9 Reasons Why Overwatch Betting Could Fade Away

Overwatch Logo And Esports Betting Site Fading Away With Tracer

Overwatch is a team-based, first-person shooter that was released to much hype in 2016. Since then, this game has achieved a solid player base and draws plenty of betting action.

The Overwatch concept is fairly simple:

  1. It divides players into two teams of six, where each player chooses a “hero” from among 30 characters.
  2. Teams then work to take over control points or deliver a payload to the other team’s base.

This concept has been popular enough to spawn an Overwatch League with professional teams.

Not surprisingly, Overwatch League lines are available at a large number of esports betting sites.

But could this gambling action be slowing to a crawl in the near future?

Some people seem to think so. In fact, forum communities and Google trends indicate that certain gamers are wondering if this game will fade away.

Nobody can be for certain what Blizzard intends to do. But here are nine signs that Overwatch could disappear along with its subsequent betting action.

1 – Battle Royale Games Are All the Rage

First-person shooters have been popular for decades. However, battle royale is the major trend in gaming now.

Apex Legends and Fortnite: Battle Royale are two of the hottest games in esports betting right now.

Apex Legends And Fortnite Battle Royale Side By Side
Even PUBG, which most consider less fun, is drawing plenty of wagers.

Overwatch and its team-based shooter format just aren’t hot right now. It’ll only struggle further if the battle royale movement marches on.

2 – Perhaps Overwatch Will Be Repackaged as a Mobile Game

Sometimes, famous games that have lost their luster are repackaged in a mobile format. Such is the case with the Diablo franchise, where Diablo Immortal was launched for mobile play in 2018.

This was a highly unpopular move among many fans of the series.

However, it was one that Blizzard felt was necessary.

Mobile games do have a certain appeal to the casual crowd. But they don’t have any appeal to the esports community. That said, Overwatch would lose even more popularity if it goes to mobile gaming.

3 – It Could Just Be Overwatch’s Time

No game lasts forever in the hearts of players. Some concepts go on to have long shelf lives, such as Final Fantasy, Madden, and Mario.

Overwatch, however, doesn’t seem to fit in with these classic franchises.

Instead, it feels like a hyped game that will eventually run its course.

4 – Blizzard Isn’t Afraid to Drop a Game

It might seem like Overwatch is too popular to drop off the esports betting radar just yet. But one look at Heroes of the Storm tells a different story.

Heroes of the Storm is a quality game that seemed destined to be a prominent esport.

Heroes Of The Storm Dignitas Vs Gen G

However, Blizzard abruptly chose to stop sponsoring tournaments for this game.

Many Heroes of the Storm players were angry in the aftermath. Overwatch fans could be the next ones suffering the same fate.

5 – Blizzard Could Just Be Tired of the Community

Every game community has its toxic members. But Overwatch especially tends to breed negativity on Blizzard’s forums.

Players whine about everything from which heroes their opponents choose to arguments over if the EU or NA servers are better.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Blizzard got rid of the game, or at least esports tournaments, just to relieve themselves of these headaches.

6 – China’s Government Isn’t a Big Overwatch Fan

China is full of esports bettors who love wagering on everything from League of Legends to Rocket League. But their government isn’t always so receptive of gaming.

They especially take exception to Overwatch. The government believes that the game’s chat is morally corrupt.

They’ve even gone so far as to get players banned for typing Winnie the Pooh in the chat box.

This is a long and convoluted story, but it shows just how extreme China is when it comes to Overwatch.

7 – Blizzard Might Shut Down Its Overwatch Branch

Blizzard is one of the world’s largest video-game publishers, and they employ close to 10,000 people. However, they’re not afraid to cut ties with any of these employees.

They laid off 800 workers in early 2019 in spite of being highly successful the year before.

Given this move, they’d have no qualms about parting ways with the Overwatch division if necessary.

Assuming this ever came to pass, then you could say goodbye to future Overwatch development and any relevant esports betting.

8 – Overwatch 2 in the Works

One positive spin to this subject is the potential sequel to Overwatch. Assuming Overwatch 2 is actually in the works, then it would make total sense for Blizzard to phase out their commitment to the original game.

Overwatch 2 Logo
At the moment, there’s no release date and it looks like they’re still in the early development stage. But when it does release, then all of the betting action and esports tournaments would revolve around Overwatch 2 in this case.

9 – Esports Betting Sites May Be Getting Tired of the Game

One more possible scenario is that the betting sites themselves may not be as interested in running Overwatch lines in the future.

Esportsbooks concentrate on the hottest games for the most part.

Overwatch is still more popular than a lot of other esports.

But the smaller betting sites that don’t have as much liquidity might think about minimizing their lines on this game.

What to Expect With Overwatch Betting in the Future

Everything revolving around Overwatch right now is just rumors and speculation. The players themselves are the source of many of these rumors.

Of course, Blizzard has proven unpredictable in the past. They made a Diablo game into a mobile product, axed 800 jobs, and stopped running tournaments for Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard Business Model WWE Meme

Four years after releasing Overwatch, they may simply see it as unviable heading into the future. Blizzard has more than enough resources to come up with a new concept in its place.

The other side of the coin is that they’re perfectly happy with the game. They may be so happy, that they’ll continue on to release Overwatch 2 sometime next year.

In this case, the first Overwatch would lose its status as an esport and no longer appear on betting sites.

But the good news is that the concept would live on at gambling sites.

My bet is on the latter happening. Blizzard put a lot of work into creating 30 detailed heroes and lots of maps for them to battle on. They probably want to expand on this realm with a sequel rather than walk away from the matter.


Overwatch players have been wondering about this game’s demise almost from the outset. It’s rare for a popular game to be subject to so many rumors regarding its downfall.

Nevertheless, forums are filled with this sort of talk. Players have floated many scenarios about the game’s future.

Some believe that with battle royale games taking over, Overwatch’s team-based approach could become more unpopular.

Others believe that it could be repackaged into a mobile format or simply lose all support entirely. In these scenarios, Overwatch as an esport would cease to exist.

Another possibility is that all of this talk merely amounts to rumors. The game could continue in its current form for years to come. But all kinds of Overwatch 2 speculation has also been rampant.

Whatever the case may be, nobody will know what truly happens to Overwatch before Blizzard makes a decision. Assuming they’re still happy with the game’s performance, then it’ll remain as an esport that’s available for plentiful betting purposes.

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