UFC Fight Night Las Vegas Parlay Party – April 10

UFC Parlay Party April 10

What is Las Vegas for if not for a good party?

Well, sports betting is pretty rad so let’s put the two together and we are going to have a good time.

I found some favorites on this UFC Fight Night Las Vegas card that I really like. Some are too expensive to play on their own so it makes sense to add them to a parlay or two.

I will try not to get too crazy with the parlays, guys, but just take them for what they are. There is nothing wrong with 5, 6, or 7 leg parlays if you treat them as such. If you expect to win more of these than you lose, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Please Note:
Expectations are crap usually anyways. I tell my students that the “E” word is a bad word along with “Should, Can’t, Always, Hate, and Never.” All bad words. That’s my life lesson for the day.

If we put together a lottery ticket of a parlay with some outrageous 10 or 15 to 1 payout, then that’s what it is. You’re hoping to win 1 out of 5 of these to make money so just treat them as fun.

Have your friends read this article and place their own lottery ticket parlay. I just don’t want you guys dependent on parlays to make your bankroll and certainly not reliant on 5 or more fighters all winning.

BetOnline.AG has the best betting odds for this weekend’s fights as they always do. This is such an incredible sports betting site and especially true for MMA and the UFC.

Let’s party!

Parlay 1

Liz Carmouche + Joe Solecki: +128

This here is NOT a lottery ticket. I won’t rave too long in order not to jinx this one but I feel really good about both fighters here. Liz Carmouche has been one of the most consistent fighters, man or woman, in mixed martial arts over the past decade.

She beats who she is supposed to and loses to the women she should.

In the Strikeforce days, she lost to Marloes Coenen and Sarah Kaufman. Then, in her UFC debut and the first ever UFC women’s fight, she lost to Ronda Rousey.

Alexis Davis has had the takedown defense, striking prowess, and size to be her kryptonite but other than her, only Miesha Tate and the current UFC champ Valentina Shevchenko have been able to defeat Liz Carmouche.

Liz actually beat Valentina back in the day as well. She also has wins over Lauren Murphy, Jessica Andrade, Katlyn Chookagian, and Jennifer Maia. Those are all current top ten fighters in the UFC.

Vanessa Porto does have solid takedown defense but Liz will be the taller and thicker woman in there and I think the Girl-Rilla has the skill set and especially the fight IQ to get the win here. I am surprised the betting odds are as close as they are but I’ll take it. She is just (-173) so if you want to wager a couple of units on a straight bet as well, go ahead.

I do love Joe Solecki here as well.

We have already picked him to get the win straight up but (-225) is an investment. (+128) sounds much better and yes. Liz is 37 but so is Porto. If these two women fought 5 or even 10 years ago, my prediction would be the same.

Liz is a professional and those are the types of fighters you want to invite to your parlay parties.

Joe Solecki doesn’t have near the experience as Liz Carmouche or even his opponent on Saturday, Jim Miller, but he is a sensational grappler who has had to work very hard for everything he has in his skill set.

Sometimes, going with the natural fighter is more fun and even easier but there is something about the ones who had to work twice as hard. Whether you want to believe it or not, fighting is more mental than it is physical and the ones who work twice as hard develop a higher level of grit and determination.

It’s that or possibility they already had it in them. Either way, I like to back these guys as well. Joe Solecki has a dominating style of pressure grappling and submission hunting. His only concern with Jim Miller is getting out of the first round.

Joe has matured and also has a great team behind him training out of the hometown of the GOAT’s GOAT, Wilmington, North Carolina.

Who, you ask?

You’re obviously not a bowler or a fan of the “Game of basketball”.

Jim Miller is first round or bust at his age and advancement of his Lyme Disease infection and autoimmune issues. Joe Solecki has excellent BJJ and I think he will dip his toe in the water early on and then pick up the pace as the fight goes on.

That is his best strategy to defeat Jim Miller.

The Bets
Pick: Solecki + Carmouche

Joe Solecki + Liz Carmouche + Ignacio Bahamondes: +252


Ignacio Bahamondes.

Haven’t heard of him?

I had not either until I did tape on him for this fight. This kid has some incredible size for the UFC’s Lightweight Division standing 6’3” tall.

He hasn’t shown the best ability to maintain his range over his opponents and he is slight in his build as you can imagine but has fought at 170 pounds with success.

If John Makdessi were a takedown threat then I would not bet on the 23 year old Chilean here but John has been primarily a striker for the entirety of his professional mixed martial arts career.

This one is going to be a striking battle and the UFC is going to use the aging Makdessi here as fodder. Ignacio is training in the Chicago area as well as in Miami now getting looks from all angles.

He even got some time in with one of my favorite fighters, The Venezuelan Vixen Juliana Pena, seen here on his IG page.

The kid has a strong build. He is thicker and more muscled than Luis Pena who is also 6’3” and fighting in the UFC’s Lightweight Division. I love his forward pressure and the flow in his striking.

Chile has an excellent Muay Thai scene, the best in South America outside of Brazil, of course. Igancio will more than likely handle business on Saturday afternoon. His betting odds of only (-185) are worth at least a couple of units.

I feel like this fight card, like UFC 260 a couple of weeks ago, is dripping with value!

The Bets
Pick: Bahamondes + Carmouche + Solecki

Traci Cortez + Ignacio Bahamondes + Joe Solecki + Liz Carmouche: +415

Traci Cortez is one of the most promising young stars in the UFC. She has a great look, personality, social media following, and her wrestling is some of the best in the UFC Women’s Bantamweight division.

Her opponent next week, Justine Kish, is an underrated fighter with solid Muay Thai and some quality wins in her UFC career. Justine has defeated Nina Ansaroff Nunes, Ashley Yoder, and Randa Markos.

The latter two women are both grapplers but don’t possess the level of athletic ability, strength, or offensive wrestling that we have seen from Traci Cortez. Some may think this is a trap fight for the up and coming star from Arizona but I believe she will shine.

Traci looked exceptional in her last fight against a much larger natural framed opponent in Stephanie Egger. Egger is also an incredible and decorated Judoka but Traci got her down and controlled her from there without much issue.

I feel good about this addition to our parlay party. We will just have to wait until next weekend before we turn the music up!

The Bets
Pick: Cortez + Bahamondes + Solecki + Carmouche

In Conclusion

I promised I wouldn’t get too crazy and I really don’t think we did. We have a very reliable and consistent anchor in Liz Carmouche along with a stud grappler and fighter in Joe Solecki who is fighting someone who has one route to victory and seemingly only one round to get it done.

Add in the Chilean Muay Thai standout Ignacio Bahamondes who has been training with some of the best in the States for a while now and the payout gets much juicier.

If he were fighting a wrestler, then maybe fade the kid. Makdessi will always be dangerous so the much taller fighter, Bahamondes will have to keep his shoulders up and chin down. I have to go with the much younger fighter, the larger fighter, and the hungrier fighter as well .

Get your bets in now, team and let’s enjoy the parlay parties!

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