Why Winning Gamblers Never Use Time Limits

Winning Gamblers And Time Limits

Smart gamblers know that using limits help them. A stop-loss limit enables you to limit your losses, and a stop-win limit helps you walk away with a profit.

Budgets and bankrolls help you stay in the game:
Using them wisely allows you to live to play another day. But when you find a profitable gambling opportunity, you have to take advantage of it when it’s available. You can’t afford to stop playing because of a time limit. Winning gamblers never let a time limit get in the way of more profit.

Here’s why winning gamblers never use time limits and how to know when it’s time to stop using time limits.

What Is a Gambling Time Limit?

Gamblers can use many different types of limits. Most limits that gamblers use help reduce the amount of money they lose.

A gambling time limit is simply a limit for how long you’re going to gamble. You can set a gambling time limit for any amount of time. However, the basic rule for a gambling time limit is that you set it before you start gambling.

When I used to use a gambling time limit, I set a timer or alarm on my phone. When the alarm went off, I collected my chips, cashed out at the cashier window, and headed home

What Are the Benefits of Using a Gambling Time Limit?

The benefits of using a gambling time limit include stopping before you lose too much money, avoiding gambling when you’re tired and are likely to make costly mistakes, and leaving when you’re ahead before you give the money you win back to the casino.

If you’re not gambling with an advantage, you should use a gambling time limit. You should also use other limits, like a budget, a stop win limit, and a stop-loss limit. All of these types of limits help you control how much you lose when you gamble. Most gamblers lose money, so you need to put strategies in place to control how much you lose.

The best limit you can use to control how much you lose is a strict budget. Set the total amount of money you’re prepared to lose, and only use that amount of money to gamble with. How many times have you gambled and got ahead, only to continue gambling and lose money?

Unfortunately, most gamblers have had this happen a few times.

If you use a time limit, you leave when your time is up, no matter how much you win or lose. So, sometimes a time limit is going to help you stop gambling when you’re ahead.

  • But, if you’re playing like most gamblers, you’re going to lose if you play long enough.
  • But when you have a set time to stop gambling, sometimes you’re going to be up, and when you leave, you’re going to have more than you started with.

Every gambler wants to make a profit, and a time limit helps you make a profit from time to time.

How Winning Gamblers Succeed

Winning gamblers learn strategies and methods that help them gamble with an advantage or edge.

Of course, some gamblers get lucky and win sometimes.

But what I’m talking about is a gambler who wins consistently.

  • If you tracked all of your gambling results for a year or longer, are you winning more than you lose?
  • And more importantly, do you know why you’re winning or losing?

A winning gambler doesn’t only win more than they lose consistently, but they also know why they’re winning.

For example:
A winning poker player knows how to use strategy and make more profitable decisions than the people they play against. A winning sports gambler knows how to handicap sporting events and find lines that offer value. A winning blackjack player knows how to use card counting or other advantage methods to play with an edge.

You can learn how to make a profit from gambling, but it doesn’t happen by accident.

If you don’t know for certain how to gamble with an advantage, you’re relying on luck. And when you gamble and rely on luck, the online casinos and other gambling establishments win. Here’s what you have to do if you want to be a winning gambler.

First, you have to identify a gambling opportunity that can be beat.

  • Not every gambling game can be beat.
  • Then you have to learn how to beat the game.

Different games require different tactics and strategies.

For example:
Poker players have to learn advanced strategy, blackjack players have to learn how to count cards, and sports gamblers have to learn how to handicap games and find the best lines.

Find a way to win, and then work on learning what you need to learn until you know you’re gambling with an advantage and know exactly why you’re gambling with an advantage. When you know how to win and why you’re going to win, you’re a winning gambler.

Why Winning and Time Limits Don’t Mix

If you’re a winning poker player and you’re playing at a table filled with drunken business people with a lot of money who are trying to blow off some steam, how long are you going to keep playing the game? The answer is you’re going to play for as long as it’s profitable to play.

And in this situation”
It’s going to be profitable for as long as you can play at a higher level than your opponents. Of course, you’re eventually going to get tired and start making mistakes, but until that happens, if your opponents are willing to keep giving you money, you need to keep taking their money.
  • What if you find a blackjack table where nobody is paying attention, and you can count cards without worrying about getting kicked out of the casino?
  • Are you going to stop because you reached a time limit, or are you going to keep taking advantage of the situation for as long as you can get away with it?

It’s clear why winning gamblers never use a time limit. When you find a profitable gambling opportunity, you have to take advantage of the opportunity. You can’t afford to wait for another profitable opportunity because you don’t know how long it’s going to take before you find the next profitable opportunity.

It’s hard to master one area of gambling where you can play with an advantage.

As a result, most gamblers never figure out how to win. But if you can master more than one way to gamble with an advantage, you have more opportunities to find profitable situations.

For example:
I play poker and blackjack. If I find a profitable blackjack game, I sit down and play. But if there’s not a profitable blackjack opportunity, I go to the poker room to see if I can find a good table.

The truth is that I’ve been playing and practicing poker long enough that I rarely go to a poker room and don’t find a profitable table. But some tables are harder to beat than others, and sometimes a card counting opportunity is more profitable than a tough poker table.

If I could only play one game profitably, my options would be limited.

If you go to a casino and find they’ve changed all of the blackjack tables to 6 to 5 tables, you’re going to have to travel to another casino if you want to win.As a winning gambler, there are other limits you might want to use.

But if you have an edge, you can ignore most limits.

As long as you have an edge and continue winning, limits aren’t important. The main thing that profitable gamblers have to battle is playing too long.

When you start getting tired, you’re more likely to make mistakes. When you make mistakes when you’re gambling, you’re more likely to lose money.

If you track your play and can identify how long you can gamble before you start getting tired and making mistakes, you can set a time limit based on this information. But you’re going to be in situations where you can still make a profit when you’re tired, so don’t walk away from a profitable situation until you have to walk away.


If you haven’t learned how to gamble with an edge, you should use time limits.

Gambling time limits help control how much money you lose.

But once you learn how to gamble with an advantage, a time limit costs you money. So why would you stop gambling if you’re winning and you’re going to continue winning?

Please Note:
You should still use other types of gambling limits, but winning gamblers don’t use time limits. You can still use a budget, bankroll, stop win limits and stop-loss limits. But never walk away from a profitable gambling opportunity based on an arbitrary time limit. Instead, focus on making as much profit as you can, and forget about time.


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