What Is a Slots Hit Rate and Why Should You Care?

Slots Hit Rate Slot Machine

Slot machines are notorious for being stingy with payouts.

They’re much more fickle than other casino games, such as roulette, blackjack, and video poker. That being said, you may feel like there’s no rhyme or reason behind when slots pay. You might even begin believing that these games are rigged when you’re having a rough session. Luckily, one stat in particular indicates when slot machines pay. The “hit rate” shows how often you can expect to win.

I’ll discuss more on what the hit rate (a.k.a. win frequency) is along with how it compares to other slot stats.

Basics of Slots Hit Rates

Hit rate indicates the percentage of spins that a slot will pay out on. If the hit rate is 30%, for example, then you’ll win a prize on 30% of your spins on average.

Win frequency includes any payouts—big or small.
It doesn’t, however, account for if you actually profit from a given round. Assuming you wager $1 and only win back $0.10, then that spin still counts as one hit. Likewise, rounds that deliver multiple prizes count as a single hit. A spin that provides 10 payouts is still just a single winning round.

You can use the hit rate to figure out the frequency at which you’ll pick up wins. Simply put, a higher win rate means that you’ll collect more-frequent prizes.

Where to Find the Hit Rate

Not all slots developers list a stat for win frequency. Therefore, you won’t always know how often you’ll win on average.

Please Note:
Provided the hit rate is available, then you’ll find it within the info section. Many slots mark this area with a simple “i.” Once on the info screen, you begin scrolling to look for available stats. You might find the return to player (RTP), a volatility rating, and hit rate.

Online slots developers are especially good about including one or more of these stats. That said, you have a better chance of finding the win frequency when playing online games.

What’s a High Win Frequency?

One slot can differ greatly from the next when it comes to the hit frequency. You may have trouble figuring out what’s a high win rate as a result.

The average online slot pays out at somewhere between a 25% and 27% clip. Anything above this range is considered a high win frequency. The highest hit rates go up to around 35% to 40%. At the upper end of this range, you’ll be winning almost as much as with blackjack hands (42.4%).

In contrast, some slot machines only offer win rates of around 20% or less. Your prizes will be sparse in these cases.

How Does Hit Rate Differ from RTP?

I’m going to compare win frequency with a couple of other important slots stats just to highlight the differences. I’ll start with how hit rate compares to RTP. The latter is very similar to win frequency in that it’s listed as a percentage.

For example:
A slot might offer 96.0% RTP. This game would pay back $96 for every $100 wagered on average. Unlike hit rates, though, RTP is a more long-term figure. It measures how much a game will pay back after hundreds of thousands or millions of spins.

Win rates aren’t exactly short-term figures either. However, they’re more accurate than payout percentages in the short run. They also only account for how often you’ll win any kind of prize on a spin.

Win rates don’t, however, allude to how much money you win.

Despite its long-term application, RTP is a better measure of winnings. Provided you keep playing slots with high payout percentage, you’ll likely win more money over time.

How Does Hit Rate Differ from Volatility?

Win frequency and volatility seem closely correlated at first glance. The latter, however, measures how consistently slots will deliver winnings in the short term.

A game that pays fairly well and close to its stated RTP in the short run has low volatility. In contrast, a slot that offers inconsistent winnings that don’t align with its RTP is very volatile.

Unlike win rate, this figure isn’t about determining how often you’ll win in the immediate future. It’s about showing how much you’ll win in the short term.

Please Note:
Few modern online slots feature volatility that’s anywhere below a 5/10 rating. Therefore, pretty much all games have at least medium volatility. Many slot machines have volatility that’s somewhere between 6/10 and 8/10. This range falls in the medium-to-high area.

The most volatile games feature a rating that’s either 9/10 or 10/10. You’ll really experience some insane highs and lows in these cases.

4 Reasons Why Win Frequency Is Important

Again, not all slot machines display a hit rate. When this stat is available, though, you’ll appreciate it for the following four reasons.

1. Find out How Often You’ll Win

Slots can leave you in the dark regarding how often you’ll earn payouts. You might even feel like these games are hopeless when you’re stuck in a losing streak.

The hit rate at least gives you an idea on how frequently you’ll win. It provides a concrete percentage that sheds light on when to expect prizes.

Assuming you want to win more frequently, then you should pick a game with a 30% win rate or higher. Slot machines with between a 35% and 40% hit rate are especially generous with payouts.

2. Use Hit Rate to Help with Bankroll Management

Slot machines don’t make bankroll management easy.

Their inconsistent payouts will give you difficulties when trying to decide how long your bankroll can last. That said, you might choose slots that feature higher hit rates.

With more-consistent payouts coming in, you’ll have a stronger chance at making your slots funds last longer.

3. Avoid Slot Machines that Don’t Pay Very Often

Hit rate is certainly important for helping you find games that pay at a higher frequency.

Please Note:
It can also help you steer clear of the machines that don’t pay very often. Some slots feature a hit frequency at or even under 20%. These games only pay around 1 out of every 5 spins.

Assuming you go through a cold streak, then you could be waiting 10-15 spins or longer for a prize.

4. Uncover the Truth about the Number of Ways

50 paylines used to be a lot for a slot machine. Megaways slots, however, have set a totally new standard for the available number of winning “ways.”

Many of these slots offer up to 117,649 ways.
A select few Megaways games even provide millions of ways to win. As you can imagine, though, most of these possibilities don’t amount to anything. Hit rates shed light on how valuable, or invaluable, an insane number of ways really are.

If the number of possible ways is 1 million and the win rate is only 20%, then you know that most of these possibilities don’t amount to much.

Win Frequency Doesn’t Always Tell the Full Story

Hit rate tells you a lot as far as how often you’ll win payouts.

However, it’s not any substitute for knowing how much money you’ll win with a slot machine. As explained before, the win rate includes any payouts in a given spin.

A prize worth 0.2x your stake is still considered a hit.

Simple math shows that this isn’t a true win.
Instead, this example illustrates what’s known as a loss disguised as a win (LWD). An LDW can be covered up by the animations, sound effects, and fast play rate of a slot.

When you hear exciting sounds and see animations after a payout, you may automatically feel that you’ve won.

Of course, an LDW means that you’ve lost money in spite of the theatrics.

Therefore, you don’t want to treat every hit as a true win.

Should You Still Value the Hit Rate?

Win frequency doesn’t equate to the RTP or volatility. It also counts LDWs as hits, meaning it’s not always a helpful stat.

Nevertheless, hit rate is still worth considering when looking through a game’s numbers. You’ll probably want to know how often you can expect payouts. Consistent wins are nice when you’re trying to sustain a bankroll. They also keep the action lively and prevent you from going through losing streaks.

You definitely shouldn’t overvalue the hit rate. At the same time, though, you at least want to keep this figure in mind when it’s available.


The hit rate is a simple percentage that reveals how frequently you’ll experience winning spins. It’s a nice stat to know if you enjoy winning often.

Please Note:
You can spot the win frequency in the info screen when it’s available. In this case, you merely select the info button and start scrolling to find the hit rate.

The average win rate is somewhere around 25% to 27%. Any figure higher than this range shows that you can look forward to more-consistent prizes.


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