Top 9 Reasons You Shouldn’t Bet on Celebrity Boxing

Why Not Bet Celebrity Boxing

Celebrity boxing made its debut under seedy origins, to say the least. The initial wave of celebrity boxing matches to hit the airwaves was full of fights featuring failed “has-beens” and disgraced “never-weres.”

The showings were short-lived. But that’s all been changing in recent years.

Celebrity boxing has taken new life with legitimate professional athletes, entertainers, and retired boxing greats.

I’m primarily interested in the latter, but some of these entertainers and athletes can legitimately box. Well, against other athletes and entertainers anyway. Have the EMT on standby if you put a 180lb YouTube star in the ring with Chad Dawson. Still, many fringe boxing fans are paying more attention to the sport. That equals more bettors wanting to put money on the bouts. The online sportsbooks are more than happy to facilitate the action.

I’ll repeat it; just because you can bet on something doesn’t mean you should. Here are the top 9 reasons you shouldn’t bet on celebrity boxing.

1. You Don’t Understand the Rules

The rules for celebrity boxing are much different from what you are accustomed to seeing. Celebrity bouts are fought under the rules of amateur boxing.

That means the fighters will have on headgear and fight with heavier gloves.

Those factors make it more challenging to knock down or even hurt an opponent. When looking at two similar opponents, it’s vital to look at every piece of data available.

Due to the nature of celebrity boxing, there’s limited information. The fact that most bettors won’t understand how the rules affect the fight is a significant deterrent. As celebrity boxing grows in popularity, so will the information available to gamblers.

Until you’re intimately familiar with how the rules can influence a fight, it’s best to stick to the professional ranks.

2. Experience Can Be Misleading

In professional boxing ranks, you can put stock into a fighter’s experience. Many of the boxer’s professional fights will be against opponents that will paint a clear picture.

That’s not true for celebrity boxing.

You will often see two fighters with zero previous fights to use for a baseline of performance or potential.

That’s a problem for bettors.
It’s why you should never bet on a fighter moving from the amateur to professional ranks. Then you have to account for the value of any experience. The 1-0 fighter can be more dangerous to boxing gamblers.

Imagine Danny DeVito scores a tremendous upset against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. That makes Danny 1-0 with a major victory under his belt.

It’s probably a pretty hollow victory based on the substantial differences between the two men. Still, the average gambler would see that DeVito whooped The Rock and be impressed. DeVito would be a no-brainer in his next match against the more evenly matched Joe Pesci, who’s 0-0. Yet the one fight on DeVito’s record likely was several rounds of The Rock making sure he didn’t kill the famed actor.

All experience is good experience, but don’t overvalue previous fights or lack thereof.

3. Looks Don’t Matter

Don’t pick fights based on how tough you think someone looks. The issue most people have in celebrity boxing is tossing out the public image and examining the fighter.

Merely because one of the boxers embraces their bad boy persona on screen and in the media won’t make them tough. It’s that type of public imagery that leads to the downfall of many celebrity boxing bankrolls. You also shouldn’t necessarily pick the fighter that appears to spend more time in the gym. Having washboard abs is great for the beach but won’t mean much in the ring. If you don’t believe me, take a look at Tyson Fury. The heavyweight champion has dismantled Deontay Wilder in three consecutive bouts.

The less-toned Fury embarrassed the chiseled Wilder in fights two and three. Being athletic may help, but looking athletic won’t save a fighter.

4. Gamblers Tend to Bet with Their Heart

If you’ve been around sports betting long, you probably know the dangers of gambling with your heart. Still, gamblers love to let their personal biases influence their wagering.

More fans are leaving their brains out of the equation because of the high numbers of newbie gamblers showing interest in celebrity boxing.

When they see one of their favorite celebrities going to battle with a complete unknown, they want to bet as a show of support. When the playful trash-talking begins, it kicks things up a level.

To those bettors, the hate is real.
In reality, the fighters are merely trying to sell more Pay Per View subscriptions. Being popular won’t win you any fights, but it may shift the line in your favor. Don’t get swept up in believing what the sportsbooks want you to think.

If you can’t make educated decisions based on relevant data, avoid betting on celebrity boxing.

5. You Can’t See Stamina Coming

One of the essential attributes for a boxer is stamina. The physical toll that comes from a full round of moving around the ring, dodging punches, and throwing blows are insane. Even watching professional fighters, the stamina factor comes into play.

In the pro ranks, stamina is to be assumed.

These fighters dedicate their entire lives to being in peak physical condition. They train for hours per day and can harness the energy that many of us could never find.

For celebrity boxing matches:
Stamina becomes a tremendous unknown. Schedules and other commitments predicate the training that goes into these fights.

So, even when one fighter appears to have the upper hand, they could get smashed in later rounds. You can’t see stamina coming; that should scare celebrity boxing fans in the sportsbook.

6. Relying on Size Will Cost You

One constant used by traditional boxing handicappers is size.

There are apparent advantages to size when referring to hand-to-hand combat. However, those advantages are only pronounced when both fighters are similarly trained. If you put two untrained opponents in the ring, the benefits of size will begin to fade.

If you give the smaller fighter better training, the fighter with the size advantage won’t farewell.

For example:
The boxer’s advantage is that the jab helps keep your opponent away from you. That mitigates the risk of you catching a barrage of punches. But that’s of no consequence when a fighter doesn’t understand how to use reach to their advantage.

When betting on boxing, relying on size will cost you. It doesn’t matter what level of fighters are involved.

7. The Motivation Factor

Motivation plays a significant factor in the world of celebrity boxing. The reasons for a boxer to get into the ring vary on a case-by-case basis. You’ll have potential motivators like ego, shame, money, glory, and winning. The most powerful motivator is far from the most beneficial.

Celebrities tend to be all about themselves.

That makes ego, shame, money, and glory high on the list of potential motivation. Winning falls way behind the others. Yet, it is winning that will provide the required spark to take the bout. These celebrity matches offer a ton of money to the boxers.

Even a first-round TKO is a substantial paycheck.

Because you don’t have any reliable way to gauge a fighter’s motivation, it’s better to stay away from betting on these fights.

8. You’ll Struggle to Find Value

In sports betting, finding the most considerable value is key to long-term success.

Due to the limited amount of data in celebrity boxing matches, that becomes challenging. How can a sports bettor expect a positive expectation 60% of the time with no previous information? It’s impossible to achieve value under these circumstances. So, that makes celebrity boxing wagers a hard pass in my book.

You’ll have better results and more entertainment by betting on professional fights.

9. The Bouts Are Boring

I don’t know how to sugarcoat this; celebrity boxing is boring. The fights are watered down, and it often comes down to which fighter can keep pushing longer. Sadly, you won’t see many if any knockouts.

Many of the bouts are putting strict no KO policies in place for the fight.

When you take two fighters without the ability to knock each other out and tell them not to knock out their opponent, the product is less than stellar.

What you’re left with is two poor boxers trying not to be worse than the other fighter. You’ll rarely be impressed with the product in the ring.

That would not be a big deal if the bouts were on network television. But when you’re selling over $50 for the privilege of seeing the fight, it’s a poor investment of time and money.


I love boxing, and it’s been a passion since childhood.

I can get behind fighters of all weight classes, but the celebrity ranks bore me. The top 9 reasons you shouldn’t bet on celebrity boxing are as much about being entertained as they are money. My motivations for not wagering on celebrity boxing matches are the same as not betting on XFL games.

The product is unpredictable and unfulfilling.

Rex Hoffman / Author

Rex Hoffman is a passionate sports writer, with over five years of experience covering sports journalism in line with the Vegas betting landscape. His favorite subjects include football, basketball, and baseball. As a Las Vegas resident, he enjoys finding an edge against the local sportsbooks and aims to share his extensive knowledge with both beginners and experienced bettors. Rex also dabbles in horse racing wagering and enjoys typical casino fare like blackjack and poker in his spare time.

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