Who Will Be The Next James Bond After Daniel Craig?

Who Will Be The Next James Bond After Daniel Craig?

Following the new James Bond film, No Time to Die, Daniel Craig will hang it up and move on from playing the role. Daniel Craig has played the character for four movies. No Time to Die will be his fifth and final appearance as James Bond. He started back in 2006 with the movie Casino Royale. It was the highest grossing Bond film of all time before Skyfall came along in 2012. If you’re counting inflation, Thunderball from 1965 is the highest-grossing Bond film at the box office.

I was never the biggest Daniel Craig fan at first. Maybe it’s because I grew up on Pierce Brosnan playing the character. GoldenEye for the N64 was a real hit in my household, with Brosnan the centerpiece of the video game as well. That said, Craig really grew on me, and he got stronger throughout his career as James Bond. He is currently the longest-standing actor for the role, with 15 years of experience. Craig is over it, though, and a new James Bond will be named for the next film following No Time to Die.

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No Time to Die has been pushed all the way back to April of 2021. The film was originally supposed to be released in 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic put the world in flux, including release dates for movies. There are some films that are going the streaming route instead of waiting, but for a movie like James Bond, I think it’s important that it goes to the cinema. Certain films are meant to be watched in a movie theater, and 007 falls into that category. Fingers crossed that vaccines are effective and April of next year has some form of normalcy.

With the release date of No Time to Die pushed back, the announcement for the next James Bond is as well. There is no set date on when the announcement will be made. You have to believe it will occur after the release of No Time to Die. I doubt producers want to take the limelight off the movie before revealing their selection. We’ll take a look at who I believe are the most likely to take on the 007 role following Daniel Craig’s appearance in No Time to Die in April. Head below for our free prediction for who will be the next James Bond.

Henry Cavill (+1000)

Henry Cavill has a nice resume, and that might be what works against him when it comes to being selected as the next James Bond. For the most part, James Bond is a role that takes a star and turns them into a huge star. Daniel Craig made a name for himself because of 007. We can go back to all of the other actors that played the role as well. They are known for playing James Bond. That’s what has defined their careers.

Cavill has the looks to play this character, and he has the acting skills to pull it off. An image was recently released of Cavill photoshopped into the role on a poster by a fan. Yeah, it looks like he belongs. I just don’t think they’re going to want to go with an actor of his stature, though. People know him for playing Superman. Cavill will also be very expensive. Studios will want to try to save money as much as they can because of the pandemic. In any case, he’s still fourth on my shortlist to get the job. The odds might make it worth a gamble.

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Tom Hardy (+300)

Tom Hardy might be the most rumored actor to play James Bond. In fact, there were some suggestions that he WAS named the next 007 in the summer. Those rumors were unfounded. Naturally, the next actor won’t be announced until after No Time to Die, well after I’d say. The studio does not have an actor selected for the role yet, so I took the news with a grain of sale. It was of course false news. Carry on.

Having said that, Hardy is in a serious position to receive the nod as the next James Bond. Bettors love the idea, apparently, as he’s the co-favorite to win. Like Henry Cavill, I have my reservations with Hardy, though. He is a well known actor. Hardy played the role of Eddie Brock, Venom, in the 2018 Marvel film.

Hardy did a really good job with it, and a lot of people know Hardy for playing Venom now. He was fine recently in Capone, but Venom is where he really came through in a big role. I think this one is too obvious, and in casting Bond, they’re never too obvious with their selection. Hardy without a doubt has a chance here, but there’s better value elsewhere.

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Richard Madden (+500)

I was debating on putting Idris Elbas in this spot, but at 48 years old, I think he’s at a disadvantage because of his age. By the time filing begins, he is likely going to be over 50. A younger actor that could play the role for over ten years is the more likely choice. Richard Madden is only a 34-year-old and is coming off a brilliant performance in the Netflix series Bodyguard.

Madden plays a Scottish Afghanistan war veteran who returned home to work as a police sergeant. From his time served, Madden develops PTSD and his behavior becomes irrational. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s certainly worth a look if you want something new. Of course, his work in Game of Thrones was great, but he really showed his full potential off in Bodyguard. This is a guy that deserves a big role. If it’s not James Bond, it is likely going to be something else soon.

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Sam Heughan (+400) – Best Pick

Do you want the first Scot to play 007 since Sean Connery? It sounds a little unbelievable, but after Connery was cast to play the original role of James Bond in the 1960’s, there hasn’t been another Scottish actor to take on the role. If Sam Heughan is signed up to play Bond, then he will be the first actor from Scotland since Connery did it in the 1960’s.

Connery passed away on October 31, 2020. Could it be a subtle nod to Connery if Heughan is selected? I don’t think that would be the reason for him being chosen, but it could score him bonus points. If there’s a tie between Heughan and somebody else during casting, perhaps they side with the Scot.

For a reason with a little more substance, I will say that Heughan has been on the radar to play James Bond in the past. This is not the first time. He auditioned to play the character in Casino Royale and was on the shortlist as an unknown actor in his mid 20’s. Heughan has matured a lot since then, both physically and as an actor mentally.

He has been excellent in Outlander, and certainly has a big following from that role. A big following, yes, but Heughan hasn’t developed as a household name with a career defining role, yet. Note that Heughan has indicated he is interested in the role, more than once. If he was offered the job, he’d most certainly take it. Heughan is my top pick to play 007 in the next film after No Time to Die.

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