UFC 274 Betting Odds and Fight Predictions

Oliveira Vs Gaethje UFC 274 Rise Background

UFC 274 full fight card betting picks have finally arrived, and we’re just one day out from May 7th, 2022. We’re looking at the UFC 274 preliminary card and main card to give UFC 274 odds and picks on all fifteen bouts. Any of the Place Bet buttons will take you to Bovada, one of our top fUFC betting sites

Top UFC 274 Betting Odds and Picks

We offer betting predictions for each fight and betting odds for UFC 274’s full card. These are our top picks across several categories: 

  • Main Event Betting Pick: Charles Oliveira Money line at -168
  • Co Main Event Pick: Carla Esparza Money Line at +172
  • Top Value Bet: Norma Dumont -230
  • Upset of the Night: Cameron VanCamp at +325.


UFC 274 Betting Odds for Oliveira vs Gaethje

We’ve covered this fight in greater detail in our Oliveira vs Gaethje Betting Pick, but we’ll go over the basics of our prediction here. 
UPDATE: Oliveira misses weight. They will still fight but the title is vacated. Gaethje can win an interim title if he wins the bout. Oliveira is coming in huge for this one, cutting from nearly 180 pounds by some reports. Maybe he plans on grappling?

Tale of the Tape for Oliveira vs Gaethje

Fighter Charles ‘Da Bronx’ Oliveira Justin ‘The Highlight’ Gaethje
Age 32 33
Height 5’10’’ 5’11’’
Reach/Stance 74’’ Orthodox  70’’ Orthodox 
Record 32-8, 1 NC 23-3
Submissions/TKO in UFC 15/3 0/5
Fighter Training Camp Chute Boxe Diego Lima Elevation Fight Team, Trevor Wittman

Oliveira is the taller fighter despite his UFC stats saying he’s 5’10’’. He’s going to have serious reach that will offer him victory inside any multi strike exchanges that Gaethje initiates. Expect Oliveira to get dropped, because he often butt flops when he’s hit as a method of countering with submissions or avoiding follow up damage. 

Gaethje and Whittman

Gaethje’s trainer Trevor Whittman is a long time boxing coach. He’s offered Gaethje a clear focus on combination striking that has led to many of his greatest wins. However, Gaethje’s defensive striking for MMA hasn’t improved much since his UFC debut, and I think it’s because of the boxing-like head movement that Whittman prefers in his athletes. It doesn’t translate well to MMA. 

Top Betting Odds for Oliveira vs Gaethje

Bet with Bovada Odds/Over  Odds/Under
Oliviera Money Line -168
Gaethje Money Line +135
Oliviera by Sub/Decision -150
1.5 Rounds -185 +140
Fight Goes to Decision +310 -500

One of the strongest bets of the fight is the Goes to Decision, No prop bet at -500, a $20 return per $100 wagered. Gaethje’s last fight was his first UFC decision win or lose. As Gaethje climbs the ranks, more fighters will approach his forward moving style with attempts at a decision win, which Ferguson almost clenched before the fifth round knockout by Gaethje. 

MMA Analysis and Betting Pick

Oliveira is the superior grappler despite his BJJ Blue belt. His submission over Poirier should give fans faith that subbing Gaethje should be possible without superior wrestling. Gaethje’s style depends on getting hit and countering big. That’s not a strategy that will last long at the championship level. 

Expect Oliveira to come back in the third and fourth rounds, but give up the first two. There could be a late fight finish, but my money is on an Oliveira decision. The money line pays $58.82 per $100 wagered.

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Esparza vs Namajunas

The Co-Main event is a title fight and Rose’s second ever first attempt at a title defense. Carla has been the underdog in her last three wins, upsetting Kelly, Xianon and Rodriguez from +117 to +240. Rose has gone 6-2 over her last eight, upsetting Weilli in the rematch (closing odds) and losing as the underdog to Andrade in their first bout. She’s a stronger favorite in this fight than in 80% of her UFC appearances since breaking the top ten. 

Tale of the Tape for Namajunas vs Esparza

Fighter Rose ‘Thug’ Namajunas Carla ‘Cookie Monster’ Esparza 
Age 30 34
Height 5’5’’ 5’1’’
Reach/Stance 65’’ Orthodox  63’’ Orthodox 
Record 12-4 19-6
Submissions/TKO in UFC 3/2 1/1
Fighter Training Camp Whittman, Barry, Grudge, 303 Training Center Team Oyama

Esparza has fewer finishes but more UFC bouts overall. She finished Rose with a submission for the first ever UFC flyweight title in 2014 and remains one of Rose’s only unavenged losses. Esparza struggles in the reach and height department. 

Whitman vs Oyama

These fighters have two high quality training programs at their disposal. Rose trains with Whittman, who’s elevated her boxing dramatically, and 303 where she focuses on her offensive grappling. Rose’s takedown defense is still in question at 50%. 

She gave up five takedowns to Weili in fight two, and several to Andrade over two fights.

Team Oyama focuses on high level submission grappling, producing finishers like Marlon Vera and Anderson dos Santos. Expect Esparza to have a grappling advantage and Rose to have a boxing advantage

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Namajunas vs Esparza

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
Rose Money Line -220
Esparza Money Line +172
Over 2 ½ Rounds -275
Under 2 ½ Rounds  +200
Rose by TKO or Decision -125
Esparza by TKO or Submission +475

Rose is the favorite, despite losing to Esparza in their first showing. She’s defeated more top five women in the last eight years. Esparza’s loss to Markos in 2016 disrupted her title run, as did falling into the path of the still undefeated Tatiana Suarez. The UFC 274 betting odds support a decision for Rose after a five round contest. 

UFC Prop Betting Predictions

I see the Esparza finish prop as especially interesting. She’s coming off a TKO win and seems to have finally found her striking rhythm. She scores an average of 3.5 takedowns per fifteen minutes, just over one per round. Rose lets takedowns happen, and I think a submission victory is possible. 

Over Under for Rose vs Esparza

Esparza has seen decisions in all but three of her UFC appearances. Her first and her most recent are her only two finish wins of her UFC career. Rose has seen a decision in half of her last ten fights, five total for her UFC run. Only Rose has a late round finish, a Round 5 submission over Paige VanZant in 2015. The stats say yes to the Over prop, but I’m not particularly convinced. 

UFC 274 Prediction for Namajunas vs Esparza

Rose has power and range on Esparza. We’ll need to see Esparza look diligent early, looking for the takedown aggressively out of the gate. I think she’ll be able to win takedowns at will, but getting inside kicking range needs to be intentional and early. 

Esparza’s grappling is second to none in the strawweight division. She’s going to pressure Rose for the takedown and I think she can get it. Rose has fallen to Andrade slams and Esparza’s submission game. The other fighters she’s faced to get to the top were not the best grapplers in the game. I expect Esparza to win takedowns the way Weili did, but to do more with them. 

For that reason, we’re predicting the upset win. 

Our pick is Carla Esparza at +172, a $172 return per $100 wagered. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Ferguson vs Chandler

El Cucuy is back after a year off to face Chandler. Ferguson lost his last three with betting odds ranging from -230 to +130. He’s struggled to get back to his massive fourteen fight winning streak. Chandler lost his last two at +120 and +180, winning from +145 to -1000 over the course of his career in Bellator and the UFC. 

Tale of the Tape for Ferguson vs Chandler 

Fighter Tony ‘El Cucuy’ Ferguson ‘Iron’ Michael Chandler
Age 38 36
Height 5’11’’ 5’8’’
Reach/Stance 76’’ Orthdox  71’’ Orthodox 
Record 26-6 22-7
Submissions/TKO in UFC 6/4 1/2
Fighter Training Camp Various, Eddie Bravo, Billy Fonua Sanford MMA, Nashville MMA

Ferguson has a fantastic UFC finishing ratio. Though Chandler doesn’t wrestle in the majority of his fights, a hard shot can make him shoot, opening him up to be Ferguson’s seventh submission victim. The UFC 274 odds show that a fight finish is in order, regardless of who wins, with a -200 no decision prop. 

UFC Stats for Ferguson vs Chandler

As wilh Oliviera, Chandler has a big reach disadvantage. He’ll need to move forward quickly, mimicking the Hooker fight, to land his average 5 strikes per minute. Tony gets caught often, 3.7 times per minute on average, but makes up for it with spinning counter elbows and unorthodox attacks. He struggled to land strikes of any kind in his last two fights, but Chandler is closer to Gaethje or RDA in style, fighters who saw Tony land +110 strikes per bout. 

Sanford MMA vs Tony’s Team

Tony has a weird, piecemeal team for fighting. He has never been big on sparring or orhtodox training methods that inhibit his full expression. Sanford MMA will develop a winning style for Chandler, hopefully mimicking aspects of the Beniel win, avoiding submissions and racking up control time. Doubtful, considering Michael is bent on being exciting over winning fights. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Chandler vs Ferguson

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
Ferguson Money Line +300
Chandler Money Line -400
Fight Goes to Decision, No -200
Ferguson by Submission or TKO +550
Chandler by TKO or Decision -360

It’s surprising to me to see the no decision prop as a weak favorite. It pays double the Chandler money line. Ferguson isn’t out of this fight. He took a much needed year off and still is as dangerous as ever. Losing to fighters inside the top five doesn’t mean you’re no longer capable of a 50% finishing rate inside the UFC. 

MMA Analysis and UFC 274 Prediction for Ferguson vs Chandler

Ferguson is still as dangerous as ever. He’s been finished only once in his last three, but Chandler doesn’t have the self preservation of Dariush or Oliveira. He definitely wants to win big against anyone he faces. He’s never been submitted, but at 38 you have to think he’ll be easier to finish at some point. 

Chandler is an equal danger. I think he still has a chip on his shoulder about being a Bellator fighter. He wants to destroy Ferguson to prove something, not just because of his strategy. For that, I believe the ‘No decision’ prop at -200 is the right bet. It pays $50 per $100 wagered and aligns with 80% of Chandler’s UFC appearances. Two kill or be killed fighters are going into the cage. This is going to be the fight of the night. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Rua vs OSP

Rua hasn’t fought since a second loss to Paul Craig in 2020. He also lost to OSP in 2014, and is looking for revenge. Rua was a +175 in his last loss, and a -200 to +475 over his last six. He upset Tyson Pedro as a +475 in 2018. 
OSP has lost five of his last seven fights. He’s been the underdog for four fights in a row, ranging from +125 to +300, upsetting Menifield at +140 and Oleksiejczuk at +250. 

Tale of the Tape for Rua vs OSP

Fighter Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua Ovince Saint Preux
Age 40 38
Height 6’1’’ 6’3’’
Reach/Stance 76’’ Orthodox  80’’ Southpaw
Record 27-12-1 25-16
Submissions/TKO in UFC/Pride/Strikeforce 2/20 5/9
Fighter Training Camp Universidade Da Luta, Kings MMA Knoxville Martial Arts Academy

Rua is old. He’s been fighting at the top levels of MMA since 2002. OSP was active in Strikeforce in 2010, and is close to Rua in age and accolade. OSP carries most of the natural advantages, and they lead him to the first win over Rua, a first round TKO via a jab in 2014. 

Knoxville MMA vs Kings MMA

OSP has the inferior school on this one. Rua’s move to Kings to reignite his career is a genius move. It’s tough to get out of your comfort zone, and despite his performances I think Rua could be in this fight. His coaches must think he can win over OSP given his current training protocol. Knoxville MMA is home to a few quality fighters but no one as notable as OSP. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for OSP vs Rua 

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
OSP Money Line -275
Rua Money Line +220
Over 1 ½ Rounds -150
Rua by TKO +380
OSP by TKO  +175
Fight Goes to Decision, No  -230

Unless OSP’s power has faded entirely, we could see another knockout. Flash knockout rematches tend to go to decision, with both fighters playing more tentative or confident games (see Rose vs Weili 2.) Rua has only two TKO wins in seven years. 

UFC Prop Betting Predictions

I see the Over looking like  a good bet. Rua’s last three fights have been decisions, win or lose. OSP has been knocked out twice, but he’s gone to decision with a number of finishes in the late second round. Even if he can put Rua away again, he’ll do so eight years older and less athletic. 

UFC 274 Betting Pick for OSP vs Rua

Given the UFC 274 betting odds are deeply in favor of OSP, I’ll agree that he’s more likely to win the fight. However, OSP hasn’t won a fight via decision since 2016, fifteen fights ago. Rua is still dangerous and his time at KIngs could offer a fresh outlook on fighting that turns him back into Pride fighting, kicking everyone in the head, Rua. 
Our betting pick is the fight goes to decision, no at -230. The UFC is getting better at packing exciting fights, and the UFC 274 main card is one focused on fight finishers and collisions that will bring an early night. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Lauzon vs Cerrone 

For the opening fight of the main card we see two UFC legends. The return of Lauzon, who hasn’t fought since 2019. Lauzon went out on an upset win over Jonathan Pearce by KO at +170. He lost to Gruetzemacher as a -145 favorite before that. 
Cerrone has been on a five fight losing streak to the lightweight best. He’s convinced he’ll get back on track, with odds ranging from +110 to +155 in losses. This is his first time as favorite since fighting Jim Miller in 2016. 

Tale of the Tape for Lauzon vs Cerrone

Fighter Joe Lauzon Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone
Age 38 39
Height 5’10’’ 6’1’’
Reach/Stance 71’’ Orthodox  73’’ Orthodox
Record 28-16 36-16, 2 NC
Fighter Training Camp Lauzon MMA  BMF Ranch, Joe Schilling 

The fighters are closely matched on paper. Lauzon went 5-5 over his last ten fights, Donald has gone 4-6 not counting a no contest loss because Price can’t stop taking PED’s. 

BMF Rance vs Lauzon MMA

Donald works directly with Muay Thai legend Joe Schilling, one of the best strikers to ever live. The BMF Ranch is at his home, and is centered around giving him an optimal fight camp. Lauzon owns his own BJJ and MMA school, where he coaches as a job. This is not the best environment for combat sports, but Lauzon brings in sparring partners and has done his due diligence to make the camp work for him. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Cerrone vs Lauzon

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
Cerrone Money Line -175
Lauzon Money Line +145
Over 2 ½ Rounds +135
Under 2 ½ Rounds  -175

The oddsmakers agree, someone is getting finished. Donald is likely to put Joe down or get put down. There is little room for a decision in this fight, though I wonder if that’s where Lauzon’s mind is going. Both men have a high rate of finishing and finished 80% of their last five wins.

UFC 274 MMA Analysis for Cerrone vs Lauzon

Donald’s strikes absorbed has risen to 4.4 per minute on average, up from 3.4 six fights ago. Going head to head with some of the sports best has made people forget that he’s a quality striker that the majority of strikers can’t handle. 
Lauzon is a submission fighter at heart with knockout power. He was finished quickly by fighters like Clay Guida and Anthony Pettis. I don’t think Lauzon made it to the same levels of competition as Cerrone toward the end of his career, and unless Cerrone looks for the takedown, Lauzon’s BJJ game will be widely negated. 
Expect a Cerrone win at -175, a $57 per $100 wagered payout. Onto the UFC 274 preliminary Card!

UFC 274 Betting Odds for VanCamp vs Fialho

Vancamp is a UFC newcomer and a dangerous wrestler out of Indiana. Fialho is 1-1 in UFC after losing to Pereira but knocking out Baeza. This will be a striker vs grappler classic matchup. 

Tale of the Tape for VanCamp vs Fialho 

Fighter Cameron ‘Jumpman’ VanCamp Andre Fialho
Age 28 27
Height 6’2’’ 6’0’’
Reach/Stance 74’’ Switch 74’’ Orthodox
Record 15-5, 1 NC 15-4, 1 NC

Cameron has fought stiff competition outside of the UFC, losing to Bobby Voelker and Tom Shoaff early in his career. He’s won his last four with three finishes. Fialho is a Sanford MMA fighter that has struggled with grapplers in the past, losing three times specifically because of the takedown and grappling exchanges. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds 

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
Fialho Money Line -450
VanCamp Money Line +325
Over 2 ½ Rounds +150
Under 2 ½ Rounds  -200

VanCamp is a huge underdog. Fialho survived against Pereira and that gives him plenty of credit. However, few fighters have a combined pedigree of wrestling and BJJ like VanCamp’s. He’s out of IBG, the school that brought us the UFC’s Andrew Holbrook and Garett Whiteley. Expect the grinding clinch work that frustrated Fialho in his first appearance. 

UFC 274 Prelims MMA Analysis for VanCamp vs Fialho

The betting odds for UFC 274 are ripe for an upset. VanCamp is a high level grappler, and Fialho has faltered multiple times in the past against this type of fighter. VanCamp’s unknown status serves him well in this one. 
Our upset of the night is VanCamp at +325.

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Brown vs Williams

Brown is 4-1 over his last five, as is WIlliams. Both men have finishing power, though Brown likes to seek out the submission win where he can find it. He’s had unfortunate early run ins with Belal Muhammad and Vicente Luque. 

Tale of the Tape for Brown vs Williams 

Fighter Randy ‘Rudeboy’ Brown  Khoas ‘The OxFighter’ Williams 
Age 31 28
Height 6’3’’ 6’0’’
Reach/Stance 78’’ Orthdox  77’’ Orthodox 
Record 14-4 13-2

Rude Boy gets the reach and height advantage. He’s finished more UFC fighters overall, and has only ever lost fights inside the UFC. Williams is an expert at getting into striking range, and Randy rarely succeeds in takedown attempts. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Brown vs Williams 

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
Brown Money Line -105
Williams Money Line -120
Over 2 ½ Rounds EVEN
Under 2 ½ Rounds  -130

The under is a favorite in this fight between finishers. Williams has a slight money line favorite position, likely because he has the momentum of winning two straight. 

UFC 274 Prelims MMA Analysis for Brown vs Williams 

Khoas has seen two decisions, with three fights ending before the 2.5 rounds mark. Brown is coming off a decision win, but is either finished or finishes in 66% of UFC appearances. These stats make the Under 2.5 Rounds prop bet our betting pick. The UFC 274 odds show the under paying out at $76 per $100 wagerd. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Chiasson vs Dumont 

Macy is 5-2 in the UFC overall, coming off a loss to Pennington. She faces Dumont, coming off an upset win over Aspen Ladd. Dumont has been knocked out before, but has never been taken down in the UFC, which could put a damper on Chiasson’s gameplan.  

Tale of the Tape for Chiasson vs Dumont 

Fighter Macy Chiasson Norma ‘The Immortal’ Dumont
Age 30 30
Height 5’11’’ 5’7’’
Reach/Stance 72’’ Orthodox  67’’ Orthodox 
Record 8-2 7-1

Dumont is the smaller fighter by a longshot. She’s going to need to push Chiasson into the clinch range early to avoid the big strikes. Macy has knocked out two fighters in the UFC already, a  28% KO ratio. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Chiasson vs Dumont

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
Chiasson Money Line +180
Dumont Money Line -230
Over 2 ½ Rounds -260
Under 2 ½ Rounds  +190

Dumont is the favorite. The judges saw Chiasson’s inability to move Pennington, and now Dumont will do her best to clinch up and control the lankier striker. The over is a good bet on Dumont, but scary to take given her one loss is a first round knockout.  

UFC 274 Prelims MMA Analysis for Chiasson vs Dumont

Chiasson has three finishes in the second round. She’s a fighter that tends to warm up as time goes on. However, both of her UFC losses to date were to fighters that could out wrestle her. Dumont will look similar to Lansberg and Pennington, stopping Chiasson’s takedowns and forcing her into control positions. 
Bet Dumont at -230, the Value bet of the evening. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Royval vs Schnell 

Royval is 3-2 in a tough division. He’s beaten Tim Elliot and Kara-France, making him dangerous enough to submit the UFC’s best. Schnell is another submission expert with wins over Smolka and Beltran. Expect a BJJ battle with Royval in top position. 

Tale of the Tape for Royval vs Schnell 

Fighter Brandon ‘Raw Dawg’ Royval Matt ‘Danger’ Schnell 
Age 29 32
Height 5’9’’ 5’8’’
Reach/Stance 68’’ Southpaw   70’’ Orhtodox 
Record 13-6 15-5, 1 NC

All factors are nearly the same for this grappling battle. Royval carries a 100% takedown accuracy that he uses at just the right time. He prefers to box fighters into forcing takedown attempts. Schnell has a 33% takedown accuracy that will offer Royval plenty of chances at the guillotine. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Royval vs Schnell 

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
Royval Money Line -250
Schnell Money Line +195

We see an obvious winner in Brandon Royval. He is a bad style match up for Schnell, who struggles with the jab and has unpolished wrestling. Expect a Royval submission or decision win that’s focused on striking at a distance to draw out Schnell’s takedown attempts. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Roberts vs Trinaldo 

This welterweight battle pits two fighters fresh off upsets. Roberts beat Emeev in his last bout with a narrow win. Trinaldo won a decision over  Dwight Grant by just five strikes in a split decision. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Roberts vs Trinaldo 

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
Trinaldo Money Line -115
Roberts Money Line -105

Trinaldo is the more proven fighter. He’s put away strikers like Bobby Green and John Makdessi. Meanwhile, Roberts doesn’t have much of a grappling game, which is what’s usually needed to deal with Trinaldo. Bet the Trinaldo money line at -115. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Gatto vs Cortez

Cortez is undefeated in the UFC with four decision wins. She’s facing the undefeated Gatto who has two TKO UFC wins. Cortez is the grappler in this striker versus grappler match up. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Gatto vs Cortez

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
Gatto Money Line +120
Cortez Money Line -145

Cortez is the better grappler and will likely look to control Gatto early. However, Gatto has strong striking mechanics and fantastic get ups. While she wil give up takedowns to Cortez, she will certainly do more damage in a three round decision. Our betting pick is the underdog, Melissa Gatto at +120.

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Rogerio de Lima vs Ivanov

Ivanov is 2-3 in the UFC, losing to Lewis and Dos Santos. He’s got a chin, and Lima is a knockout striker with questionable conditioning. He has a terrible submission defense that Ivanov will look to exploit. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds 

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
Lima Money Line +125
Ivanov Money Line -150

The UFC 274 Odds are convinced that if Ivanov can get the takedown, he will win the bout. It’s not a bad plan, but Lima hits hard in a way that can be frustrating to fighters. Still, with Lima’s weaknesses so open to the world, it’s hard not to think Ivanov will simply get the takedown and choke him with ease. Lima has lost 5 of his 11 UFC appearances by submission, chokes specifically. 
Our pick is the Ivanov money line at -150. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Vergara vs Rodrigues 

Both fighters are relatively new to the UFC. They have high striking outputs, and neither fighter looks for the takedown. Expect a slug fest with no reprieve. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Vergara vs Rodrigues

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
Vergara Money Line +265
Rodrigues Money Line -350

Vergara tends to take more damage overall. He has knockout power, but his loss to Ode Osbourne has many questioning his striking defense. Rodrigues has only one loss outside of the UFC, and it was seven years ago when he was 18 and hadn’t even joined a gym yet. 
Bet Rodrigues at -350 for $30 per $100 wagered. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Godinez vs Carnelossi 

Both Fighters are 2-1 over their last three fights. They have submission wins to their name and high level grappling, but only Carnelossi has been knocked out at the UFC level. Godinez has lost via decision twice. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Godinez vs Carnelossi

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
Godinez Money Line -185
Carnelossi Money Line +149
Over 1.5 Rounds -450

This is a tough fight to call, so we’re looking at a safe bet. The over 1.5 rounds aligns with all of Carnelossi’s appearances and 75% of Godinez’s. Bet the Over at -450, a possible edition to a parlay ticket. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds for Newson vs Garcia 

The opening of the UFC 274 preliminary card is a bantamweight banger. Garcia knocked out his first opponent at DWCS in the first round. He faces Newson, who is 0-2 with 1 NC in his last three. He was brutally knocked out by Randy Costa in forty one seconds last September. 

UFC 274 Betting Odds 

Bet Available at Bovada Odds  
Newson Money Line +120
Garcia Money Line -145
Under 2 ½ Rounds  +125

I see a finish in this matchup. Both men have power, and both are here to impress the UFC. Newson is facing a lost contract, and with that he’ll look to impress the crowd above all else. Expect an early stoppage for either man and bet the Under 2 ½ Rounds prop at +125. 

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