Who Are the Favorites to Bring Home the World Series in 2018?

Who Are the Favorites to Bring Home the World Series in 2018?

As the All-Stars have just been announced and mid-summer classic just around the corner, we are almost at a great stopping point in the MLB season. It is a good chance to sit back and reflect on who has been the best teams in the MLB so far, and who may have been playing a bit over their head.

With that said, it is a good time to look at the most recent World Series odds. Who do the oddsmakers see as the most likely team to capture the 2018 World Series? Who do the oddsmakers know is going to have an uphill battle to climb?

The odds posted below are updated as of July 10, and are via BetOnline

  • New York Yankees +375
  • Houston Astros +400
  • Boston Red Sox +700
  • Chicago Cubs +800
  • Cleveland Indians +900
  • Los Angeles Dodgers +900
  • Seattle Mariners +1400
  • Arizona Diamondbacks +1600
  • Washington Nationals +1600
  • Milwaukee Brewers +1600
  • Atlanta Braves +1800
  • Philadelphia Phillies +2500
  • San Francisco Giants +2800
  • St. Louis Cardinals +5000
  • Colorado Rockies +7500
  • Oakland A’s +7500
  • Los Angeles Angels +15000
  • Pittsburgh Pirates +30000
  • Minnesota Twins +50000
  • Tampa Rays +50000
  • Detroit Tigers +100000
  • San Diego Padres +10000
  • Toronto Blue Jays +10000

New York Yankees and Houston Astros lead the way

As no surprise to many, the Houston Astros and New York Yankees have a strong hold on the top odds in the MLB. On paper, these are the top two rosters in the MLB. Of course, with the Houston Astros, we are also talking about a team that is going for a repeat title.

The Astros are running away with the AL East, while the New York Yankees still have some playoff competition to stave off.

Big Four Behind

Behind the main two favorites are the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Dodgers. The Boston Red Sox currently have a lead on the New York Yankees in the AL East standings. If you are buying into what the Red Sox have done recently, you are buying into the Red Sox at their odds. However, oddsmakers do think that despite the lead, that the Yankees will rise to the top soon enough.

From there are three interesting teams to look into. The Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers started slow, and like the Yankees, are not in first place in their respective divisions. Still, the oddsmakers see these two are the cream of the crop when it comes to the National League.

Then, there are the Cleveland Indians. The Indians hold an 8.5 game lead in their division. Still, they sit a cool 12 games behind the Boston Red Sox for the top spot in the AL. The Indians are going to get into the playoffs, the question will be whether or not they can hit another gear there.

Division Leaders

Scrolling down the list, it is interesting to see the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Milwaukee Brewers tied at +1600 odds. Both lead their respective divisions but have the powerhouses coming in the Dodgers and Cubs.

On the flip side, the Washington Nationals are sitting at +1600 odds despite the fact that they do not lead their division. The Nationals, behind Max Scherzer and Bryce Harper, are favored to catch up to both the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves.

NL East

Speaking of the two NL East foes, the Philadelphia Phillies and Atlanta Braves have very different odds, despite being tied in the standings. The Braves sit at +1800 while the Phillies are +2500. The youth in Atlanta must really have the anticipation high. Meanwhile, the pitching in Philadelphia is not trusted at the same rate as it has been performing.

Slipping away

Behind the Philadelphia Phillies lies the San Francisco Giants. The Giants are hanging close, with +2800 odds. While they currently sit four games back in the wild card, they are only three back in the division. While they have a chance to make some noise, it is fading as the heat of summer picks up.

From the Giants, you essentially have the non-contenders, who are still technically alive. The St. Louis Cardinals have the same record as the Giants but are seven games back in their respective division. That is why you can see a disparity in their odds.

The Colorado Rockies are only 3.5 games out of their division. However, sitting just two games above .500 and with four teams to pass up on the road to the division elite, they are another team seeing extremely long odds. The Oakland A’s are sitting nine games back in their division and six back in the Wild Card race. Still, the two teams have the same odds. This can speak to the lack of faith the oddsmakers have in Colorado to make up that ground in the NL West.


While those teams are slipping away, every team from the A’s on has twice as good of a payout. That means these are teams are twice as less likely to win the World Series as the A’s and the Rockies. These are not great odds. They are started off by the Angels, who are technically alive but cannot seem to stay healthy enough to compete.

However, from there, we see the Pittsburgh Pirates, a team in a complete downhill spiral. The Twins sit in second place in the AL Central. However, they have no chance of catching the Indians and are even further out of the Wild Card. The Rays have a five-game lead on the Twins but are nowhere near competing due to their stacked division of AL East.

Lastly, we have the Detroit Tigers, San Diego Padres, and Toronto Blue Jays. Three teams with truly no chance. However, at least people can still bet on them. The Texas Rangers, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals, Baltimore Orioles, Cincinnati Reds, New York Mets and Miami Marlins are all so far out of the mix, that the oddsmakers left their odds off of the page. Those teams seasons are over.

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