Parlay of the Week for UFC 250

UFC 250 Fighters And Amanda Nunes Vs Felicia Spencer

Hey guys, last week was a tough one for us overall.

We picked nearly every fight on the card and for some fights, we also did a round total wager.

It was our worst week in quite a while but these two parlays saved us from taking a major hit.

We were 4-7 with only one plus money play to hit but we got both of our parlays which brought us much closer to breaking even for the night.

Parlays can be terrible ideas or a lot of fun also.

The masked weigh-ins are done and the epic fights are approaching as we cover UFC 250: Nunes vs Spencer!

If you are doing 6,8, or 10-leg parlays then don’t expect to win every week or every month.

That’s a lottery ticket. A whole lot more cool stuff goes into an 8-team parlay than one lottery ticket you buy at the gas station, statistically, they are the same thing.

If you treat it as such, bet small, shrug off your losses, and celebrate hard when you win, I think that’s a fairly healthy relationship with sports betting parlays.

The argument can be made, though, that a 2-leg parlay might be the best bet in MMA.

Call me crazy. Maybe I will write a blog about it one day but I love it.

Unless you’re anchoring with a heavy favorite, 3 is kinda pushing it.

Last week, we did a 2-leg and then just built on it for the 3-leg when we added Casey Kenney to our first play of Mackenzie Dern and Daniel Rodriguez.

The 2-leg paid 64.00 on a 100.00 dollar bet and the second one paid (+120). has the betting odds for us.

Let’s see if we can put together another strong one for Saturday night’s fights in Las Vegas.

UFC 250 Parlay #1

Sean O’Malley
Charles Byrd

This is a solid one here.

I am actually more confident in Sean O’Malley than I am with Amanda Nunes.

She is all the way up above (-600) right now.

O’Malley is a ninja in more ways than one.

Eddie Wineland is a tough gritty, experienced fighter who doesn’t mind taking two to give one back.

That is going to be a problem, though, against Sugar Sean O’Malley.

  • He has 4 inches of height and 3 inches in reach over Eddie.
  • He’s also 10 years younger.

Fighter’s born a decade later than their opponents win 66% of the time.

Sean is also more skilled and has many more tools at his disposal than right-hand Wine-Land.

Eddie throws from the hip too. I just see Sugar catching him with a knee up the middle or a head kick.

He might need to do both, though. Wineland has a head like a frozen coconut.

I feel like Charles Byrd should be (-280) to be honest with you.

He is a better fighter anywhere it goes than his opponent, Maki Pitolo.

Byrd is coming off of a bad car accident where he sustained some bad whiplash. I don’t know how much that affects his brain health but he has a clear path to victory in this fight.

Take Maki down, beat him up, and likely submit him.

Bet 100.00 to Make 86.67
Byrd and O’Malley

UFC 250 Parlay #2

Charles Byrd
Sean O’Malley
Amanda Nunes

Call me crazy but I think Felicia Spencer can upset Amanda Nunes.

Why are we putting her as the third leg on a parlay then?!

I said she can beat Amanda Nunes.

I don’t think she will.

Maybe if she got her a year from now after Amanda’s wife has their baby.

Some sleepless nights. Maybe a couple stomach flu’s as well.

Nunes would be one year older and Felicia can get one more year of striking under her belt…maybe add some funk to her takedown game.

I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if Felicia finds a way to win but it is highly unlikely.

Bet 100.00 to Win 117.00
Byrd, O’Malley, and Nunes

In Conclusion

The parlays saved us last week and I think they will be a nice cherry on top of this week’s action.

UFC betting has become very popular over the past month.

As the populace learns the basic formula to win long term in the sport, we also can’t ignore the parlay.

It is a useful tool if one does not get cute.

Getting cute is adding Amanda Nunes on the end there.

  • The payout increases by 35% and everyone and their third cousin is picking Nunes.
  • If she loses, at least I will have yammered on about how there is a possibility.

Called it, didn’t call it.

Get your dough in on these parlays now, guys.

Evidently, Byrd is not the word yet as his betting odds have hung tight but O’Malley and Nunes’s lines have already skyrocketed.

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