UAE Warriors 29 MMA Odds and Prediction

UAE Fighting Championship Arabia 7

Our betting pick and preview for UAE Warriors 29 considers all eleven bouts and their money lines. There are no prop bets for UAE Warriors 29, so each pick is a synopsis of the fighter’s stats and fight tape history. Place your bets before 10:00 AM ET March 27th, 2022 to get in on the action in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

Betting Predictions and Odds for UAE Warriors 29: Arabia

We’ve assembled all eleven betting picks below. You can scroll through each fight to see how confident we are in each pick, where the top parlay bets are, and get a look at the evidence for each pick yourself.

  • Mohammad Yahya -400
  • Ali AlQaisi -300
  • Abdulla Al Bousheiri -270
  • Hamza Bougamza +140
  • Abdulla Aldabal -400
  • Adel Ibrahim -500
  • Fadi Al Wakeil  -110
  • Faris Asha -350
  • Hassna Gaber +220
  • Hussaini vs BelKilani has been scratched from the card
  • Bouarsa vs Abzakh has been scratched from the card
  • Falastini vs Eilas has been scratched from the card 


UAE Warriors 29 Main Event: Stats, Betting Odds and Prediction for Yahya vs Jaghdal

Fighter Mohammad Yahya  Mohamed El Jaghdal
Money Line  -400 +300
Record 10-3 7-4
Submissions/TKO  1/6 1/3

This bout is for the UAE Warriors lightweight belt. Yahya is primarily a kickboxer, and his two recent losses have been via RNC. He does have one submission win, but it’s clear he would rather exchange on the feet. Jaghdal has a better ground game, and focuses mainly on ground strikes as his path to victory. He’s been knocked out several times, as well as caught with guillotines on his way into the double leg or cage takedown. The finishing percentages are similar, and given that Yahya has been submitted and knocked out, this isn’t a fight I’d parlay. I’m still fairly confident he’ll win the fight. He’s been up against quality competition, losing to the 9-1 Bellator fighter Gavin Hughes. The competition for Jaghdal has been lower overall, losing to locals and losing record fighters in the UAE. 

More on Yahya. He’s a shoe in for high level shows in the future, looking long term at UFC or Eagle FC.
Our UAE Warriors Betting pick is Mohammad Yahya at -400. 

Stats, Betting Odds and Prediction for Najid vs Bousheiri

Fighter Yassin Najid  Abdulla Al Bousheiri 
Money Line  +210 -270
Record 9-3 8-3
Submissions/TKO  5/0 2/6

Najid is a bit one dimensional, as for a fighter that doesn’t have access to the highest levels of MMA submission training, this isn’t a great idea. Bousheiri has only lost via knockout or decision, and while I believe he can be submitted, I don’t think Najid has the kind of aggressive ground game it would take to do it. 
A bet for Najid assumes he’s ready for Bousheiris level of aggression, and the reason he lost his bout with Omar Hussein is because he couldn’t manage technical forward movement. Our betting pick is Abdulla Al Bousheiri at -270. 

Stats, Betting Odds and Prediction for Salem vs Bougamza

Fighter Hussein Salem Hamza Bougamza
Money Line  -170 +140
Record 7-4 3-3
Submissions/TKO  4/2 0/1

Salem has the far better finishing percentage, but many of his recent opponents were debuting fighters. Salem has been active since 2014, two years longer than Bougamza. Bougamza has fought tougher fighters overall, losing to quality grapplers.
It’s clear that Salem has a grappling advantage, and your UAE Warriors 29 prediction should account for which fighters have the right training environment to improve. Bougamza’s gym, Allstars Training Center, is home to Gustafsson and other high level UFC pros. I believe Bougamza has the right coaching to make the improvements necessary for a win. Our betting pick is Hamza Bougamza at +140.

Stats, Betting Odds and Prediction for Aldabal vs Saad

Fighter Abdulla Aldabal  Walid Saad
Money Line  -400 +300
Record 1-0 0-1
Submissions/TKO  1/0 0/0

Aldabal won his first fight via first round submission in under three minutes. Saad quit via verbal submission in his first fight in 2015. We tried to find recent training footage of Saad, but couldn’t find much. His gym, Balance TC, isn’t producing any other quality fighters. Our betting pick is Abdulla Aldabal at -400. 

Stats, Betting Odds and Prediction for Asha vs Massoud

Fighter Faris Khaleel Asha  Phillippe Massoud
Money Line  -350 +275
Record 3-0 2-2
Submissions/TKO  1/1 2/0

Massoud is a good grappler who has only lost to better grapplers. He also fought at an MMA reality show, winning way back in 2014. Asha was 2-1 as an amauter starting in 2014. He’s an undefeated pro and probably the best fighter at his gym. They have a full time BJJ coach, which is a great boon against a submission fighter like Massoud. Knockout academy, Massoud’s gym has few coaches and he is one of them.
Our betting pick goes to Faris Asha at -350 for a fighter with more support and the momentum coming into this fight. 


Stats, Betting Odds and Prediction for Sengul vs Gaber 

Fighter Sabriye Sengul Hassna Gaber 
Money Line  -280 +220
Record 2-2 3-1
Submissions/TKO  1/0 1/1

Gaber has one submission loss from a debuting fighter, an undefeated amatuer out of London Fight Factory. Sengul’s losses include a submission loss to 3-2 Kielholtz at Bellator and a recent loss to a Greek kickboxing champion. 
In my opinion this is one of the more competitive bouts on the card. I’ll bet Hassna Gaber at +220, but bet lightly and keep away from a parlay ticket on this one.

Stats, Betting Odds and Prediction for Wakeil vs Farah

Fighter Fadi Al Wakeil Adbi Farah
Money Line  -110 -120
Record 0-0 1-2
Submissions/TKO  Debut 0/1

Farah has struggled in his last few fights. He lost via submission in his last bout to a debuting fighter in 2021. His only win as a professional is due to his opponent breaking his hand, forcing him to retire in between rounds. The odds that Wakeil can win are high. 

We don’t have much information on Wakeil, other than a lifelong background in traditional martial arts. He’s currently training at an MMA school in Syria. 

Our betting pick is Fadi Al Wakeil at -110. 


Stats, Betting Odds and Prediction for Ibrahim vs Maroufi

Fighter Adel Ibrahim  Reda Maroufi
Money Line  -500 +375
Record 2-0 0-0
Submissions/TKO  0/1 0/0

Ibrahim has amatuer experience, a fight win via head kick in 2019. His three fight winning streak has been under Tristar Lebanon where he has been training since 2017. This is one of the top MMA schools in the middle east. Maroufi has no history of training or fighting, no amatuer bouts and fights out of Morocco where there are virtually no high level MMA schools. 
Our betting pick is Adel Ibrahim at -500. This is a fight I will parlay and one of my most confident picks of the card.

Stats, Betting Odds and Prediction for AlQaisi vs Faress

Fighter Ali AlQaisi Ahmed Faress
Money Line  -300 +240
Record 11-5 16-4
Submissions/TKO  5/2 13/3

This last minute replacement co main event pits two featherweights in a five round contest for the 145 pound UAE Warriors Title. AlQaisi has fought at the UFC level, losing twice in a row before being cut. He was popular in Brave CF in 2018-2019, and is back on a three fight winning streak over quality fighters like 16-8 Andrew Whitney. 
Faress shouldn’t be underestimated. He’s never won a decision and does occasionally get overpowered, but his kickboxing is on point and his submission game is one of the best in the UAE. Faress is king of the undercard at UAE Warriors. He’s a gatekeeper between the highest and lowest levels. He’s coming off a split decision loss to Edward Kelly at ONE FC, a mid level 38 year old with good kickboxing. 
I expect Ali AlQaisi to win with better grappling and an understanding of how to fight under the pressure of a big show. Our betting pick is Ali AlQaisi at -300. 

UAE Warriors 29 Odds Wrap Up

For more on MMA betting, use our guide to improve your strategy and understanding of how to win. If you know everything there is to know about MMA betting, consider coupling UAE Warriors with other combat sport picks through the weekend. 

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