What Does The Wilder Fury Draw Mean For Boxing?

Boxing - Wilder vs Fury Draw

Now that we are a couple of weeks out, and everyone has gotten the chance to see the fight, it is a perfect time to look back and reflect on the Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury fight. This fight will go down as a classic battle, with a couple of very memorable moments, but wasn’t without its fair share of controversy.

Was this fight good for boxing? Did they get the decision right? How will this affect your boxing bets moving forward? Let’s get started!

The Breakdown

For those of you that didn’t have the opportunity to catch the fight live, or watch the replay on Showtime, here is a quick breakdown of the action. Fury spent the first eight rounds out boxing Wilder and dominating the action. Most all media outlets had him sweeping the first eight rounds, or at minimum winning six out of the first eight. Wilder was landing the bigger shots, but they were few and far between, and it was hard to see any outcome besides Fury being far ahead on the scorecards.

Fury dominated the action so much that in the ninth round he started openly taunting Wilder. That was a move that he immediately regretted as Wilder showed his signature power and floored Fury in the ninth round. The blow was by no means devastating though, and Fury answered the count at nine and went right back to taunting Wilder, and by most accounts, actually won the rest of the round after the knockdown.

The knockout didn’t seem to phase Fury in the slightest as he absolutely dominated the next two rounds of action and hit the twelfth round with a seemingly insurmountable lead on the scorecards. Then this happened. Wilder connected with a huge left that put Fury unconscious. It was over, it has to be over after a shot like that right? Not so fast. Fury rose from the dead like the Undertaker and somehow managed to get back to his feet in the nick of time.

Wilder continued his onslaught in a desperate attempt to finish the fight. Fury survived the round and as the final bell rang, most expected Fury to easily win a hard-fought decision despite the close call in eth twelfth. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Much to the crowd’s disapproval, the fight was called a draw. The boxing world’s jaw collectively dropped. How could this happen, again?

Controversial Decision

Boxing is used to controversy. With all of the technology in the sports world, somehow, we still haven’t figured out how to tell who wins a fist fight. We saw similar controversy recently when GGG and Canelo fought to an awful draw, and then followed that up by robbing GGG a second time in the rematch. This is nothing new to boxing as a quick google search pulls up hundreds of controversial decisions and robberies in boxing’s long history, the Pacquiao Marquez decisions come to mind as some particularly bad ones. So, you have to ask yourself, why does this keep happening?

The simple answer here is money.
Boxing has lost a lot of its fanbase in the last several decades, there was a time that boxing, specifically the heavyweight division, was the biggest draw in the sporting world. Those days are long gone, and for the most part, boxing has been relegated to one or two big events per year.

So, when boxing does get a high-profile matchup that people are willing to pay to see, they want to get the most bang for their buck. Ensuring that there is a re-match that will sell even better, is very important to keeping boxing in the spotlight.

If you feel like boxing wants the controversy, you’re probably right. The only way that boxing can stay in the spotlight at this point is by resorting to cheap ploys. The biggest fight in the last several years was Floyd Mayweather fighting a guy that had a never boxed before in Connor McGregor, or by making re-matches between the few big draws they have left. Boxing needs the controversy to stay relevant.

This Good For Boxing?

From a boxing insider perspective, this fight was undoubtedly a success. The fight did 325,000 pay per view buys. That might not seem like a great number, but considering that Fury hadn’t fought in ages, and Wilder is nowhere near a household name at this point, the fight has to be considered a success from a financial perspective. With HBO giving up covering boxing after 45 years of hosting the biggest fights in the world, and their biggest pay per view draw in Mayweather retired, many wonder how many more big pay per view events boxing has left.

So, the fact that they are likely to get a rematch out of this, that should sell well, is big for boxing. But as somebody that is very in tune with the casual boxing fan, this fight hurt the sport. After seeing the Canelo and GGG debacles unfold, the thought after they announced the draw amongst the casual fan, was not again. This is going to be a short-term win for the sport, and it should be, the fight was a fantastic one.

But in the long run, I see more and more casual fans leaving the sports amid the continued controversy.

You can only go to this bad decision that forces an immediate rematch ploy so many times before people stop giving the sport in any creditability. Boxing is already perilously close to being treated like the WWE by casual fans, and when things like this continue to happen, it can only hurt the sport.

How Does This Affect Your Bets?

Knowing that boxing loves the controversy, it almost has to be taken into account with how you make your bets. These bad decisions that make for lots of controversies just happen far too often now not to be taken into account.

The shocking has turned into the routine for the sport, and if you are backing a big favorite, they better knock the guy out, or the judges are going to find some way to make it either a close split decision or a bad decision to ensure a re-match comes next. A bet on a draw has never looked better in boxing history. The draw was paying 30-1 in this fight.

Wrap Up

It is sad that boxing can’t find a way to get people to watch a fight other than by having non-stop controversy. Boxing used to match up the best fighters, put on a clean show, and people watched it in droves. Now boxing has resorted to cheap ploys and the controversy of just never getting it right, to attract fans. This was a classic bout that featured some insane action, yet all we are left talking about two weeks later is the bad judging.

That can’t be good for the sport, and if boxing doesn’t get their act together soon, what little fanbase they have left is going to disappear. When these two guys matchup again in a couple of months, which is a near certain outcome after all this media attention after the fact, you can expect even more controversy.

Just make sure to keep this in mind when making your bets on any major fight moving forward, if there is a certain storyline that makes sense for boxing, they will do everything in their power to make it happen, and they don’t care if they ruin a decision to do it.

Thanks for reading and good luck betting boxing!

Patrick Carter / author

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