UFC on ESPN 35: Font vs Vera Odds and Predictions

Font Vs Vera Preview

The UFC on ESPN 35 Odds are live. Place your bets before 4:15 PM ET on April 30th, 2022 to get in on all twelve fights available for betting. We’re covering the whole card, offering bet now buttons that lead to our best sites for UFC betting online. The head line is Font vs Vera, which we’ve covered in greater detail, including all prop bets, in our featured MMA betting pick

UFC on ESPN 35 Odds for Font vs Vera

Top 4 Betting Pick Betting Odds on Bovada 
Rob Font Money Line -136
Marlon Vera Money Line +112
Rob Font by Decision +165
Over 2.5 Rounds  -310

Font has been the favorite in three of his last five, going 2-1 as the favorite. He lost to Jose Aldo last December, but upset Moraes at +150 via TKO. Vera’s last time as the underdog was his loss to Aldo at +130, but upset Sean O’Malley at +240 just one fight earlier. He’s gone undefeated over his last two fights as the favorite. 
The Over prop looks good because Font has a high rate of decisions and many of Vera’s knock-outs have been in the third round, with three third round finishes to date. This is Vera’s first five round fight, and it will be interesting to see if his high paced style has the longevity for a title fight.

UFC on ESPN 35 Predictions for Font vs Vera

Font should win a narrow decision. Vera switched camps to Parillo boxing to focus on defending Font’s jab, but I would have rather seen Vera focus on his wrestling. Font’s weakness is kick defense and ground game, but instead Vera is trying to meet him at his strengths. 

Tale of the Tape for Font vs Vera

Fighter Rob Font Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera 
Age 34 29
Height 5’8’’ 5’8’’
Reach/Stance 71’’ Orthodox  70’’ Switch
Record 19-5 18-7-1
Submissions/TKO in UFC 1/5 4/6
Fighter Training Camp Team Sityodtong Boston, Various camps Team Oyama, RVCA, Parillo Boxing

The only finish loss between them is Font’s guillotine loss. He’s a BJJ brown belt, but his submission defense has been repeatedly put into question. I don’t think we’ll see a grappling game plan from Font or Vera. 
Vera, who is a BJJ black belt, primarily uses submission defensively. Font’s double leg against the fence is a perfect set up for Vera’s submissions, but beating Font at boxing and frustrating him in his element will have to come first. 

UFC Betting Pick 

Vera gets hit more often, has never gone five rounds, and has underdeveloped wrestling. Expect Font to drag the fight into deep water and out strike Vera for a decision win. Our betting pick is the Font money line at -136, a $75 payout per $100 wager on the favorite in UFC Fight Night’s main event. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Odds for Arlovski vs Collier 

Top 4 Betting Pick Betting Odds on Bovada 
Arlovski Money Line -138
Collier Inside the Distance  +315
Over 1.5 Rounds -400
Fight Completes 1 Full Round -600

Arlovski is on the comeback trail, going 6-2 over his last eight. He ranged from +260 in his loss to Aspinall, to -145 in his win over Vanderaa. Arlovski upset both Carlos Felipe at +117 and Tanner Boser at +320. Collier has fought many of the same fighters, losing to Aspinall at +325 and beating Chase Sherman at -132. He lost to Carlos Felipe at +144 and gone 1-1, back and forth for his last ten fights. He’s on track to lose his next bout, according to his previous pattern of wins and losses. It’s a scary night to be a Jake Collier fan. 

‘The Pitbull’ Arlovski has done something I’ve never seen another fighter do- become more durable with age.
We selected Collier inside the distance because it seems that his best hope is a lucky finish, not outperforming Arlovski. The Fight will likely go over 1.5 Rounds, As Arlovski was finished by Aspinall in the second, but has won his last six by decision. Collier beat Chase Sherman in the first round, and we’ll expect a grappling match in round 1 as Collier attempts to recreate that success. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Predictions for Arlovski vs Collier

Arlovski’s string of narrow decisions will likely continue. Our main question is, is the Over 1.5 a safer, better bet? 
Collier has his share of flash finishes, and his recent focus on wrestling makes us worry that we’ll see a repeat of the Aspinall fight, where Arlovski was run down by a better athlete. Arlovski has a better striking defense, but a slower pace overall when compared to Collier. Collier has been finished, or finished his opponent, in 50% of his UFC outings. 

Tale of the Tape for Arlovski vs Collier 

Fighter Andrei ‘The Pitbull’ Arlovski Jake ‘The Prototype’ Collier 
Age 43 33
Height 6’3’’ 6’3’’
Reach/Stance 77’’ Orthodox  78’’ Orthodox 
Record 33-20, 2 NC 13-6
Submissions/TKO in UFC 2/11 1/1
Last Weigh In 240 230

Andrei has more finishes overall, but has been in the UFC since 2000. In his last ten, Arlovski has performed just better than Collier, going 6-3, and 1 NC. Arlovski has finished no one inside his last ten fights. The only reason we believe he could finish Collier is because of size. At 230, Collier is one of the smallest heavyweights on the roster. Andrei has weighed as much as 255 during a UFC bout, and the added weight will make it difficult for Collier to get takedowns, and it makes the under sprawl position much more dangerous overall. 

Fight Predictions for Arlovski vs Collier

I see a possible late fight finish for Collier. Arlovski is a time bomb at 43. We just don’t know when he’ll run out of gas. Because of that, it’s tough for me to bet his money line even though I think he’ll win. Our betting pick is the Over 1.5 rounds prop bet. It pays out at $25 per $100 wagered. At -400, this bet is a bigger favoirte than almost any other bet on the ticket, right next to Romanov. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Odds for Fili vs Brito 

Top 4 Betting Pick Betting Odds on Bovada 
Fili Money Line -240
Brito Money Line +190
Under 2.5 Round +140
Will the Fight Go the Distance, Yes  -145

Fili’s last fight was ruled a no contest due to an eye poke. He lost to Bryce Mitchell at +101 Sodiq Yusuff at +210 prior to that. Fili was upset by Michael Johnson as a -117 favorite. He’s Won all his other appearances as the favorite since 2019, ranging from -215 to -220. 
Brito is now 1-1 in the UFC, winning in DWCS as the underdog then losing to Bill Algeo at -145. This looks like a great opportunity for Fili to bounce back into the win column. 
We think the money lines are great betting picks, but the Will the Fight Go the Distance prop is enticing. It pays more than Fili’s money line, and Brito hasn’t had a UFC level finish. Fili has seen one finish inside his last eleven fights. 
While many think the Under is a good bet, and that Brito is being fed to Fili as a highlight reel opponent, it may not be so cut and dry. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Predictions for Fili vs Brito 

Fili has been in with some of the UFC’s best. His striking accuracy is garbage against high level fighters at 36%, but his takedown work is fantastic. When he’s the better grappler, he finds wins with ease. Brito has good wrestling, but against Bill Algeo he seemed frustrated by an opponent that grappled as well as he did, opening him up to shots on the feet. He seemed unable to handle good wrestling defense and good striking defense at the same time. 

Tale of the Tape for Fili vs Brito

Fighter Andre ‘Touchy’ Fili  Joanderson ‘Tubarao’ Brito
Age 31 27
Height 5’11’’ 5’8’’
Reach/Stance 74’’ Orthodox 72’’ Orhtodox
Record 21-8, 1 NC 12-3-1
Submissions/TKO in UFC 0/3 0/0
Fighter Training Camp Team Alpha Male  Chute Boxe Bauru

Fili is the larger fighter, with several UFC finishes. Only one of those finishes is within the last seven years, so it’s difficult to say he has a serious power advantage over Brito. Brito’s record has shown slow improvement. He’s been active as a pro since 2015 and lost two of his first few fights. His recent loss to Algeo ended an eleven fight winning streak. However, none of these fighters were notable outside of LFA’s Jose Mariscal and the once undefeated Estabill Amato. Fili has an advantage in training camp as well, operating out of Alpha Male, a gym that has produced significant numbers of UFC fighters for nearly a decade. 

Fight Pick for Fili vs Brito

This fight should come down to grappling technique and striking power. Brito lost to Algeo mostly because of range. The 6’0’’ Algeo made Brito miss often, and I think the slight reach advantage of Fili will do the same. Expect Fili to come out aggressive for the win. Fili’s going to look for control time to ensure he wins the fight, so any Under bets are ill advised. Our top pick is Andre Fili money line at -240, a $41 payout per $100 wagered. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Odds for Gordon vs Dawson

Top 4 Betting Pick Betting Odds on Bovada 
Grant Dawson Money Line  -185
Jared Gordon +150
Dawson by TKO +525
Under 2.5 Rounds +175

Gordon is the underdog, and has gone 2-0 as the underdog in his last two fights. He beat Solecki as a +115 and Chavez as  a+110. His last underdog loss was to Charles Oliveira in 2019 as a +325. Dawson lost his last bout to Ricky Glenn as a -445 favorite. That was his first ever loss. His 17 fight winning streak included odds ranging from -425 to -150. 
Dawson is a good money line to pick. He’s finished four of his seven UFC appearances, compared to Gordon’s 6-3 UFC record with only one finish. Gordon is prone to knockout losses, garnering three from 2018 to 2019. This makes the Under or Dawson by TKO finish interesting at least. Gordon’s chin is in question, which makes his money line tough to pick against a finisher like Dawson. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Predictions for Gordon vs Dawson

Gordon has an average takedown rate of 2.5 per fight and a striking rate of 5 significant strikes per minute. His high pace should offer a challenge to the slower, more methodical Dawson. Dawson has outwrestled the majority of his opponents but Gordon has a similar takedown rate, racking up six in his last three fights. Expect their wrestling to cancel out, and for the fight to be primarily a kickboxing match with moments of down and up again grappling. 

Tale of the Tape for Gordon vs Dawson

Fighter Jared ‘Flash’ Gordon Grant ‘KGD’ Dawson 
Age 33 28
Height 5’9’’ 5’10’’
Reach/Stance 68’’ Orthodox  72’’ Switch
Record 18-4 17-1-1
Submissions/TKO in UFC 0/1 3/1
Fighter Training Camp Sanford MMA Glory MMA and Fitness

Dawson is younger and bigger. He’s got a more dynamic striking style that causes him to take less damage overall. He’s shown four times the finishes of Gordon in the UFC despite having less UFC fights. Something is in the water over at Glory MMA and Fitness. Last year, I was scolding them for not having produced any major fighters or coaches. They popped onto the map all at once. Now, I consider Glory among the top gyms for dark horses like Grant Dawson. Tim Elliot has paved the way for something special in Missouri. 

Final Predictions for Gordon vs Dawson

Dawson will find a way to finish Gordon. Their wrestling is similar and I expect Grant to take less damage and land often against Flash. Expect either a knockout, or a decision where Dawson shows he’s the better grappler.  Dawson’s UFC on ESPN 35 Betting Odds are -185, a money line that pays at $54 per $100 wager. 


UFC on ESPN 35 Odds for Connelly vs Elkins

Top 4 Betting Pick Betting Odds on Bovada 
Darren Elkins Money Line -175
Tristan Connelly Money Line +145
Under 2.5 Rounds  +160
Elkins inside the Distance (TKO or Sub) +285

Elkins hasn’t fought since losing to Cub Swanson in 2020 as a +155 underdog. He was on a two fight winning streak that came after a four fight losing streak, making him 2-5 over his last seven UFC appearances. Elkins ranged from -290 to +185 over a ten fight stretch, ranging back to his biggest upset win, a +525 underdog win over Mirsad Bektic. 
Connelly is 1-1 in the UFC, winning at +200 and losing at +400. He’s a good fighter, but he’s nowhere near as dangerous as Elkins. 
The Over looks okay. Elkins can win decisions but has finished in his last three wins. Oddsmakers don’t seem to think Elkins will continue this trend, but he’s only ever gone to decision against strikers that forced him to wrestle. Connelly isn’t that guy. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Predictions for Connelly vs Elkins

Expect Elkins seven career finishes to play a big role. He’s a fighter that has rarely had a boring fight, and he’s lost by finish four times. Connelly is new to the UFC, but his career is littered with submission and TKO wins. 

Tale of the Tape for Connelly vs Elkins 

Fighter Tristan ‘Boondock’ Connelly Darren ‘Damage’ Elkins 
Age 36 37
Height 5’10’’ 5’10’’
Reach/Stance 68’’ Orthodox 71’’ Orthodox 
Record 14-7 27-10
Submissions/TKO in UFC 0/0 2/4
Fighter Training Camp Checkmat Vancouver  Team Alpha Male

Elkins is the larger man and one of the bigger featherweights around. Elkins started his career at welterweight, so you can imagine how intense his cut must be. Connelly trains at Checkmat, an MMA school focused on BJJ. While I think Elkins’ has problems with his BJJ, I doubt Connelly has what it takes to make a submission happen. Still, Elkins has had two years off. It’s tough to say how older athletes will return to the cage. 

Betting Pick for Connelly vs Elkins

I’m slightly confident that Elkins will take the win. Connelly hasn’t shown striking at his level, and Elkins time off and change of camps should offer him some help. However, our betting pick is the Under 2.5 Rounds prop bet at +160. This fight should end, given that Elkins is on a three fight finish or be finished streak. Connelly has some undemonstrated finishing ability that I think we could see in this bout. You’ll see a $160 return per $100 wagered. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Odds for Jotko vs Meerschaert

Top 4 Betting Pick Betting Odds on Bovada 
Gerald Meerschaert Money Line +146
Krzysztof Jotko Money Line -182
Jotko By Points +185
Will the Fight go the Distance, No -148

Jotko is a middleweight who’s gone 4-1 over his last five in the UFC. He lost to Strickland at +225. His last four wins have all been as the favorite from -127 to -189. He’s also not seen a finish since 2016, which makes me question if the fight goes the distance, no prop bet showing a -148. It seems more likely that we’ll see a decision. 
Gerald is the underdog, but he’s won three fights by submission since being decimated by Chimaev in 2020. Meershaert hasn’t seen a decision since 2019, his last six fights all ending early win or lose. 

Don’t underestimate Jotko’s striking. He’s put people out before and will do it again.
Both fighters have a grappling base, but Jotko has evolved into a fighter who can win on the feet, proving that over Cirkunov and Anders. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Predictions for Jotko vs Meerschaert 

Jotko has evolved faster than Meerschaert. Based on his last few performances, Meershaert will still be looking for the submission. You can see how Jotko did against Cirkunov. Yes, he was taken down, but mitigated the damage and eked out two rounds to one for an upset win. Meerschaert isn’t on Cirkunov’s level, and Jotko still out-pointed him. Meerschaert’s main hope is a submission finish. He’ll need to sacrifice rounds for submission attempts. 

Tale of the Tape for Jotko vs Meerschaert

Fighter Krzysztof Jotko Gerald ‘GM3’ Meerschaert
Age 32 34
Height 6’1’’ 6’1’’
Reach/Stance 77’’ Southpaw 77’’ Southpaw
Record 23-5 34-14
Submissions/TKO in UFC 0/1 8/1
Fighter Training Camp American Top Team Roufusport

Gerald has nine finishes to Jotko’s one. Other than experience, all factors are close to the same. Meerschart has been on a finishing tear, but each time he makes steps up in competition he fumbles. Jotko has beaten more top fifteen fighters overall. Both men can be knocked out and have lost three times a piece via TKO finish. 

MMA Breakdown and Prediction for Jotko vs Meerschaert

Jotko gets hit slightly less often than Gerald by 1.3 strikes per minute. His 83% takedown defense is a boon against Meerschaert’s usual game plan. I expect lots of clench and cage wrestling, with Jotko doing his best to put damage on the board while Gerald desperately hunts the submission. This isn’t the kind of fight I’d bet big on. Our betting pick is Jotko Money line at -182. I think he could even win via knockout for the second time in his career. His UFC on ESPN 35 Betting Odds payout $54.95 per $100 wager. Not bad for a fighter that’s four of five coming into this match. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Odds for Romanov vs Sherman

This fight was canceled last week and added to this week’s card last minute.

Top 4 Betting Pick Betting Odds on Bovada 
Romanov Money Line -2000
Sherman Money Line +1000
Romanov by TKO +120
Romanov by TKO or Sub -700

Romanov is one of the biggest favorites in UFC history for this bout. Sherman’s money line is a reflection of his 1-6 run over his last seven fights. Romanov is a clear favorite in every category. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Predictions for Romanov vs Sherman

It’s tough to guess how Romanov will finish, but it’s easy to see that he will. This is a fight betting on how Romanov will win, not whether he will. 

Tale of the Tape for Romanov vs Sherman

Fighter Alexandr Romanov ‘King Kong Chase ‘The Vanilla Gorilla’ Sherman
Age 31 32
Height 6’2’’ 6’4’’
Reach/Stance 75’’ Southpaw  78’’ Orthodox 
Record 15-0 15-9
Submissions/TKO in UFC 2/1 0/2
Fighter Training Camp Lion Club Sanford MMA 
Sub/TKO UFC losses  0/0 1/3

Sherman has shown that he has knockout power, which is scary for some fans. If you’re a fan of Sherman, you may be wondering if a bet against Romanov is a good idea, or if it can be justified. Sherman has eleven UFC bouts and has been finished in 4 of them. That’s a 36% likelihood of losing by finish to any UFC fighter. Romanov is something special, showing off excellent top control and a safe, ground control centered fighting style. 
Our bet is Romanov by TKO or Submission, a -700 bet only on Bovada. It’s a $14 payout per $100 wagered and our top pick for a parlay ticket. 


UFC on ESPN 35 Odds for Figueiredo vs Da Silva

Top 4 Betting Pick Betting Odds on Bovada 
Da Silva Money Line -130
Francisco Figueiredo Money line +110
Figueiredo  by Points +235 +235
Da Silva by TKO +425

Silva lost his UFC debut via knockout as a -163 favorite. Figueiredo is 1-1 in the UFC, losing at a +103 underdog, but opened as a -113 favorite. Both his decision wins were close fights, and he was outstruck in his win over Jerome Rivera. 
Silva has knockout power that he was unable to demonstrate in his debut. Many analysts expect him to finish Figueiredo, but if Figueiredo’s takedowns come into play, Silva could end up on his back for the majority of a long fight. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Predictions for Figueiredo vs Da Silva

Figueiredo isn’t the strongest boxer. He landed under thirty strikes in both bouts, and landed an average 1.9 strikes per minute. I see Da Silva outworking him for the majority of the fight, while Figueiredo focuses mainly on takedowns and control time. 

Tale of the Tape for Figueiredo vs Da Silva

Fighter Francisco ‘Sniper’ Figueiredo Daniel ‘Miojo’ Da Silva 
Age 32 25
Height 5’6’’ 5’6’’
Reach/Stance 68’ Southpaw  70’’ Switch
Record 12-4-1, 1NC  11-2
Submissions/TKO in UFC 0/0 0/0
Fighter Training Camp Team Figueiredo ATS Team

Daniel is the much younger fighter. Outside of the UFC he’s scored all finish wins. That’s 11 finishes in five years. For a flyweight, that’s very impressive. Figueiredo is the champion’s brother, and they train together, but that doesn’t mean he has his level of talent. In his last win, it looked as if Figueiredo was gassing out toward the end of the bout. 

Da Silva bit off more than he could chew with Jeff Molina, an undefeated newcomer that’s ripping through the division, but I feel the Figueiredo style of grappling focused fighting plays into Da Silva’s hands. 

Expect a decision win, or quick submission finish from Da Silva. We’re taking his money line at -130, a $76 payout per $100 wager.


UFC on ESPN 35 Odds for Lainesse vs Green

Top 4 Betting Pick Betting Odds on Bovada 
Lainesse Money Line +105
Green Money Line -125
Green Inside the Distance  +160
Under 2.5 Rounds  -175

The oddsmakers and lines see a finish in this fight, and for good reason. Lainesse scored a TKO in just five strikes in his DWCS debut, a perfect 8-0 record with multiple finishes. Green is no slouch, and comes in the favorite after impressive bouts with Phil Rowe and Daniel Rodriguez. 
Against Rodriguez, they had what should have been a Fight of the Night, 127 strikes to 175 landed in three rounds. It’s tough for me not to bet on an undefeated fighter when they’re the underdog. The value to payout is too high, but Green can win this fight. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Predictions for Lainesse vs Green

Expect Lainesse to struggle against Green. Lainesse hasn’t met a fighter he couldn’t put away with ease. As a result, Green can capitalize on a long and drawn out slugfest. Phil Rowe has three UFC level knockouts, and couldn’t put Green away in three rounds. 

Tale of the Tape for Lainesse vs Green

Fighter Yohan ‘White Lion’ Lainesse  Gabe ‘Gifted’ Green
Age 29 28
Height 6’1’’ 5’10’’
Reach/Stance 76’’ Orthodox  73’’ Switch
Record 8-0 10-3
Submissions/TKO in UFC 0/1 0/0

Lainesse is big at Welterweight and Gabe is small for the division. Looking at Green’s UFC performances, we see that Phil has an 80’’ reach and Rodriguez has a 74” reach. Green has an easier time getting in on lanky fighters, and is likely used to performing inside the pocket and clinch range for the majority of his striking. 
Lainesse hasn’t fought real talent before, and as a result he might crumple when he gets hit. We see this with lots of undefeated fighters. Their first ever loss is a knockout, because they’re just not used to managing getting hit with real power. 
We’re taking the Under 2.5 Rounds. Lainesse is either the real deal, or he will crumple under the striking aggression of Gabe Green. This -175 prop pays out at $57 per $100 wagered.

UFC on ESPN 35 Odds for Breeden vs Levy

Top 4 Betting Pick Betting Odds on Bovada 
Breeden Money Line +160
Natan Levy -200
Levy by Submission +285
Fight Goes the Distance, Yes -150

Levy is 1-1 in the UFC with a heavy focus on grappling. He faces Breeden, the 0-2 UFC fighter with an 81% takedown ratio. They’re not making it easy for Levy, and hoping that we can get some action out of him by putting him up against a sprawl and brawl style fighter. 
Breeden lands four strikes per minute on average, more than either of Levy’s past opponents. 
We’re looking at the Fight Goes the Distance prop bet, because it’s unclear how either fighter will do against someone with an opposing style. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Predictions for Breeden vs Levy

Levy will hunt the takedown and Breeden will defend it. This is going to be a battle of conditioning, and a possible repeat of what we saw against Rafa. Breeden’s submission defense is untested in the UFC. 
Levy’s core style is Karate, and that background could lead to a better use of distance management against Breeden, avoiding any consistent exchanges. 

Tale of the Tape for Breeden vs Levy

Fighter Mike ‘Money’ Breeden Natan Levy
Age 32 30
Height 5’10’’ 5’9’’
Reach/Stance 70’’ Orthodox  71’’ Southpaw
Record 10-4 6-1
Submissions/TKO in UFC 0/0 1/0
Fighter Training Camp Glory MMA and Fitness Syndicate MMA

Levy was undefeated until his last fight, even in his amatuer career. I’m confident that Syndicate MMA will have developed new skills, improving on the fight strategy issues he had against Rafa. Our UFC betting pick is Natan Levy at -200, a $50 payout per $100 wagered.

UFC on ESPN 35 Odds for Mazany vs Young

Betting Pick Betting Odds on Bovada 
Shanna Young Money Line +150
Gina Mazany Money Line -185
Fight Goes to Decision, No +115

Gina is the favorite despite winning only two of seven UFC appearances. She’s been knocked out or won by knockout in her last four fights. Young has never won inside the UFC, losing three fights in a row, most recently by knockout in the second round. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Predictions for Mazany vs Young

I think this fight is going to be more exciting than analysts think. These fighters have been TKO’d by everyone in the business. We’re not guaranteed to see a knockout, but we’re very close. 
These fighters have an average four strikes absorbed per minute each. They’re open to submissions and TKOs, and Mazany has only one decision win in her UFC career. Expect this fight to finish early and bet Fight Goes to Decision, No at +115, a $115 payout per $100 wagered. This is one of my favorite bets on the UFC on ESPN 35 predictions. 

UFC on ESPN 35 Odds and Predictions for Taira vs Candelario

Top Betting Picks Betting Odds on Bovada 
Taira Money Line -240
Candelario Money Line +190

Candelario is 1-1 for DWCS, but has had some exciting bouts. He’s facing the 10-0 phenom Tatsuro Taira. Taira is on a 19 fight winning streak and undefeated amatuer record. He has multiple knockout and submission victories. So far, he hasn’t fought anyone at the UFC level. However, he’s only 22 and has plenty of room to grow. I see Taira winning this match up and struggling if he rises up too quickly in the UFC ranks.
Bet Taira at -240, a $41 return per $100 wagered. 

It may take time for him to find his path, but Taira is a future title contender.

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