Valorant Betting Potential

Today, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we’re going to talk about Valorant betting potential! The highly-anticipated esports title from the makers of League of Legends released on June 2nd and there’s already a ton of demand for it. Valorant viewership numbers on Twitch are still going strong which is what will set this game up to be a successful esports title.

Obviously, Valorant betting potential is going to depend on bookies and their willingness to include the new esports title into their esports markets. However, considering all the hype that’s been surrounding this game ever since its Project A days, there’s no doubt in my mind that bookies are going to compete at who has the deepest bet coverage.

With that in mind, finding Valorant betting odds shouldn’t be too difficult. There should be many options available, but still, for the sake of being beginner-friendly, let’s answer the most common question these days—where to find Valorant betting odds.

Where to Find Valorant Betting Odds

Obviously, you can’t find Valorant odds at the moment. The reason is pretty straightforward. The game just came out, so there are no matches to write home about. But once we get a taste of the first events, bookies ought to follow in close proximity.

Here’s a closer look at the key characteristics behind the best esports betting sites to help you start off your Valorant betting career in the best possible way.

  • Only the best esports betting sites go out of their way to provide users with deep specials coverage.
  • Keep tabs on customer support reviews and testimonials. Quality customer support service might play a key role in your overall stay at that particular betting platform.
  • Always compare the odds. Find and stay with a bookmaker that has the lowest-possible profit margins (read the highest possible odds).
  • Make sure you’re using a legit betting website! Always double-check the licenses and available payment methods as they usually paint a good picture.

The Hype Is Real for Valorant Betting

With more than 1.7 million viewers on Twitch, it’s safe to say the Valorant hype is real! However, not all esports are viable in terms of online betting. Take Rainbow Six Siege as the perfect example. It’s a massively popular, well-balanced first-person shooter, but the spectating experience isn’t good enough to promote a healthy base for betting.

However, I really doubt Valorant will be anything like Rainbow Six Siege. From the looks of things, I reckon it will be more like Overwatch and CS:GO, not only in terms of gameplay, but popularity and esports betting viability, too.

Keep reading to understand why I think so.

Numerous Options for Specials

Specials aren’t the biggest contributing factors to the overall popularity of betting on a certain esports title, but they do help! A healthy variety of esports specials is important for keeping seasoned online betting veterans. By providing them with unique (and highly entertaining) specials, esports betting sites are able to attract and keep even the most demanding of bettors.

Luckily, Valorant betting sites won’t have such problems since the game is packed with thrilling opportunities for special wagers. Let’s check out the most prominent bunch that ought to get the most attention right off the bat!

Agent-Based Bets

The first thing Valorant betting sites are likely to include in their Valorant markets ought to be agent-based bets. They will probably be based on agents’ abilities and other in-game aspects. Here’s roughly what I’m thinking about here:

  • Total Sage Revivals Over/Under
  • Total Phoenix Kills with Ult On Over/Under
  • Raze’s Boom Bot Kill Yes/No
  • Agent with the most kills
  • Agent with the most assists
  • Agent with the most deaths

The bottom three are classified as canceled if the agent you chose isn’t picked.

Keep in mind, though, these aren’t real Valorant specials – just my speculations based on the last two weeks of actively watching and playing the game. They are quite versatile, meaning bookies’ risk management processes could be difficult… but I doubt that’ll stop the biggest esports betting sites.

Pistol Round Bets

Pistol round bets are available across several FPS titles, but are the most popular within the CS:GO betting community. They are pretty simple – you get to choose which of the two teams will win both pistol rounds. Not one – both!

Why are these bets so popular; they seem pretty dull to me?! Well, these bets open the door for extensive research on teams’ tactics and frequent pistol round stats. The same goes for CS:GO – betting enthusiasts love these sorts of bets because they can yield consistent results… Once mastered, that is.

Player vs. Player Bets

Similarly to pistol round bets, player vs. player bets also wouldn’t be a Valorant exclusive. Still, thanks to the game’s mechanics, player vs. player bets should be at the top of the specials’ charts. If executed properly, of course.

Player vs. player bets allow you to choose between two (or three) players; you’re supposed to guess which of them will have the highest count of a specified in-game stat. Bookies also allow you to choose between several different stats, such as kills, deaths, assists, further spicing up the wagers.

Intriguing Gameplay Mechanics

If there’s something that’ll boost Valorant betting potential, then it’s definitely intriguing gameplay mechanics. First of all, you need to understand that Valorant is much more than a simple mixture of Overwatch and CS:GO. Yes, it does borrow core gameplay mechanics from both games (both of which have healthy betting communities), but it adds a ton of additional spices and rounds everything off in a highly entertaining package.

Specifically, I’m referring to things like fast site rotations, short TTK (time to kill) mechanics, and unique skills that feel more like utility nades in CS:GO than Overwatch abilities. They aren’t too overpowered and game breaking, but bring forth an extra layer of dynamics that does a great deal in terms of the game’s fun factor and spectating entertainment, both of which are crucial for Valorant betting potential to flourish.

Agent Pool as an Added Layer

Agent pool, AKA the number of agents players/teams are capable of playing at a consistently high level, ought to play a key role in Valorant’s meta once the first tournaments start rolling in. It will play a similar role as the champion pool in League of Legends.

Yes, I’m aware LoL and Valorant’s playable characters can’t really be compared simply because of the sheer number superiority on LoL’s side, but it’s still a notable characteristic esports betting enthusiasts will have to factor in. Perhaps Valorant’s agent pool won’t be as important as LoL’s champion pool, but it will definitely play a key role in how the game’s competitive aspects pan out.

Unique Map Variations

On top of teams and their willingness to invest more time in broadening their agent pool, they will have to keep tabs on and develop extensive tactics for Valorant’s unique map variations. What does that mean? Well, let’s just say these variations act as thrilling twists to the traditional tactical FPS map concepts.

It will be really interesting to see how Valorant betting sites approach these unique map variations. That said, let’s take a closer look.

Three Sites

The first unique map layout we’re going to focus on here is on the map called Haven. The angles are good, the layout is pretty classical. But there’s one thing you’ll notice right off the bat—it has three plant sites. Yep, not two, but three. The extra site adds a ton of options to the attacking side, which also means more options for the bookies to spice things up.

Loud Ropes

Split also has a unique twist to its tail. You see, this industrial-looking map features three sets of ropes. One is located on B site, one is located near A lobby, and the last one is at the mid vent. The thing with these loud ropes is that the enemies can hear you if you’re not shift-walking. If you run or jump on the rope, it will make a sound and notify nearby enemies. Ropes make up for an exciting way of dealing with verticality, slightly slowing pushes down mid and flanks on the other end.


Bind, one of three maps which are currently available in the closed beta version, features two sites but three portals that allow fast A-to-B and B-to-A rotations. These portals are one-way and make a loud sound when players use them. That way, they do bring an extra layer of dynamics, but are rather risky, especially in clutch situations… And we all know how entertaining they are and how much esports betting enthusiasts love them.

You Shall Not Pass

Ascent is the brand-new new map that was brought to the game with the official Valorant Patch 1.0. It’s an interesting map featuring two unique things. First off, it sports a destructible glass panel near A garden, which makes a loud sound when destroyed. Additionally, it also features two lockable doors. Yep, one next to each site. They are locked with a switch and serve just like mini Sage walls. In other words, they are destructible – it doesn’t take a lot of bullets to knock them down.

Targets Key Audiences

Valorant betting potential might also profit off the fact it targets key audiences. If you haven’t noticed by now, Valorant fits perfectly in between Overwatch and CS:GO. Plus, it’s made by the makers of League of Legends. Those are all top-tier esports we’re talking about, not just popular in terms of viewership but betting, too.

That said, Valorant betting potential could siphon additional juice off all three communities. We’ve already seen CS:GO pros make the Valorant switch. If it starts happening with athletes from other esports, the community ought to start following, and it could all start snowballing from there!

Wrapping Things Up

That’s about it as far as our Valorant betting potential discussion is concerned. As most of you’ve probably realized on your own, Valorant betting potential is quite high. The game has several aces up its sleeves that ought to make it a viable betting market for years to come.

I know it’s a bit of a far stretch, but I’d really love to see Valorant franchised leagues right off the bat! This would further increase the game’s long-term stability, which would bring forth more sponsorship offers and push everything up a notch.

Long story short, rest assured Valorant will be among the most popular esports titles out there. As for the betting side of things, knowing the state of affairs in the esports betting industry, Valorant betting ought to be a massive hit, too.

Chad Romero