Updated XFL Championship Betting Odds and Pick

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Oh the XFL… All the cool kids are talking about it.

I’m not sure how Vince McMahon and league commissioner Oliver Luck have created such a buzz and so quickly at that. It’s almost scary how this thing has blown up. I hope it doesn’t burn out just as fast as…

Insert Antonio Brown reference here:

What is AB joined the XFL? I don’t think he’s a felon, yet… Would you bet on his team to win it all regardless of the betting odds or nah?

I think he would scorch everybody and there is that Steeler connection between him and new Dallas Renegades quarterback Landry Jones. Eh, not gonna happen.

We need to focus on what’s right in front of us.

There are 8 teams. I think we can rule out at least 2 as potential title contenders but I expect plenty of parody as the season progresses.

Last week just before kickoff on Saturday, we had three teams as the favorites to win the whole shebang. The DC Defenders, Tampa Bay Vipers, and Bob Stoops’ Dallas Renegades were each sitting at (+350).

I didn’t like the numbers for any of these squads. (+350) isn’t much for an inaugural season where we don’t really have a good idea of how things are going to play out.

The Houston Roughnecks were 7 to 1 a week ago. I think they were the bet to make if you did. Right now, the ‘Necks are perched at (+300).

The DC Defenders, who struggled early vs the Seattle Dragons last week, are now (+225) to win it all. I don’t like that too much. They are going to have to show me something more than they did in week 1.

Let’s look at each team’s betting odds to win the XFL Championship and make one or two early predictions on a winner.

The online sportsbook MyBookie.AG has the odds for us this week. Let’s see ‘em.

  • DC Defenders: +225
  • Houston Roughnecks: +300
  • Dallas Renegades: +500
  • New York Guardians: +600
  • Tampa Bay Vipers: +600
  • St Louis Battlehawks: +600
  • LA Wildcats: +800
  • Seattle Dragons: +1200

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up today.

Seattle Dragons: +1200

Seattle Dragons Logo
Last week, the Seattle Dragons were at the bottom of the list also but with betting odds of 9 to 1. I picked against them and eventually won and I didn’t think they looked that bad.

Head coach Jim Zorn echoed sentiments from other XFL signal callers who were shocked at the level of transparency they had to deal with calling plays.

They are mic’d up and just like Alexa or your smartphone, the darn thing never stops listening.

It doesn’t appear that the Seattle Dragons are going to win this thing but I still wouldn’t throw any money down on them at this point.

There are still other teams out there with more valuable odds.

LA Wildcats: +800

Los Angeles Wildcats Logo
These guys have already fired their defensive coordinator! After one game! There must have been an argument, a scuffle, a fracas…something that we didn’t know about.

One and done for Pepper Johnson. Never heard of him? Well, he has two Super Bowl rings from his playing days with the New York Football Giants. Then, as a New England Patriots assistant coach, he snagged 3!

The Wildcats lost 37-17 to the Houston Roughnecks who are led by June Jones, a head coach with loads of experience at every level but most of his success was with the University of Hawaii.

Considering all of the unknowns players and coaches had to deal with heading into week one of an inaugural season, firing a coach with 5 rings after one bad game points towards more impulsive decisions to come.

LA is all about the Lakers right now. I don’t expect the Wildcats to get much love from the fans and I don’t think they have any value at (+800) either.

St Louis Battlehawks: +600

St Louis Battlehawks Logo
Now for a few mid-tier teams or at least we can say mid-tier odds.

I’m sorry but week one just isn’t going to do it for me. I’ve heard so-called experts around the net and teli say the clear favorites have appeared.

I’m not buying it. I would not be at all surprised to see the upsets across the board and some of these odds flipped in a week’s time. We can still make some assessments, though, just can’t get out of hand.

The Battlehawks defense gave up 9 points on the road versus a vaunted Bob Stoops offense who were, albeit without their “star” quarterback, Landry Jones.

Impressive, still. They will get a “Rougher” test this week in Houston. Let’s see how they do w the ‘Necks this week before we make a call on the Battlehawks.

I don’t think the (+600) is terrible value, though.

Tampa Bay Vipers: +600

Tampa Bay Vipers Logo
Here’s a team that could win it whose odds have gained value. The Vipers were (+350) last week alongside the Defenders and Renegades as one of the three favorites.

The team already has a quarterback controversy in week 2. That’s not really a good thing but they haven’t fired a coordinator just yet, so they have that going for them.

They lost 23-3 to the New York Guardians in week one. The new mobile QB might make a difference for them but as of now, I don’t think the Vipers warrant a bet.

New York Guardians: +600

New York Guardians Logo
Okay, we get the team who dominated the previous squad with the same odds.

It’s a good look so far. Head Coach Kevin Gilbride seems like a good fit for the Guardians and quarterback Matt McGloin was effective, I guess. Well, he didn’t throw two picks like his adversary this past weekend.

That was a big difference in the ball game because Tampa Bay was able to run the ball while the Guardians struggled mightily. 16 attempts for 44 yards opposed to 30 attempts for 150 for the Tampa offense.

If you can’t stop the run, you’re going to have a hard time in any league. What happened when the Kansas City Chiefs made the commitment to stop the run? They went on a tear and won the Super Bowl.

It doesn’t appear that the Guardians can do that right now. The season is young, though, but no bets here.

Dallas Renegades: +500

Dallas Renegades Logo
After a loss in week one at home to the aforementioned Blackhawks, the Dallas Renegades see their XFL Championship betting odds increase from (+350) to (+500).

Is this a good week to jump on board? Could the Renegades turn it around right quick? Well, they are going to have to do better than 9 points!

St Louis was 20/27 through the air with more passing yards than Dallas who had 16 more attempts. The Renegades ran the ball fairly well but could not stop St Louis on the ground either. The Battlehawks ran all over them to the tune of 191 yards.

The Battlehawks at (+600) are looking better and better while Dallas has to get some stops.

Houston Roughnecks: +300

Houston Roughnecks Logo
We missed an opportunity last week when the Roughnecks were (+700) to win it but let’s be honest, we likely missed an opportunity to lose money.

These future betting odds will likely remain in the same numeric range for the mid-level teams and favorites alike.

I don’t foresee the favorites getting down to 2 to 1 or shorter. The (+225) for DC does surprise me, though. I watched that game and I definitely saw some holes. I would much rather put my money on the Battlehawks right now at 6 to 1.

Houston, though, has made the biggest jump of any team when their odds were more than cut in half over the weekend.

The Necks were actually outgained on the ground by an average of a whole yard. LA ran the ball 10 more times at 4 per carry with Houston only mustering 3.

It was Houston’s secondary who came up with a couple of picks but more so, I believe, the defensive line who aided in a total of 10 QB hits on the Wildcats QB, Kanoff.

Let’s see how the Necks do this week before we throw any cash on them. Their odds are going too far in the other direction even with a solid showing.

DC Defenders: +225

DC Defenders Logo
From (+350) to (+225)… I thought they had a good game but I wouldn’t have these guys as my favorite to win the XFL Championship.

This is my home team also but they just didn’t seem like a championship-caliber team but you can take that with a grain of NaCl because nobody knows what an elite XFL team looks like just yet.

By the second half, Cardale Jones did appear much more comfortable in there and I believe his size and arm strength set him apart from his XFL peers at the quarterback position.

I’m telling you… 3rd or 4th and 1… just let the big man fall forward. 6’5” 260! He showed great touch on some of his passes too, especially for having such a cannon for an arm.

The (+225) just doesn’t hold any value right now. Leave this bet alone and worst case, they win out and in a month, they’re sitting at nearly even money.

Best Value Bet

In Conclusion

I’m ready for XFL week 2! I am loving the hype, interest, and coverage the XFL has received thus far in 2020.

It’s been just one week and everything we learned just days ago could be undone in just a matter of hours.

Head coaches are still experimenting with plays, players, and schemes. They are really going to have to figure out how they call their plays and coach their players when they are mic’d up for the entirety of the game.

It’s not just us fans and bettors who are learning on the fly. The coaches and players along with the referees need to remain patient with pliable minds and temperaments.

As for picking a winner of the XFL Championship after just one week of action, well good luck. Right now, I think the Battlehawks of St Louis had the best week one and their odds don’t exactly show it.

They will get a little money from me this week but expect the unexpected in the XFL in 2020!

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