UFC 246: McGregor vs Cowboy Prop Bets and Predictions for the Main Event

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Who doesn’t like a good prop bet?

Well, you don’t have to wait two more weeks until Super Bowl Sunday. We have several ones that are random as heck and fun as well as a few with solid value.

Here’s a fun one I’ve never seen before that I can’t wait to break down:

Conor McGregor vs Cowboy Cerrone: Which fighter will be the first to touch the mat with a body part other than their feet?

These odds are currently even which raises some questions because if you look at all of the odds, the most likely finish to the fight is going to be Conor TKO’ing Cowboy.

So, why would this betting line be even? Wheel kick, maybe? Or perhaps a cartwheel kick from the Irishman?

We’ll see but I think we are getting good value with McGregor here.

Our last time picking multiple prop bets was back at UFC 244 when Jorge Masvidal convincing defeated Nate Diaz to win the inaugural BMF belt from Madison Square Garden.

I believe we went 5-0 that night including a “Will the crowd boo President Donald Trump?” We, of course, took yes and while there were a few cheers, the crowd was decidedly baritone.

Let’s get to it, guys.

The main event props are featured on the best UFC betting sites.

Remember to bet directly from this article. I have researched this main event and the undercard prelims several times over on the UFC’s 3-week break.

I want to keep this winning train rolling on down the tracks.

Time of Bruce Buffer’s Intro for Cowboy vs McGregor

OVER 2:40
UNDER 2:40

There’s not much to say about this one.

I did read that Bruce’s salary is 100K per fight night. That’s considerably more money than over half of the UFC roster will make on a given night.

The man deserves it, though, in my opinion. He has been with the organization almost since the beginning and his voice is as synonymous now with fighting as the great Joe Rogan.

I went back and listened to as many major fight/main event introductions by BB and he has gone over the 2:40 several times including when Conor McGregor won the title belt over Eddie Alvarez in New York City.

We nearly heard more Bruce Buffer than we saw action as C-Mac smoked the “Underground King” with 3 knockdowns en route to winning the Lightweight world title and becoming the champ champ.

It was considered the biggest MMA fight of all-time by how much money it made, not the fight itself, but Bruce went over 3 minutes when Conor McGregor lost by rear-naked jaw crush to Khabib Nurmagomedov.

This is the first UFC event of the year and the return of Conor McGregor who is easily the biggest star the UFC has ever had so I am leaning towards the over bet.

I hope Bruce Buffer isn’t too hoarse considering the time of year but if he’s getting 100K a night, I suppose he has taken some of his colleague Joe Rogan’s advice and enlisted the help of some stem cells for his larynx.

The Bet

First Fighter to Visibly Bleed


At first glance, I’m thinking value, value but other than a slicing elbow landed by Chad Mendes on the Irishman years ago, I don’t remember seeing Conor bleed very much.

Cowboy Cerrone, conversely, has gushed in his recent fights. Remember the incident with Tony Ferguson when he blew his broken nose and his eye immediately swole shut?

Also, Cerrone is a kicker and unless we are talking about a chipped shin, you are much more likely to bleed from a punch to the face than a kick to the body.

With the southpaw versus righty matchup, the straight right and left hands are likely going to be more effective than the overhands which are designed to clip the chin.

McGregor is the far more prolific pugilist between the two men and I see him shooting that lightning left straight down the pipe and either cutting the eyelid or even more likely smooshing Cowboy’s sniffer.

Side note:

It is possible to hit the liver with a straight to the body for the southpaw against a right-hander.

I say this because Cerrone is notoriously weak to the body from a childhood ATV accident and once Conor has rung the proverbial cowbell upstairs, I think he will levy the liver.

The Bet

If Conor Wins, Will the Lightweight Title Be His Next Fight?


So, I have been paying close attention to nearly every press that is released on the UFC and Conor McGregor for years now.

Not only is it a big part of my job but I’m a certified superfan who has spent nearly every Saturday night for the past decade-plus sitting in front of a screen watching nearly 20 fights a week if you include boxing and Bellator.

The word from UFC President Dana White has been that Khabib would be next. This, of course, outrages other fighters and fans alike.

The first contest simply wasn’t that exciting. Thanks, Khabib!

Seriously, I just don’t think McGregor is ready, though.

There’s also a man who in 2019 rose to superstardom that is the most likely next opponent for C-Mac. That man is known, of course, as Jorge Masvidal or the Cuban Jesus for short.

There are betting odds on who Conor will call out next. More on that one in a second but “Gamebred” is the favorite.

I know Dana White would like to make Conor vs Khabib for the Moscow show and that one will likely be at the end of the year.

Despite the tremendous popularity of both fighters, the rematch at this point just doesn’t have that OMG feeling.

Tony Ferguson could also derail these plans with a win over Khabib in mid-April.

If that happens, the UFC would have time to rematch Tony and Khabib, let Conor (hopefully) win another fight or two, and then potentially still have their big show in mother Russia by year’s end.

That’s quite the lengthy take on it, guys, but each scenario points towards Conor not getting the title shot until late this year.

McGregor has even said it himself that he is treating 2020 more like a season and concluding in a championship.

The Bet

Who Will Conor Call out Next or at UFC 246?

Khabib Nurmagomedov: +110

I just went through this. Conor wants to fight 3-4 times this year and Khabib isn’t fighting for another three months. Their schedules will likely line up by late 2020 but not now.

Nate Diaz: +1200

I don’t think this one would sell nearly as well as a potential fight with Masvidal or even Justin Gaethje.

I know there are people out there that say the second fight between these two men was close but it wasn’t. It wasn’t easy for him. He had to dig down and show more heart than he ever has but McGregor won that fight.

It just doesn’t make sense at this point. Diaz would have to get a big win and I don’t see him coming back to fight anyone other than McGregor at this point.

Floyd Mayweather: +1400

MayMac 2?!

I don’t see it happening. McGregor has realized that is doesn’t matter how good his hands are if he can’t defend the takedown from Khabib.

Sure, it would make a lot of money and that’s the name of the game but I see a rejuvenated MMA-minded McGregor right now and likely for the rest of 2020.

Kamaru Usman: +1400

I love Conor but as the kids say, he doesn’t want that smoke.

Usman is freaking huge.

The fans don’t want it either. Just because Kamaru stood with the pillow-fisted Colby Covington for 5 rounds, doesn’t mean he wants to bang it out with McGregor.

Manny Pacquiao: +2000

I can actually see this matchup happening. Less than 24 hours ago, a business associate of Manny released a poster of the two men with the brand spanking new Allegiant Stadium in the background.

That’s the new Las Vegas Raiders stadium, actually.

It would be a very interesting matchup of two very fast powerful southpaws. Just not yet, though. I firmly believe C-Mac is focused on MMA at this current time.

It’s 20 to 1, though, and Manny is 41 so if you want to drop a few bucks on this one, know that it has better value and more likely to happen than him calling out Khabib at (+110).

Jorge Masvidal: -150

This is the most likely scenario as I just mentioned a moment ago. It makes all the sense in the world. Conor said it best years ago when he told his fellow lightweights at a press conference that it’s “Red Panty” night when they fight him.

Jorge has made a big name for himself, sure, but a fight with literally any other fighter on the roster doesn’t command near the amount of money that a matchup with the notorious one would.

Masvidal has made it known that he isn’t afraid of anyone and we all believe it but if you think he has a better chance of beating Kamaru Usman than McGregor, you’re sadly mistaken.

“Gamebred” is a striker at heart and he knows exactly what he’s getting with Conor; a man that will stand toe-to-toe with him.

That’s what the fighter in him wants and you can bet your life that his money manager feels the same way.

The Bet

Total F-Bombs Conor Drops After the Fight

OVER 1.5

I don’t agree with these betting odds at all.

Sure, 2 isn’t that many especially for C-Mac but he appears to have grown up a bit recent;y and wants people to see that.

There has been next to zero trash talk between him and Cerrone leading up to this one. They went at it at a press conference years ago but real respects real.

It’s kinda like Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal. Both talk a lot but had nothing but good things to say about one another leading up to the BMF title fight.

I’ll take the plus money here.

The Bet

In Conclusion

I cannot wait! Saturday night needs to hurry up!

For those folks who got McGregor at around a (-150) favorite when then the betting odds were originally released, cheers to you.

The juice has since more than doubled and is a bit out of range for good value. No sweat, though.

These fun prop bets just came out within the past few hours and I went onto BetOnline.AG and found the most valuable ones.

As far as the Bruce Buffer length of intro bet goes, I wouldn’t go too hard. The same goes for the total amount of f-bombs.

As far as his next opponent and his next fight not being for the belt, I think both of those picks are money, particularly the latter.

Conor wants to stay busy and he wants his name to remain at the forefront of people’s minds. When it comes to his biggest weakness, defending takedowns, time is on his side.

In the next six months, he can likely improve his defensive wrestling ability more than Khabib can improve his offensive wrestling which, while incredible, has mostly peaked.

Tune in, turn up, and bet hard on the logical lines that is.

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