, as the San Francisco 49ers barely snuck into the playoffs, and they have a brutal path to the Big Game, as they are going to have to play all of their games on the road. But SF is getting healthy at the right time, and with the way that they play defense, they can never truly be counted out.

If the Niners do make an improbable run to Super Bowl 56, it will be because Deebo Samuel led them to the promised land. Samuel is the NFL’s most versatile player, as he is listed as a wide receiver, but he regularly runs the ball, and there is seemingly nothing that he can’t do on the football field. Samuel racked up 1,405 receiving yards, 365 rushing yards, and 14 total touchdowns this season as he emerged as one of the top offensive players in the league.

I like 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo more than most people seem to do, but he isn’t a guy that is going to go out and win a game all on his own. So, if the Niners do find themselves deep in the postseason, it won’t be because of Jimmy G, it will be because of guys like Deebo Samuel, Elijah Mitchell, and George Kittle.

The path to the Big Game is tougher for San Francisco than just about any other team, but this is a proud franchise that always plays well in the postseason, and with playmakers like Deebo Samuel on the field, they cannot be easily dismissed. I will take a shot on a long shot and feel great about it if the Niners can get hot and go on a run.

Wrap Up

Super Bowl 56 is only a couple of weeks away, and there is no limit to the ways that you can get in on the action! If you are going to fire on one of these guys to win the Super Bowl 56 MVP Award, you are going to want to do it now, as these odds are only going to drop as teams get eliminated from contention. Thanks for reading, and make sure that you stay tuned to TheSportsGeek the entire postseason, where our team of expert handicappers bring you high-value betting advice on each and every game of the NFL playoffs!

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