UFC 250 Betting Preview

Nunes Vs Spencer UFC 250

UFC 250 is just a few weeks away, now.

We have a main event as of right now.

The fight may be moved down to co-main but we are still waiting on the rest of the fight card to be announced.

  • Double champ Amanda Nunes defends her strap against grappling specialist Felicia Spencer.

This is a bit of a mismatch but if somehow, someway, Felicia Spencer can get the champion down to the mat, we might be saying bye to Amanda instead.

BetOnline.AG has betting odds on each of the five fights that have been announced.

  • Former Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt returns to action for the first time in over a year and faces the always game but aging Raphael Assuncao.
  • Ian Heinisch brings his brand of toughness, cardio, and athleticism to the Octagon once again.

We have won betting against him in each of his last two fights.

He’s a gamer, for sure, and has great cardio training in Colorado but when matched with a skilled striker or wrestler, he comes up short in the technique department.

Let’s talk more about who is fighting, where the event will take place, when it’s going down, how to watch, and everything you need to know about UFC betting.

When is UFC 250?

It’s still Monday morning and I need an easy question like this before we get into the hard stuff.

UFC 250 goes down this Saturday night, June 6th.

  • The main card will kick off at its regularly scheduled time of 10:00 PM Eastern.
  • The prelims, if they have 12 total fights on the card, will begin at 6:30 PM.

The UFC website has not validated this but this is how it usually world for the pay per view events:

Fight Pass/ESPN+ Early Prelims at 6:30 PM

  • This is usually two lower-level fights but DON’T IGNORE THEM!
  • Most of the time you will find most of the value for UFC betting on the undercards
  • This may require us to do some extra research but this is just another opportunity to out-work someone

ESPN Prelims at 8:00 PM

  • From 8:00 until 10:00, we get to see 5 more fights.
  • The final prelim is usually a really big name fight to get fans pumped to buy the upcoming pay per view event

Pay Per View Main Card at 10:00 PM

  • If all you focus on from a betting perspective are these 5 UFC fights, you’re going to have a hard time making money with UFC betting in the long run
  • Sure, it’s fun to have action on the main event but I don’t want that to be your focus
  • The main event is usually a title fight and many times, you’re in a dog or pass situation.
  • Don’t be the guy, either, that stares at a plus money line long enough that it miraculously develops “value”

How Do I Watch UFC 250?

Hey, another easy question!

Monday mornings aren’t that bad.

It’s simple, really, and I have explained most of this already.

If you pay for the monthly Fight Pass or ESPN+ service, you can catch the early prelims there.

The prelims of a PPV are usually on ESPN.

The main cards have been getting expensive, though. We are up to 64.99 for the 5-fight PPV main card.

Many times, though, it does turn out to be worth it.

This is especially true if we come out ahead on our bets!

Where Will UFC 250 Take Place?

Dang it!

I was really enjoying those easy questions.

I have good news and bad news.

Which one do you want to hear first?

I always choose the bad news so we can start there.

We don’t know where UFC 250 is being held.

Could it be another event in Jacksonville?

The judging has been rather controversial over the past week or so in the Sunshine State but other than that, UFC betting and the events have been a huge success considering everything going on.

The good news, unfortunately, isn’t Fight Island opening up…at least not yet.

We can bet on the location of UFC 250!

Here’s a list of the UFC betting odds found on BetOnline.AG for the UFC 250 Location.

Fight Island

As smoothly as things have gone down in Florida for the UFC, it appears that the company would be much more comfortable putting on events at home in Las Vegas.

Dana has come out and said that putting on fights in Vegas was the plan.

The UFC has a new facility called The Apex that can do just about everything they need.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission originally said no, though, and thus the UFC took their show to Florida.

As restrictions are being lifted across the country, Nevada is now in Phase 1 of reopening.

They have a 20-consecutive day downward trajectory of new COVID cases and this positive number should play a big role in getting the state towards their next phase.

It isn’t clear whether or not the UFC would need Nevada to be in Phase 2 to put on an event but Dana White is very confident in the promotion returning home to the desert until, of course, Fight Island is finished.

Everything I have read or heard points towards this UFC taking place in Las Vegas.

It is 2020, though, and we learned pretty quick this year if we didn’t already, “stuff” happens.

Nevada is the bet here, guys.

My Pick

Who is Fighting?

Back to the fun stuff!

We have only 5 fights listed on the UFC website right now but I already see some UFC betting value in at least two of them.

Amanda Nunes (-450) vs Felicia Spencer (+350)

The main event between UFC Featherweight Champion Amanda Nunes and Felicia Spencer is not a great fight on paper but because of Spencer’s toughness, it could turn out to be very exciting.

I picked Cris Cyborg Justino to TKO Felicia in the first because I knew the latter was primarily a submission artist.

Well, Cris hit her with everything she had, over 125 significant strikes, but wasn’t able to get her out of there in 15 minutes.

Cyborg hit her with so many clean shots but Felicia still pressured the legendary fighter until the final bell.

Spencer is big and she is tough.

I think Amanda gets the win but not without a fight.

There isn’t any value on the current line but soon there will be over/unders on the round total and other props in which to make our wagers worth it.

Best Bets

Cody Garbrandt (-155) vs Raphael Assuncao (+135)

The matchup between Cody Garbrandt and Raphael Assuncao is quite interesting.

Cody will have a speed advantage in the hands as he normally does.

Coming off of 3 losses, though, is hard for anyone to muster the confidence to step into the Octagon again.

Confidence doesn’t seem to be Garbrandt’s problem, though.

It’s quite the contrary, actually. His willingness to stand and trade with bigger guys has been his downfall.

Garbrandt has some of the best boxing technique and hand speed in the UFC Bantamweight division.

He is slightly undersized, though.

His opponent at UFC 250, Raphael Assuncao can’t match his speed but is known to load up on a power shot.

I think the betting line is fairly accurate outside of the age difference.

Raphy turns 38 in a couple of months.

That is a big bad number, especially in a lighter weight class where fighters rely more on speed and reaction time than anything else.

Garbrandt’s hands will be a little too fast for the slightly slower reacting Assuncao.

My Pick

Gerald Meerschaert (-110) vs Ian Heinisch (-110)

This one really jumped off the screen at me.

Gerald is primarily a BJJ guy. He has okay takedowns but not enough to get Ian to the mat, in my opinion.

Meerschaert just went to a split decision with Eryk Anders…

Yes, I know.

I picked Eryk Anders to win this past weekend.

He may be the least-skilled fighter in the UFC.

As far as former football players go, Brandan Schaub had more skill, Greg Hardy is way better, and even Matt Mitrione shows us more inside of the cage than Anders.

All he could do against Jotko on Saturday was hold him against the cage. I thought that would be enough to get the win but unfortunately for us, the judges saw who was actually “fighitng”.

Here’s the thing. Anders’ fight with Meerschaert was very close and Heinisch is a better fighter than Eryk.

Ian’s last two opponents were bad matchups for him. Derek Brunson has the offensive wrestling to take down anyone in the division and he was able to wrestle Heinisch to a decision win.

Ian came on late, though! His cardio is excellent and Brunson does fade. The third round was a bit of a sweat.

Omari Akhmedov is a powerful striker with seemingly impenetrable defense. He was able to take down Ian also.

If we turn the page back once more, though, we see Ian defeated two bigger submission guys who are decent wrestlers.

Antonio Carlos Junior and Cezar Ferreira are both killers on the ground and each has better striking and wrestling than Gerald Meerschaert.

I think Ian puts the pressure on Gerald early and often. The diversity and explosiveness in his strikes will be too much for the Wisconsin-native.

I love the pick’em odds we are getting right now!

My Pick

In Conclusion

There you have it, guys.


We have 5 fights so far and 2 bets to make RIGHT NOW!


Saturday night at 6:30 PM Eastern.

How to watch?

  • UFC Fight Pass/ESPN+ for the early prelims.
  • ESPN for the prelims.
  • 64.99 for the Pay Per View.


I say the new Apex facility in Vegas!

The UFC brass is working diligently every day to fill out these upcoming fight cards.

We might only know of 5 matchups today but I expect the rest of the fight card to be announced very soon.

I really like the Heinisch bet!

The UFC has love for the guy. He has a cool story as well, being a former convict.

He is getting someone he can definitely beat here and, in my opinion, he should win!

I would cap him at (-200)!

I like Garbrandt also. I think his feet will put him in a position to land and the lessened reaction time of the Brazilian will let some of those powerful punches through.

Get those bets in before the lines move!

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