Where in the World is Joe Biden?

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Every time I think this election cycle can’t get any weirder…

Apparently, it wasn’t enough to have a global pandemic erupt in the middle of the Democratic primaries.

People also didn’t seem all that bothered when roughly half the states participating in primaries show major discrepancies between the “official” tallies and exit polls – all of which work against the same candidate.

Hell, it never even struck the public as odd that DNC officials were encouraging the aged populations of Arizona and Florida – two retirement havens – to get out and stand in line to vote on the same day the CDC recommended avoiding gatherings of more than ten people.

Now, — after all that weirdness – we seem to have a Democratic frontrunner who has completely disappeared off the face of the earth. And at a time when most presidential contenders would relish the opportunity to take a front-and-center leadership role to show off their chops.

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Not Joe Biden. Never has a candidate relied more heavily upon smoke and mirrors in a presidential election – if the former VP didn’t have the mainstream media companies covering up for him to this degree, it would never be possible. The lone exception is Ronald Reagan, who got re-elected to a second term despite his Alzheimer’s disease progressing.

Here, take a look at the last time Biden was seen on video (Reagan might be the perfect comparison:

Doesn’t that frozen, confused, terrified 77-year-old fill your heart with confidence that he’s the man to manage this pandemic and pull America out of what’s looking like the next Great Depression? It’s going to take a sharp mind with new, creative, ambitious ideas to save the country from this disaster – was anyone reassured by Biden’s empty “freeze all motor functions” Westworld stare before Mrs. Biden stepped in?

Don’t get me wrong; if Joe Biden is in the late stages of cognitive decline, as many are speculating these days, hiding him is the correct strategy. For months now, it’s been clear that the DNC, his campaign, and the media have been coordinating to minimize on-screen gaffes by carefully managing his exposure and allowing surrogates, MSNBC, and CNN to do the heavy lifting.

The problem is that the coronavirus outbreak has dramatically altered the playing field. It’s not good enough to rely on cable news networks to brainwash scared Democrats into believing only Biden can take down Trump, and the majority of the public just wants to “go back to how things were.”

A true presidential frontrunner is supposed to take the reins and help guide the country through its struggles. They never go MIA for an entire week.

Unless, of course, establishment Democrats don’t have any intention of running Joe Biden against Donald Trump. Through that lens – with the former VP serving as nothing more than a placeholder; a puppet to keep Bernie Sanders away from the nomination – it all starts to make a perfect sense.

Remember When They Were “Concerned about Bernie’s Health?

What I’ve enjoyed most this campaign season is the blatant hypocrisies that have been exposed in the DNC’s desperation to stop Sen. Sanders. After Bernie won big in Nevada, remember what all the Democratic strategists and media puppets were so “concerned” about?

Back then, Bernie’s heart attack — and his “full medical records” were all that was on any of their minds. Was he fit for the job? Would he survive a term in office if he won?

Naturally, these questions were never asked in good faith to begin with; there’s nothing the Tom Watson’s and Neera Tanden’s of the world would like more than for Sanders to drop dead of a heart attack. But their arguments paint them into a corner (or at least they would if there was a real media establishment in this country serving as more than the propaganda arm for the two major parties).

Now that Joe Biden seems to have lost his marbles, suddenly, it’s in terrible taste to ask questions about his health. How dare we?!?!

The “candidate health” issue brings to light just one of the many absurd contradictions this year, but I must say – I thoroughly enjoy them. For every argument these people put forward, you can find a tweet or interview clip from them over the past three months saying the exact opposite.

“Finding a Way to Communicate”

As the public has grown louder with regards to Joe’s noticeable absence from the public eye, his campaign staff has promised that the issue is not with his health but in finding a reliable way to stream their candidates’ communications to the public.

Somehow, Bernie Sanders’s campaign – and really, the rest of the entire world in general – has managed to broadcast several times per week. They’ve done fireside chats, round tables, and town halls – all using the modern wonder called the internet.

This is what it looked like the last time Joe Biden tried one of his own:

It lasted four whole minutes, during which Biden wandered around, including off camera. Apparently, these “technical difficulties” are supposed to be fixed by Monday, March 23. This weekend, he told donors: “They put in a new high-speed line into my home, they’ve converted a recreation room, basically, into a television studio.”

There you have it! High-speed internet has been shown to stop people rambling on about nothing and wandering out of frame, I hear.
(If anybody knows how to check for deepfakes, your skills are going to be needed on Monday, around noon Eastern.)

What Really Matters

To be honest, I don’t want to see much more of Joe Biden in the public eye. Over the last couple of months, it’s gotten depressing. Re-watch that clip of his wife coming to his rescue at the podium. There’s something cruel about the way they’re propping this man up and dragging him around when anyone that’s ever seen a clip from a few years back can tell he’s out of it.

I strongly suspect that establishment Democrats only need him to hang in there till the convention. That’s why they were so brazen about sending their constituents to the polls less than 24 hours after the CDC told Americans to avoid large public gatherings. They just want Bernie to drop out.

That way, they can hide Joe, get to the convention, and let him drop out – allowing the Democratic National Committee to handpick their new candidate. Bernie staying in the race is complicating their strategy.

Nevertheless, I think they’ve shown that through media (propaganda) campaigns, voter suppression, and outright rigging, the establishment elite can carry even an empty husk to the nomination.

Who Will The DNC Pick?

Candidate To Win DNC Nomination
Joe Biden -1400
Hillary Clinton +1400
Andrew Cuomo +2500
Bernie Sanders +2500
Michelle Obama +4000

I am seeing lots of excitement over Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York. The pandemic has given Cuomo a massive stage, and the media has immediately responded by fawning all over the guy. He’s now held several press conferences that have received heaps of praise and even gotten President Trump’s attention.

Vogue Magazine has already published a puff piece, in which the article calls Governor Cuomo “her president.”

Look at those betting lines from Bovada! If Biden isn’t fit to compete in the general election — and we’ve seen zero indication that he’s ready for that pressure – then there’s a treasure trove of betting value available right now!

Personally, I’m all in on Governor Andrew Cuomo at +2500 to win the Democratic nomination.
To Become DNC Candidate
Andrew Cuomo

However, if you’ve read any of my DNC primaries coverage in the past, you’ll know that I’ve always got my eye on the” Queen of Democrats” herself. Could Hillary Clinton possibly restrain herself from taking another crack at Trump, if a candidate vacuum should suddenly present itself?

I’m putting a few dollars on Hillary at +1400 too. Gotta hit a few of these big bets before the Even Greater Depression kicks off!
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