What Did You Think of the Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Fight?

Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Recap

This was a fun one, no?

Well, at least the lead up was kind of cool with the whole hat stealing thing but Brogan was pretty respectful. It was his brother Jack that stirred the pot.

The Youtube star, Logan Paul, as we will call him today, walked away from the exhibition boxing match against the greatest boxer of the past 20 years with 20 million dollars.

That is just under 1 million dollars a minute.

Wow, I love my job but man…I think I’m kinda funny and I got some hands. Is it too late for a career change? I know I am calling Jack and Brogan by other names but you can’t hate on the brothers from Ohio.

The American Dream is more alive than ever. A 13 year old kid can just start making YouTube videos and get rich seemingly overnight. You gotta love it!

That is essentially what Logan Paul and little bro were able to do.

He even got a retired 44 year old Floyd Mayweather out of retirement to fight him! You have to give them respect as businessmen but as fighters, I don’t know. I guess Logan did pretty well against Floyd.

He is certainly a better boxer than when he fought KSI, another Youtuber, in his one and only professional boxing match that was not an exhibition. KSI beat him so how was he going to beat Floyd Mayweather?

He wasn’t. That’s just it.

I remember some casual combat sports fans who are friends asking me who I thought was going to win? Really?

I hate losing friends so quickly but some words are unforgivable.
Logan did take some clean shots from Mayweather, though. That was impressive. The size difference has a lot to do with it and I had the feeling Floyd would take a few rounds to let Paul get behind on the energy meters before he went in for the kill. He definitely did, though, as he started fighting Mexican style about halfway through just as he did when he fought The Notorious Conor McGregor. I love to say I told you so.

If you read our prediction for this one, we were spot on with our picks at BetOnline.ag and even though the risk of Floyd KO’ing him was there, I thought the better than 2 to 1 odds on Mayweather to take a decision were outstanding.

Floyd vs Brogan

Brody and his brother Jackie are some pretty solid athletes and you can tell they are putting in the work and taking their boxing careers quite seriously. I love to see it but it would be nice if little bro followed suit and took a fight against a legit boxer and not have an opponent like Ben Askren take a dive.

As far as the fight on Sunday night, yes, Sunday.

I thought that was very strange and almost forgot about it until another now-former friend texted me and asked if Logan was worth a bet.

Sure! If your money means nothing to you then bet on the guy. Whatever makes you happy.

Floyd came out slow but clearly won every round early on. As Logey began to tire, though, Floyd stopped circling and began to walk him down. Mayweather landed some clean overhand rights as well as check hooks but Paul showed solid conditioning and durability to take them and keep moving.

About halfway through the fight is when Money got to work on the body of Paul and you could see the big man take some giant breaths. He hung in there, though, and then my stream cut out before the final two rounds.

From what I read and heard, though, it was more of the same that we saw in rounds 4 through 6; Floyd with his hands up in a high guard walking down his opponent and drawing out sloppy punches to counter.

Impressive stuff from Logan and I understand he considers this a W as you can see from his IG post but I don’t like him saying that. It’s too soon.

This makes it look like he went in there with the goal of not getting knocked out and even though, that was great for our prediction, that is something you say later on.

When it comes right after the fight, it’s simply too soon and I don’t think the fans want to see that either.

They almost feel robbed because they either paid or had to deal with the headache of their stream cutting out to see it.

Now, what is next for Floyd Mayweather?

I say give him Jackie boy, the hat thief himself. Or let Paul fight one of The Money Team’s mammoth bodyguards. That would be even more fun. I don’t know if they are looking at that fight but as the old saying goes, if it makes dollars, it makes sense.

What about big bro Brogan? I think he’s ready for Tyson Fury. What do you guys think? Better yet, let’s give him Deontay Wilder. Yes! I’m dreaming. I know but without dreamers, where would we be in this world?

It was a cool show and even though the commentary was atrocious, nothing and I mean nada could be worse than the Triller crew. I would rather listen to that fight in German with built in “spray it don’t say it” virtual reality.

In Conclusion

It was fun while it lasted and it was nice for us to predict a boxing match who and how.

We have been struggling a bit on the boxing front but still breaking even mas o menos.

I thought that Logan would only really have to survive a knockout threat for less than half of the fight and with his size and Floyd never being a power puncher, a decision in favor of Money was likely.

You’re going to tell me I have underdog betting odds of better than 2 to 1 with an implied probability of about 30%? That means we are getting a 25% edge on the online sportsbooks and that is a Shawn Kemp level slam dunk every time.

I hope they make the Slack Paul and Money Mayweather fight. He seems to be faster than his brother but I don’t think he has the heart. We might go with Floyd to win by TKO in that one but it is still early and they haven’t even made the fight yet.


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