UFC 267 Blachowicz vs Teixeira Full Card Preview, Odds, and Betting Analysis

UFC 267 Blachowicz Vs Teixeira Background

UFC 267 is just days away. Two UFC titles are on the line and fifteen fight card is stacked with heavy favorites and fight finishers. The fights are taking place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates so they’ll be airing in the USA at 10:30 ET. Make sure to place your bets before the card begins to take full advantage of the preliminary bouts!

We’re looking closely at the betting odds, fighter stats, and producing expert analysis for this card. We called eight out of twelve bouts on UFC 266 including three underdog calls. Lets see if thesportsgeek.com can do it again!

Fight 15 Main Event: Jan Blachowicz vs Glover Teixeira

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Jan Blachowicz Glover Teixeira
Odds -300 +250
Age 38 42
Height 6’2’’ 6’2’’
Reach/Stance 78’’ Orthodox 76” Orthodox
Record 28-8 32-7
Submissions/TKO 9 submissions, 8 TKO 9 submissions, 18 TKO
Odds Last Fight +225 +207

Jan has a slight reach advantage, but significantly less total KO’s despite Glover’s minor three fight experience advantage.

Glover has been with the UFC since 2002, taking a six year break between fighting Sokoudjou and Kingsbury. Jan’s been with the promotion since 2014, and is 11-5 for the promotion. Glover’s lost six times inside the UFC, going 18-6 overall.

Both fighters are on a five fight winning streak.

Prop Bets Available for Blachowicz vs Teixeira

Over 1 ½ Rounds:
Under 4 ½ Rounds:
Teixeira by Submission:
Blachowicz by TKO:

Glover loves to get hurt, resurrect himself, and come in for the late win. The -210 over pays at $0.48 per dollar wager. I think a decision is possible, but the under 4 ½ is a great choice if you believe in Jan’s power.

Teixeira by submission isn’t an impossible bet. Despite being a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jan got tired and was put into bad positions by Corey Anderson and Alexander Gustafsson.

Firm believers in Blachowicz think he will sleep Glover early. Glover has been knocked out by Gustafsson, Anthony Rumble Johnson and Eric Schwartz in the UFC, and is notorious for letting fighters test his chin.

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Blachowicz vs Teixeira

Glover Teixeira:
Jan Blachowicz:

Confidence in Jan is high. He was the underdog against Israel Adesanya and made the middleweight champion look out classed in every way. Glover’s price is gaining value every day leading up to the fight, hitting 2 ½ times your bet..

If you’re betting on Jan, bet now. If you’re betting on Glover, click our link on fight day for optimal payout.

UFC 267: Outside Factors Effecting Blachowicz vs Teixeira

Jan’s been training with BJJ black belt Braulio Estima in preparation for Glover. They are similar in style and build.

Jan Blachowicz has shown himself training at various locations, traveling to multiple countries for his camp, but not necessarily peak performance mma gyms.

Glover’s academy brought in Lyoto Machida and other high level strikers. He’s preparing for Jan’s distance and long range style.

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Pick for Blachowicz vs Teixeira

Fight History for Blachowicz vs Teixeira

Bettors should be interested in the quality of opponents each fighter faced in their recent five fight winning streak. Glover defeated Santos, Smith, Krylov, Cutelaba and Roberson.

Glover Teixeira took on the #3,#5, and #15 ranked light Heavyweights, finishing four of his last five fights and all three ranked opponents.

Blachowicz defeated Israel, Reyes, Anderson, Souza and Rockhold. Only one of his last five opponents is a current ranked light heavyweight contender. Fighting Israel counts for something, but It proved to be less challenging than fighters the right size for Jan.

UFC Stats for ​​Blachowicz vs Teixeira

Jan’s takedown defense is 65%, meaning that one of three takedown attempts is successful. Teixeira’s average takedowns per fight is two. He scored four against Thiago Santos in his last bout out of seven attempts, racking up nine minutes of control time.

Jan’s losses to Cummins, Gustafsson and Anderson all showed the same issue, an inability to deflect the takedown.

Title Status and Betting on a Champion

Remember that people tend to believe more in the current champion than they should. Jan’s champion status came because Jon Jones vacated the title. His win over Reyes decided he was champ, he didn’t dethrone anyone.

Final Betting Pick for Teixeira vs Blachowicz.

If you’re going the safe route, bet over 1 ½ Rounds.

Teixeira vs Blachowicz:
Glover Teixeira!

Fight 14: Petr Yan vs Cory Sandhagen Title Fight

Petr Yan is coming off an illegal grounded knee loss to now champion Sterling. He made light of it this week at the open workout.

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Petr Yan Cory Sandhagen
Odds -210 +180
Age 28 29
Height 5’7” 5’11’’
Reach/Stance 67” Switch 70’’ Switch
Record 15-2 14-3
Submissions/TKO 1 Sub, 7 TKO 3 Sub, 6 TKO
Odds Last Fight +100 -190

Yan would be undefeated if not for two losses via illegal blows. His underdog status against Aljamain Sterling was stunning, but that he isn’t a -400 favorite against Sandhagen is a gift from the oddsmakers.

Prop Bets Available for Yan vs Sandhagen

Under 2 ½ Rounds:
Under 4 ½ Rounds:
Yan Inside the Distance:
Fight Goes to Decision:

Sandhagen has been finished early in the first by Sterling and has finished two of his last three opponents in the under 2 ½ Rounds prop range. However, his Dillashaw fight makes me think that more capable competitors will stymie his KO power and see a longer fight.

Yan fan’s looking for more cash will bet the inside the distance prop, and the fight goes to decision prop would have to pay much more to pull me away from a Yan money line.

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for  Yan vs Sandhagen

Petr Yan:
Cory Sandhagen :

I would have jumped on the -240 money line but I’m glad I’ve waited. Sandhagen fans are coming out of the woodworks, probably due to his highlight reel knockout of Frankie Edgar.

This is a distraction. Yan has knocked out more competitive fighters and lands six for every four significant shots his opponent lands. Even this stat is troubled by Yan’s high guard, many ‘significant’ shots are miscalculated.

UFC 267: Outside Factors Effecting Yan vs Sandhagen

Yan’s two losses came by way of fouls, an illegal knee and headbutts. There is some concern that his dirty tactics are catching up with him, with referees more willing to deduct points from someone who has shown the tendency to cheat deliberately.

Sandhagen is taking this fight on short notice after Aljamain Sterling withdrew due to an injury. Sandhagen fought in July, losing a tough decision just three months ago. Given the recovery time from the Dillashaw fight, it’s unlikely he received anything like a full camp.

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Pick for Yan vs Sandhagen

Yan vs Sandhagen UFC Performances

Yan won his first seven fights in the UFC, finishing four of them via knockout. Currently, Yan holds only one win over a top ten contender, Jose Aldo. He retired would be contender Urijah Faber in their 2019 bout.

Sandhagen’s finished five of his nine UFC bouts. He’s defeated three men in the top fifteen, but the most important fight is with Aljamain Sterling. Sterling ran through Sandhagen with ease, submitting him in ninety seconds June of 2020.

Yan’s performance against Sterling looked as if he was on track to win the fight by decision, losing via disqualification in the fourth round.

Yan vs Sandhagen UFC Stats

Sandhagen and Yan’s striking stats are nearly the same, but their takedowns set them apart. Yan uses a series of trips and throws to disrupt opponents, while Cory looks for the takedown as a last resort. Cory’s .76 takedowns per fight and 65% takedown defense are paltry compared to Yan’s 2.14 takedowns per fight and 90% defense.

Final Betting Pick for Yan vs Sandhagen

I think Yan can do this. My pick goes to Petr Yan at -210.

Yan vs Sandhagen:
Petr Yan!

Fight 13: Islam Makhachev vs Dan Hooker

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Islam Makhachev Dan Hooker
Odds -700 +450
Age 30 31
Height 5’10’’ 6’0’’
Reach/Stance 70” Southpaw 75” Switch
Record 20-1 21-10
Submissions/TKO 9 Sub, 3 TKO 7 Sub, 10 TKO
Odds Last Fight -700 -138

Islam has signifcantly less losses and experience. Hooker leads in range, height and career knockouts.

Hooker is coming off a win, losing two of his last three to Chandler and Porrier. Islam is on an eight fight winning streak after a loss to Andriano Maritins via knockout.

Prop Bets Available for Makhachev vs Hooker

Under 2 ½ Rounds:
Fight Doesn’t Go to Decision:
Makhachev by Submission:
Hooker by TKO:

Hooker TKO is +700, which feels a bit absurd. He has five UFC knockouts over seventeen fights and Makhachev’s chin is in question.

The fight under 2 ½ Rounds prop would be exciting if Hooker were a lesser opponent, but I see the fight going to decision most likely of any prop bet.

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Makhachev vs Hooker

Islam Makhachev:
Dan Hooker:

Hooker is becoming a stronger underdog overtime, with more people betting on Islam. Islam is an increasing crowd favorite, moving from the -300 range in 2019 to the -500 in 2020. Hooker’s losses to the champion Dustin Porrier and Michael Chandler are keeping hooker an underdog. Even in his early UFC career in 2014, Hooker never went over -115.

UFC 267: Outside Factors Effecting Makhachev vs Hooker

Hooker fought just one month ago against Nasrat Haqparast, winning a decision. He’s coming in on short notice in place of Rafeal Dos Anjos.

Islam’s training for Dos Anjos would have produced a different game plan, and the fight moved from three rounds to five rounds by Hooker’s request.

Islam continues to train with Team Khabib and Eagles Camp.

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Pick for Makhachev vs Hooker

Islam takes an average of .77 signifcant strikes per minute. He’s a fighter that’s focused on landing the right shot at the right time and remaining undamaged. In his last six bouts he’s absorbed only fifty-two strikes.

Compare that to Hooker, who in his last five fights absorbed over three hundred punches. This kind of damage can add up, and when taking fights on short notice, the opponent can’t be a world class future champion.

Final Betting Pick for Makhachev vs Hooker

Despite it only paying out at $0.14 per dollar wagered, it’s a great bet. Look for parlay opportunities alongside other favorites like Yan.

Makhachev vs Hooker:
Islam Makhachev!

Fight 12: Alexander Volkov vs Marcin Tybura

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Alexander Volkov Marcin Tybura
Odds -280 +240
Age 33 35
Height 6’7’’ 6’3’’
Reach/Stance 80” Orthodox 78” Orthodox
Record 33-9 22-6
Submissions/TKO 3 Sub, 22 TKO 6 Sub, 9 TKO
Odds Last Fight +140 -166

Volkov has a fourteen fight experience advantage, boasting thirteen more knockouts. He’s taller, has the reach advantage, and carries an additional twenty pounds on Marcin according to their last weigh-in.

Volkov comes off a loss to title challenger Cyril Gane via decision and Tybura is on a five fight winning streak.

Prop Bets Available for Volkov vs Tybura

Over 1 ½ Rounds:
Under 1 ½ Rounds:
Volkov via TKO:
Tybura via Submission:

Volkov will be looking for the finish. Tybura has been knocked out three times in the UFC by Lewis, Shamil Abdurakhimov and Augusto Sakai.

Tybura’s submission game hasn’t been very visible at the UFC level, but it is there. He’s been working closely with BJJ black belt and headliner Jan Blachowicz for this bout.

The under 1 ½ rounds covers two of Marcin’s last six wins and two of Alexander’s last six wins. While the over looks likely, both fighters have flash finishes on their record.

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Volkov vs Tybura

Alexander Volkov:
Marcin Tybura:

Tybura’s underdog status is getting stronger, with growing support for Volkov’s knockout ability. It could be due to Alexander’s intense confidence.

UFC 267: Outside Factors Effecting Volkov vs Tybura

Marcin has been training primarily at Greg Jackson’s camp in Albuquerque. The elite status of the Jackson camp has faded in name after the string of losses including the recent fumble by boxing legend Clarressa Shields at PFL.

Volkov is a new father, and there is no telling how this may affect his performance. Some fighters manage it well, while others are completely sidelined.

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Pick for Volkov vs Tybura

Volkov vs Tybura Recent UFC Appearances

Vokov lost three of his last six fights in the UFC, failing to finish Blaydes or Gane and losing via TKO to Derrick Lewis. Tybura had a similar streak in 2019, losing four of five bouts in a row. However since February 2020, Tybura has been on a five fight winning streak.

Tybura took on the #13 and #15 heavyweights in his last five, beating them both.

Volkov also beat #13 Walt Harris and lost to two other top ten contenders. He retired from title contender Alistair Overeem in February 2021. His #5 status is confusing considering the actual wins he holds.

UFC Stats for Volkov vs Tybura

Tybura averages 1.6 takedowns per fight, and an average of one per fight over his last three.

Volkov has a history of dealing well with wrestlers. Outside of Curtis Blaydes, who took him down fourteen times in their 2020 bout, Volkov has won every fight with a better wrestler. He has a 67% takedown defense ratio.

Tybura lands and absorbs the same number of strikes per minute, and I believe this will play a major role in the Volkov bout.

Final Betting Pick for Alexander Volkov vs Marcin Tybura

I see a stand up battle with Tybura’s clench fighting met with good uppercuts from Volkov. Volkov’s money line pays at a reasonable $0.36 per dollar wagered.

Alexander Volkov vs Marcin Tybura:
Alexander Volkov!

Fight 11: Li Jingliang vs Khamzat Chimaev

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Li Jingliang Khamzat Chimaev
Odds +425 -650
Age 33 27
Height 6’0’’ 6’2’’
Reach/Stance 71” Orthodox 75” Orthodox
Record 18-6 9-0
Submissions/TKO 4 Sub, 9 TKO 3 Sub, 6 TKO
Odds Last Fight +225 -485

The much awaited return of Chimaev shows his serious favorite status not just continuing, but rising significantly. Chimaev has advantages in all categories including finishing percentage.

Prop Bets Available for Jingliang vs Chimaev

Over 1 ½ Rounds:
Under 2 ½ Rounds:
Chimaev via TKO:
Chimaev via Submission:

Chimaev’s strong favorite status turns the props into predicting how he might win. With his three UFC finishes falling under 1 ½ Rounds for every bout, the -115 prop makes good sense. All three of his wins took place in 2020. He has two TKO wins and one submission win in the UFC.

Li is tough to stop. He has one third round submission loss and three decision losses. He’s shown no signs of his chin being tested and his submission defense stood the test of fifteen UFC fighters including David Zawada.

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Jingliang vs Chimaev

Li Jingliang:
Khamzat Chimaev:

Much of this movement took place after the open workouts showed that Khamzat looked sharp despite his fourteen month lay off. Jingliang’s underdog status nearly doubled since the opening.

UFC 267: Outside Factors Effecting Jingliang vs Chimaev

Chimaev’s time off was due to COVID-19 complications. His cardio was reportedly damaged. He was contemplating retirement, and has just recently been able to train regularly for the first time.

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Pick for Jingliang vs Chimaev

Chimaev’s UFC Opponents

Chimaev has never fought a top ten welterweight in the UFC. Two of his UFC opponents have losing records in the UFC and the other is 8-6 in the UFC, Gerald Meerschaert. Li is a big step up in competition, lightyears from the skill level of any of his previous challengers. Li is #11 in the division and has fought a dozen tough fighters, taking many of them the distance.

Final Betting Pick for Li Jingliang vs Khamzat Chimaev

Comparing the stats of these fighters would be pointless, their opposition has been so far apart in skill. Jingliang is offering four times your money to take on a fighter outside the top fifteen coming off a career ending case of COVID.

Li Jingliang vs Khamzat Chimaev:
Li Jingliang!

Fight 10: Magomed Ankalaev vs Volkan Oezdimir

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Magomed Ankalaev Volkan Oezdimir
Odds -276 +216
Age 29 32
Height 6’3’’ 6’2’’
Reach/Stance 75” Orthodox 75” Orthodox
Record 15-1 17-5
Submissions/TKO 0 Sub, 8 TKO 1 Sub, 12 TKO
Odds Last Fight -300 -177

Magomed has a height and youth advantage. Oezdimir has taken more fights total and has a better finishing percentage among wins. Oezdimir is coming off a loss as a favorite vs Jiri Prochazka, while Magomed comes off wins over contenders Krylov and Cutelaba.

Prop Bets Available for Ankalaev vs Oezdimir

Under 1 ½ Rounds:
Over 2 ½ Rounds:
Oezdimir via TKO:
Magomed via Decision:

The oddsmakers see a late Magomed Ankalaev finish. Three of Magomed’s UFC six wins fall into the Under 1 ½ Rounds prop. Two of Oezdimirs wins and two of his losses fall under the same Under 1 ½ Rounds prop. It’s the most likely according to their fight history.

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Ankalaev vs Oezdimir

Magomed Ankalaev:
Volkan Oezdimir:

This bout has been held since opening with minor movement for either fighter.

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Pick for Ankalaev vs Oezdimir

UFC Records of Magomed Ankalaev and Volkan Oezdimir

Magomed took a huge leap in competition from Daicha Lungiambula to Ion Cutelaba. He fought Ion twice in back to back wins followed by a win over Krylov. Outside of these three bouts, Magomed has had little resistance. He lost his debut to Pual Craig, showing weaknesses in Magomed’s submission game.

Oezdimir has fought stunning 205 lbs fighters like Rakic, Jiri, Reyes and Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier. His win over Rakic was a beautiful upset, but he’s not shown the same ability against other contenders. Jiri tested Oezdimir’s defenses and chin by forcing him to trade and staying on him.

UFC Stats for Ankalaev vs Oezdimir

Ankalaev hits and absorbs strikes 3.4:1.7 per minute, meaning he hits twice as often as he’s hit. Volkan lands 5 strikes for every 4.2 he absorbs. I see the two trading exchanges until we see a winner.

Final Betting Pick for UFC 267 Ankalaev vs Oezdimir

Ankalaev vs Oezdimir:
Magomed Ankalaev!

Fight 9: Amanda Ribas vs Virna Jandiroba

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Amanda Ribas Virna Jandiroba
Odds -153 +133
Age 28 33
Height 5’3’’ 5’3’’
Reach/Stance 66” Orthodox 64” Orthodox
Record 10-2 17-2
Submissions/TKO 4 Sub, 3 TKO 13 Sub, 1 TKO
Odds Last Fight -270 (loss) -138 (win)

Ribas is younger with a reach advantage. Virna has more experience and a better finishing percentage. She’s coming off a win over Kanako Murata.

Ribas’s favorite status is mainly due to her win over Mackenzie Dern, the BJJ competitor that beat Virna at her own game in December of 2020.

Prop Bets Available for Ribas vs Jandiroba

Over 1 ½ Rounds:
Over 2 ½ Rounds:
Fight Goes to Decision:
Virna Jandiroba by Submission:

Ribas defended Mack Dern’s submission game and that has oddsmakers seriously doubting a Virna submission win. However Virna is a different brand of submission artist, boasting 2.5 takedowns per fight to Dern’s .54.

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Ribas vs Jandiroba

Virna Jandiroba:
Amanda Ribas:

Ribas is growing in confidence, with Jandiroba becoming a serious underdog.

UFC 267: Outside Factors Effecting Ribas vs Jandiroba

Ribas was knocked out in her last bout and reportedly took time off to nurse the concussion. Virna’s last fight was in mid June, just four months ago. She absorbed only 23 strikes.

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Pick for Ribas vs Jandiroba

Ribas will have more trouble with the wrestling of Jandiroba. Virna has recently developed knockout power. Her wrestling and submission defense will prove too much for Ribas. Virna pays out at $1.33 per dollar wagered.

Ribas vs Jandiroba:
Virna Jandiroba!

Fight 8: Ricardo Ramos vs Zubaira Tukhugov

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Ricardo Ramos Zubaira Tukhugov
Odds +140 -160
Age 26 30
Height 5’9” 5’8”
Reach/Stance 72” Orthodox 68 “ Orthodox
Record 15-3 19-5-1
Submissions/TKO 7 Sub, 3 TKO 1 Sub, 7 TKO
Odds Last Fight +125 (win) -110 (loss)

Zubaira has three losses in the UFC all by decision. Ramos carries the height, youth, and reach advantages. Ramos has more total finishes and a better finishing percentage.

Prop Bets Available for Ramos vs Tukhugov

Over 1 ½ Rounds:
Fight Goes to Decision:
Ramos by Submission:
Tukhugov by TKO:

Half of Ramos’s UFC bouts ended in decision, while five of Tukhogov’s seven UFC appearances ended in decision. Ramos has racked up all three of his TKO finishes inside the UFC.

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Ramos vs Tukhugov

Ricardo Ramos :
Zubaira Tukhugov:

Zubaira’s favorite status took time to sink in, opening at an even -110 for both fighters.

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Pick for Ramos vs Tukhugov

Ricardo Ramos appears to be picking up momentum in his career. He’s bringing new tools to the cage, and defeating higher level featherweights. He pays out at $1.40 per dollar wagered.

Tukhugov is losing fights to fighters people think he should beat. He’s taken time off and has been inactive for thirteen months. He took a similar break in 2016 with three years away from the UFC.

Ramos vs Tukhugov:
Ricard Ramos!

Fight 7: Albert Duraev vs Roman Kopylov

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Albert Duraev Roman Kopylov
Odds -360 +295
Age 32 30
Height 5’11’’ 6’0”
Reach/Stance 75” Orthodox 75” Southpaw
Record 14-3 8-1
Submissions/TKO 9 Sub, 3 TKO 0 Sub, 7 TKO
Odds Last Fight -390 -125

Kopylov’s UFC debut was his first loss, being submitted by Karl Roberson in 2019.

He’s back against another submission fighter in Albert Duraev. Kopylov is slightly younger and taller.

This will be Duraev’s first UFC bout after winning via submission at DWCS 5.3 in September.

Prop Bets Available for Duraev vs Kopylov

Over 1 ½ Rounds:
Under 1 ½ Rounds:
Duraev by Submission:
Kopylov by TKO:

Oddsmakers see an early Duraev finish after Roberson submitted Kopylov late in the third in 2019. Kopylov hasn’t reported making changes in his BJJ instruction.

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Duraev vs Kopylov

Roman Kopylov:
Albert Duraev:

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Betting Pick for Duraev vs Kopylov

Duraev showed the tools to outwrestle and submit Kopylov while Kopylov has made no visible changes in his grappling training. His showing against Roberson showed his kickboxing is heavy hitting, but not technical.

Duraev vs Kopylov:
Albert Duraev!

Fight 6: Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos vs Benoit Saint Denis

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos Benoit Saint Denis
Odds -235 +200
Age 35 25
Height 5’11” 5’11”
Reach/Stance 73” Orthodox 68” Orthodox
Record 22-7 8-0
Submissions/TKO 3 Sub, 14 TKO 7 Sub, 1 TKO
Odds Last Fight +122 NA

It’s rare to see undefeated fighters showing up as the underdog. Denis has the youth advantage and gives up five inches of reach to the experienced Santos.

Prop Bets Available for Santos vs Saint Denis

Fight Goes to Decision:

Many sites aren’t carrying props on this bout or any early prelims. Santos saw decisions in six of his eleven UFC bouts. Denis has never been to a decision, finishing each fight.

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Santos vs Saint Denis

Benoit Saint Denis:
Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos:

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Pick for Santos vs Saint Denis

Santos is inconsistent but exciting. Denis hasn’t defeated anyone mentionable outside of 15-5 TKO artist Luan Santiago.

Santos is known for absurd techniques and sudden TKO’s.

Santos vs Saint Denis:
Fight Doesn’t Go to Decision!

Fight 5: Shamil Gamzatov vs Michal Oleksiejczuk

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Shamil Gamzatov Michal Oleksiejczuk
Odds -125 +105
Age 31 26
Height 6’2” 6’0”
Reach/Stance 76” Orthodox 74” Southpaw
Record 14-0 15-4, 1 NC
Submissions/TKO 5 Sub, 5 TKO 1 Sub, 10 TKO

Shamil takes the height and reach advantage. Fighters have similar finishing ratios among wins, with Michal giving up 2 of his 4 losses inside the UFC.

Prop Bets Available for Gamzatov vs Oleksiejczuk

Over 1 ½ Rounds:
Under 1 ½ Rounds:

Due to Shamil’s one UFC showing ending in a decision, oddsmakers see a long bout. However, Michal has four of his five UFC bouts ending via finish.

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Gamzatov vs Oleksiejczuk

Shamil Gamzatov:
Michal Oleksiejczuk:

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Pick for Gamzatov vs Oleksiejczuk

Olksiejczuk has only lost to two high level UFC Light Heavyweights. Jimmy Crute and OSP defeated Michal by submission.

Michal has knocked out the fighters who wanted to play the stand up game with him.

Gamzatov is a smart fighter who will bring a blend of submission wrestling and striking.

He trains primarily with high level athletes, and the Tataev gym he works at doesn’t produce other high level fighters.

Gamzatov vs Oleksiejczuk:
Michal Oleksiejzcuk!

Fight 4: Makwan Amirkhani vs Lerone Murphy

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Makwan Amirkhani Lerone Murphy
Odds +250 -300
Age 32 29
Height 5’10” 5’9”
Reach/Stance 72” Southpaw 73” Orthodox
Record 16-6 10-0-1
Submissions/TKO 11 Sub, 1 TKO 0 Sub, 6 TKO

Murphy has a slight youth and reach advantage. Makwan has more total finishes and comes in an inch taller.

Prop Bets Available for Amirkhani vs Murphy

Makwan Amirkhani by Submission:
Lerone Murphy:

Both fighters are finishers in this classic striker versus grappler match up.

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Amirkhani vs Murphy

Lerone Murphy:
Makwan Amirkhani:

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Pick for Amirkhani vs Murphy

This is Murphy’s third UFC bout. He finished grappler Ricardo Ramos in the first round via knockout.

Against striker Shane Burgos Amirkhani was knocked out in the third after taking some 105 strikes. He lost via submission to Edson Barbosa. Barbosa has better submission defense than most, but I think with Murphey’s style, he will either win via knockout or be submitted in the process.

Amirkhani vs Murphy:
Murphy by Knockout

Fight 3: Hu Yaozong vs Andre Petroski

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Hu Yoazong Andre Petroski
Odds +185 -220
Age 26 29
Height 6’3” 6’0”
Reach/Stance 72” Orthodox 73” Switch
Record 3-2 6-1
Submissions/TKO 1 Sub, 2 TKO 2 Sub, 4 TKO
Odds Last Fight +110 NA

Prop Bets Available for Yaozong vs Petroski

Under 1 ½ Rounds:
Under 2 ½ Rounds:

Andre Petroski finishes all of his wins. He finished late in the third in his DWCS appearance in August, 2021.

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Yaozong vs Petroski

Hu Yoazong:
Andre Petroski:

Confidence in Petroski has shot up over the past week.

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Pick for Yaozong vs Petroski

Yoazong has a strong wrestling background, competing in Greco Roman since he was 14. While Petroski hasn’t faced strong submission skills, I feel he’ll be able to survive the Hu wrestling and ground strikes.

Yaozong vs Petroski:
Andre Petroski !

Fight 2: Magomed Mustafaev vs Damir Ismagulov

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Magomed Mustafaev Damir Ismagulov
Odds +235 -275
Age 33 30
Height 5’8” 5’10”
Reach/Stance 71” Orthodox 74” Orthodox
Record 14-4 23-1
Submissions/TKO 4 Sub, 10 TKO 1 Sub, 12 TKO
Odds Last Fight +125 -500

Prop Bets Available for Mustafaev vs Ismagulov

Over 1 ½ Rounds:
Over 2 ½ Rounds -190:

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Mustafaev vs Ismagulov

Damir Ismagulov:
Magomed Mustafaev:

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Pick for Mustafaev vs Ismagulov

Damir is 4-0 in the UFC, taking out four well-rounded fighters via decision. He’s shown smart fighting and a willingness to outstrike and overpower most featherweights. In his bout with Thiago Moses, he used clench wrestling and a mixture of body shots and leg kicks to take the fight.

Magomed has shown an inability to strike at higher levels. He took Brad Riddell down eight times for seven minutes of control but was still out struck 2 to 1.

Mustafaev vs Ismagulov:
Damir Ismagulov!

Fight 1: Tagir Ulanbekov vs Allan Nascimento

Tale of the Tape

Fighter Tagir Ulanbekov Allan Nascimento
Odds -370 +305
Age 30 30
Height 5’7” 5’8”
Reach/Stance 70” Southpaw 69” Orthordox
Record 13-1 17-5
Odds Last Fight -455 +180 (2016)

Prop Bets Available for Ulanbekov vs Nascimento

Over 1 ½ Rounds:
Over 2 ½ Rounds -190:

UFC 267: Betting Line Movement for Ulanbekov vs Nascimento

Allan Nascimento:
Tagir Ulanbekov:

UFC 267: Expert Analysis and Betting Pick for Ulanbekov vs Nascimento

Allan lost in DWCS and is now set up to be defeated by Tagir Ulanbekov in his second UFC bout after a narrow win over Bruno Silva.

Ulanbekov vs Nascimento:
Tagir Ulanbekov!
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