Why You Need To Be Playing Yahoo NFL DFS for Week 2

Yahoo! Sports NFL DFS

Tired of feeling like a little fish in a big pond over at DraftKings?

Then look no further than Yahoo DFS for Week 2.

Yahoo launched their DFS product last year in hopes of becoming a fresh and new alternative from DraftKings and FanDuel, the two leading sites in DFS. Yahoo is already recognized as one of the top names in season long fantasy and to bring more attention to their DFS games, they have been offering no management fee contests in all major sports over the last year.

Last week, they ran out a $25 GPP for Week 1, called the Million Dollar Baller, that had no management fee and paid out $1.0 million in prizes. (100k to 1st) Now, for the second straight week, they will be hosting the MDB, with no management fee, but this time the buy in is only $20.

These types of contests present immense value for the players and they simply can’t be ignored if you are actually serious about being profitable in DFS.

No Management Fees:

First off, If you aren’t familiar with what management fees are or “rake“, which is the common term used by DFSers, this is the percent of the prize pool that the site takes for their themselves. In other words, a management fee is the cut of money that goes to site and not in your pocket.

For example, this weeks Fantasy Football Millionaire over at DraftKings has a 15.01% management fee, meaning that 15.01% of the $4.5 million prize pool ($675,450) is going to DraftKings and not the players.

Yes, Yahoo isn’t offering a top prize of 1 million in their main GPP, but 100% of their guaranteed 1 million dollar purse will be going to the players that put their hard earned money into this contest.


Speaking of guaranteed money, this is next the factor that should intrigue you about playing the Yahoo MDB this Sunday. When a site guarantees an amount of money in a contest, that money will be paid to the winners of such contest, no matter what. So, even if the contest doesn’t fill, all the money will still go to the same amount of players they guaranteed to pay.

To simplify this, say there is a ten person contest that has a $100 prize pool and the top three finishers get paid. If this contest is “guaranteed” by the site and only six people end up joining, that $100 will still get distributed to the top three finishers, creating a higher of chance of winning money for those six players that entered. If this contest filled all ten spots, only 30% of the players would cash, but if only six join, 50% will make money. This is the DFS world is called “overlay”.

For their first MDB of the season this past Sunday, Yahoo created the guaranteed contest with 40,000 available seats and 10,000 paid places. In the end, only 29,572 joined, creating a massive overlay. Due to this, approximately 34% of the entrants cashed compared to the 25% that Yahoo intended, essentially making this almost a triple up contest vs a large field GPP.

As I said above, Week 2’s MDB is $20, but the contest has expanded to 50,000 spots, with 9,350 players profiting. This lowers the amount of entrants that get paid to roughly 19%, but that is only if the contest fills, which is highly unlikely, yet again.

I have been attacking these no fee GPPs at Yahoo since they started hosting them and in my experience, nearly none of them have ever filled or really even come close. Even though a no management tournament of this size is absolutely outstanding for the consumer, not enough people have noticed or simply don’t care enough about their investments to make their way over to Yahoo.

But not us! This is a situation that we must capitalize on, this week, because we have no idea if they will keeping offering this for the rest of the season. I would start building lineups now and then come Sunday, I would closely watch the contest all the way up until the 1:00 PM EST kick off to see how much overlay we will actually have. If it is upwards of 30% again, feel free to fire away with multiple lineups, to increase your chances of winning this free money.

So, good luck to all and if you have any further questions or need lineup advice, feel free to hit me up on Twitter. @Hunta512



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