Utah NHL Hockey Team Name Odds: Is Yeti the Pick?

Utah NHL Hockey Team Name Odds: Is Yeti the Pick?

The Utah hockey team name odds suggest that Yeti will be the final pick! Do you prefer another name? The NHL betting sites offer you the opportunity to correctly guess the new Utah hockey team name, which is a pretty cool prop bet!

In May, Utah’s team owner, Ryan Smith, revealed that the organization’s name, formerly the Arizona Coyotes, would be decided by a fan vote. The vote for the Utah hockey team name is down to six finalists after Round 2.

Continue reading to find the latest odds, analysis, and my Utah hockey team name predictions!

Utah Hockey Team Name Betting Odds

The following odds for the new Utah hockey team name are courtesy of BetUS:

Hockey Club+250

The Utah Yeti (-200) is favored to be the name of the third major sports team in Utah. As a -200 favorite, the oddsmakers expect a 66.7% implied chance of winning the fan vote!

The Hockey Club (+250) currently has the second-shortest odds to be the name of the Utah hockey team. It’s the safest option, but certainly the dullest among the six candidates. Hockey Club has a 28.6% implied probability of being Utah’s team name!

For Utah’s inaugural season, they will use generic Utah branding for the jerseys without a name. This is not expected to be the finished product, but it could be if Hockey Club wins the fan vote!

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Utah Hockey Team Name Favorites

Yeti, Hockey Club, and Blizzard are the most likely Utah hockey team names. Blizzard sneaks into the top 3, with the other options well behind the main contenders. Let’s talk about Yeti and Hockey Club.

Yeti (-200)

Yeti is the odds-on favorite to be the name of Utah’s hockey team, but is there any value backing this name at -200 odds? When placing your bets, understand this is a fan vote.

So, whatever the ownership group of Utah hockey wants is irrelevant. Smith is putting the power into the hands of the people. And, looking at it from that perspective, it makes sense that Yeti is the favorite.

It’s certainly the most unique name available from the final six. Venom, Mammoth, Blizzard, and Venom are more on the generic side alongside Hockey Team. However, no one can say that Yeti is a basic team name. It’s the most eye-catching and will likely generate the most clicks.

There are two problems with Yeti, though. The mythical being has no connection to Utah. According to urban legend, Yetis, also referred to as the abominable snowman, has a connection to the Himalayan mountain range.

Second, the Colorado Avalanche has used Yeti-like branding in the past. The original mascot was a bigfoot creature that resembled a Yeti. The organization has used a Yeti footprint in its branding and still does to an extent on merchandise.

Nevertheless, I stress again that this is a fan vote, and as long as Utah doesn’t release similar Yeti footprint branding, they’ll be fine. Smith’s lawyers have most certainly been busy ensuring that the franchise is safe from a lawsuit.

The Utah Yeti could be coming to an NHL arena near you soon!

Hockey Club (+250)

Fans who don’t care for the rest of the teams will undoubtedly vote for Hockey Club. There is a strong contingent of hockey fans who believe the team names aren’t up to par.

They will favor Hockey Club over Yeti and the other options. That is where the Hockey Club votes come from. The Washington Commanders were the Washington Football Team from 2020 to 2021.

After the Redskins name was dropped, they became the Football Team as a placeholder. It wasn’t too popular among the fanbase, who believed it was too generic. Are there many Washington fans who like the name Commanders? Probably not.

That being said, the Football Team name was too basic, and most fans wanted a name they could embrace. Hockey Club will generate plenty of votes, but this is because voters don’t like anything else!

At +250 odds, I would consider elsewhere for your Utah hockey team name NHL betting pick!

Best Utah Hockey Team Name Sleeper: Outlaws (+1400)

One team name caught my attention among the longshot odds at BetUS. I advise sprinkling a small bet on this name despite its unlikely chance to win!

The Utah Outlaws has a nice ring to it! The Western theme would work well for a professional sports team in Utah. Outlaws rolls off the tongue nicely, too. Compared to the other longshots, this is the best option.

Although they can’t use firearm branding, there are plenty of possibilities with Outlaws. I expect voters to see it the same way I do, as well. Outlaws is worth a look at +1400 odds!

Utah Hockey Team Name Predictions and Betting Pick

Yeti doesn’t have the best value at -200, but I understand why it’s the heavy favorite. In a public vote, it’s expected that the unique and different name will garner the most attention.

Remember when Boaty McBoatface won a public vote in the UK for the name of a polar vessel? Fortunately, something as ridiculous as that wasn’t available for voting. But, it’s the same concept with the public opting to vote for the most outlandish name. It isn’t only outlandish, but Yeti is pretty cool, too.

The vote is open to everyone — not only Utah residents. Regardless of the popular vote by Utah fans, the final tally from the official poll counts. I expect the public to select Yeti in high numbers!

As a second option, consider my upset pick Outlaws at +1400. However, Yeti is on pace to win, so the abominable snowman of Utah is the most likely winner!

The Bet

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