Why You MUST Use More Than One Bookmaker (6 Reasons)

You wouldn’t shop at the same grocery store or get gas at the same station if you knew that one down the street offered lower prices. So, why do so many sports bettors stick with one online sportsbook?

The answer to this question is probably just a matter of comfort. Because every online platform differs slightly, it can be a hassle to learn a new system when the one you’ve been using seems to be working just fine.

Although there is some value to betting on a platform where you feel comfortable, shopping around some of the top-rated and safest online sportsbooks can have tremendous benefits over time. Online sportsbooks are competing hard for your business, which means you’re able to take advantage of the best each site has to offer.

Read through these tips to find out why you need to be utilizing multiple sportsbooks.

1 – Different Odds

If you had the option to get gas at $2.50/gallon or $2.65/gallon, it wouldn’t make much sense to go with the more expensive option. Similarly, if you were betting on an NFL favorite at -4, wouldn’t you rather have them at -3.5?

Different sportsbooks offer different odds, even on the same games. While gaining a half-point advantage might not seem too significant, remember that you’re working in a space where the difference between winning 52% of the time and 48% of the time is the difference between a sharp and a square.

Please Note:

The reasoning for sportsbooks offering different odds isn’t necessarily just a difference of opinion on the way a particular game will go. Public money is what can shift a line slightly and not every sportsbook receives the same percentage of the money on each side of the bet.

You might think that looking through four or five sportsbooks for every bet to find the most favorable odds isn’t worth the time, but that’s an attitude that won’t win you any money. Part of the research process (however brief it might be) should include “line shopping.” Winning money as a sports bettor is hard, don’t make it harder than it has to be.

2 – Promotional Offerings

The legal online sports gambling industry is taking off, and sportsbooks are competing for a piece of your bankroll. Because bettors tend to develop loyalty toward specific platforms, many online books offer huge promotional deals to get you in the door.

Nearly all online sportsbooks offer some type of deposit bonus when you first use their platform, but the free money doesn’t always stop there. Throughout the year, you can find several offerings that allow you to bet more without taking on more risk simply because the books don’t want to lose your business.

BetOnline Promotions Screenshot

If you’re feeling like these deposit matches (often up to hundreds of dollars) are too good to be true, that’s understandable. However, in my experience, I’ve found that most are simply a legitimate attempt to win you over for the long-term.

If there’s one piece of advice you should always adhere to, it’s that taking the free money is always the right move. Shop around and see what deals you can find and use it to your advantage and if you need any help choosing a sportsbook we have what you need.

3 – Prop Bet Offerings

Prop bets may be a novelty, but they’re always fun. Not to mention, it provides an opportunity for you to focus in on one aspect of a game, which means you can give yourself a better chance to win.

Because there can be nearly unlimited prop bet scenarios in a game, no two sportsbooks will have the same options. Additionally, you might not know which prop bets you’re interested in until you see them laid out. Finding the perfect prop bet means going through each sportsbook until you find the play that you feel you can capitalize on.

It’s unlikely that prop bets will become the main source of your gambling income, but it never hurts to have extra options. From the crazy and unlikely, to the -110 offerings, there’s always money to be made on the perfect prop.

4 – Futures Bet Offerings

This consideration is important for two reasons. First, different sportsbooks will offer different futures bet options, and second, even if the offerings are the same, the odds will most likely be different.

Futures bets are wagers placed on whether or not a certain event will happen, well, in the future.

For Example:

You can choose which NFL teams will be in the Super Bowl, which MLB player will win the league MVP, or which NBA player will finish with the highest points per game.

These bets are usually offered at the beginning of the season, but you can almost always play them in-season, just with different odds.

Because there are unlimited amounts of futures bets to play, no one sportsbook will have them all. If you have a particular, more obscure bet you’re interested in, like which NBA player will have the most three-pointers in a season, you’ll likely have to look around.

Different online platforms can specialize in certain sports, so if you’re interested in placing wagers on futures bets in a particular sport, it might be a good idea to look for a book with that specialization.

The other reason why multiple sportsbooks are important for futures bets is because the odds will differ, sometimes significantly. These bets are inherently difficult for oddsmakers to place opening odds at and will vary greatly depending on the public.

For example, there may be five or six players who have an equal shot at winning the MVP in their sport, but their odds will differ due to the public’s predictions. You might be able to find a futures bet you’re interested in at a high-value mark if you look at a half dozen sportsbooks.

5 – Timing

Sharps know that timing is crucial for finding the best odds. Different sportsbooks roll out their betting offerings at different times and line movement is impacted greatly depending on when bets are open to the public.

  • Some sportsbooks offer moneylines the night before the games, which gives the public some time to bet and the books some time to adjust the odds accordingly. Some experts like to get in on the early action before the public shifts the line, while others like to see the way the line will move to help them make a decision.
  • Other sportsbooks might roll out their offerings the day of the game, or even just a few hours before the start of the event. If you’re using a book that does this, you might be missing out on some of the observable changes that can help steer you in the right direction.

If you’re the type of bettor who doesn’t look at the lines until you’re ready to place a bet, the time the bet is first offered might not mean much. However, when you do take the time to follow along with the movement, you gain valuable insight. Things like reverse line movement (lines moving towards the public’s money) can give you a real advantage over the books, but you’ll only notice it if you’re looking.

6 – The “Feel” Factor

It might seem insignificant, but how intuitive a betting platform is can make a difference. The numbers might not reflect it, but if you’re always searching for how to make the plays you want, that’s time that would be better spent on research.

Since there are so many betting options (parlays, teasers, etc.), it can get frustrating and time consuming if you’re constantly looking around the site for where to make the play.

No two sportsbooks have the same interface, as the user experience varies greatly. Find a few that you find easy to use and make those your go-to books.


If you look around the internet, there’s no shortage of sports betting sites to utilize. Find the ones that are easy to use, have a good reputation, and start comparing them each time you make a bet.

Tim Johnson / Author

Tim has been a sports fan for as long as he can remember. The Vermont native has lived in Las Vegas for the last two decades, and he uses his experience in the industry to try and give readers the best possible advice when it comes to betting on sports. Football is Tim’s primary area of expertise, but he also dabbles in other sports like horse racing and basketball. Tim uses his wealth of knowledge to try and make the reader a better bettor.