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The UFC has left scorching hot Fight Island for Las Vegas.

No rest for the thick blooded, I guess.

I’ve seen the temperature regularly hit 100 at midnight around this time in Sin City. Humidity is, of course, amiss but the Vegas heat really works on you over time.

September was always the worst month for me just because it’s been 100 since April even though it has begun to cool down.

There better not be any fighters who miss weight this week!

We are back in Vegas and local competitors like Joanna Calderwood, for example, will be sleeping in her bed Friday night with her husband and head coach, John Wood.

I trained under John for years and he has a massive wealth of knowledge about MMA. So many talented fighters have come through the doors of Syndicate MMA.

I personally got to train with probably 100 former and current UFC fighters in the 3.5 years I was there.

I’m not going to put Jojo on this parlay so I will shut up about my MMA glory years but I do have 2 and maybe 3 fighters to couple together for some solid odds.

BetOnline.AG has the betting odds for us this week.

Let’s do it!

UFC Parlay #1

Ray Borg (-250) + Markus Perez (-205)

First up, Ray Borg.

  • Even though he lost his last fight against Ricky Simon, Ray’s striking and hand speed looked incredible
  • Ray is a tremendous grappler and we have really only seen striking from his opponent, Nathan Maness
  • Maness works a full-time construction job
  • I’m sure he is tougher than me but I whenever I worked construction, I sure as heck wasn’t worth a crap to consistently train
  • Nathan is 5’10” and will have a lot of size over Ray
  • I just see Borg controlling this fight in the smaller cage on the ground. He takes down nearly everyone he fights and is one of the best scramblers in all of MMA
  • Here’s one for ya: Ray Borg is still 26 years old!
  • He is still improving. I just hope he doesn’t try to do it all with his hands Saturday night.
  • Throw ‘em a little bit but as soon as Maness starts to fire back with bad intentions, shoot for the takedown, Ray. Okay?

Now for Markus Perez.

  • Markus is not nearly the reliable consistent fighter Ray Borg is, especially for betting purposes
  • The UFC likes Markus Perez I think. He is a dynamic unpredictable striker who can also take your neck in a grappling exchange
  • Perez is an explosive southpaw and has a filthy left kick to the body/liver of a right-handed fighter
  • Markus does have a bad habit of backing up against the cage and that worries me against a high-level grappler in Eric Spicely, especially in the smaller cage
  • I first met Eric at an AirBnb in Vegas. I had just moved back to town after a winter working in Aspen/Vail and he was meeting up with former TUF castmates Khalil Rountree Jr and Cory Hendricks at Syndicate to improve his striking
  • Eric is a bit of a character as many cage fighters are, go figure, and a very nice guy
After losing 4 of 6 in the UFC, Eric was cut from the UFC but after 2 wins on the regional scene, he got the call to come back.

Deron Winn was next and the two grapplers kept it standing and Winn came out with the decision victory.

Eric is very hittable absorbing nearly 6 strikes per minute in his brief UFC career. He is an excellent submission artist but lacks the athleticism, physicality, and wrestling ability to get the fight to the mat.

Perez is a banger and will likely catch Spicely with a body or head kick and put him away. Markus has 80% takedown defense and the only guys who have really given him problems lately have been physically stronger and/or better wrestlers like Turman, Anders, and Sanchez.

Spicely is not that huckleberry, unfortunately. Eric is going to need to catch a flying sub or possibly pull guard to win this fight.

Perez is the far better striker and his takedown defense of 80% trumps Eric’s takedown accuracy of 26%.

Gerald Meerschaert who is primarily a grappler put Eric away with a body kick and Spicely is soft in the gut. I see Perez firmly placing his tibia up and under the floating rib of Eric and a few seconds later, we have a winner.

Pick: Borg + Perez

UFC Parlay #2

Add Edmen Shahbazyan (-320) for a payout of (+173)

I picked Edmen by TKO for nearly even money in another article.

There is no way I’m paying 3 to 1 juice for a 22-year-old kid but Derek Brunson is a great matchup for him.

The only weakness we have seen from Edmen in his short career is possibly his cardio.

He gassed badly in the third round against Darren Stewart but had 8 takedowns in the first two rounds which were enough to win 29-28 on the judges’ scorecards.

Please Note:
He likely won’t be able to use the takedown against a tremendous wrestler like Brunson but Derek has been finished with strikes 5 times in his last 16 fights, 4 of those were in the first round.

Edmen has won 10 of his 11 fights by first round finish.

Even if Edmen gasses in the third, he should be alright because guess who else tends to gas in the third…

I was on Brunson to win his last fight against Ian Heinisch because of his wrestling ability and it was a sweaty third round for me because Derek had nothing left in the third.

I don’t think this one will go that far. I think this one will be over in under 7 minutes.

“The Golden Boy” gets it done likely by head kick.

Pick: Borg + Perez + Shahbazyan


In Conclusion

You have a couple of parlays to work with here.

Brunson is dangerous with his punches and with this being a 3-round fight, he won’t have to dominate for 25 minutes, something he has never done anyway.

Both of the main event fighters are finishers.

Only one is a ninja, though. He is more than 10 years younger which means we already have a 67% chance of winning.

As for Borg, people forget how young he is, me included.

I think Maness has a great frame for 135, much better than Borg’s, but unless he has world class wrestling, it’s going to be a long night in a small cage with the Tazmexiacn Devil.

Finally, Perez is a fun fighter but can be quite frustrating if you have a bet on him.

I think his wrestling will be good enough to keep this one standing in his realm and out of Spicely’s.

Get your bets in now and enjoy the scraps on Saturday night!

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