Will Maurizio Sarri Be The Next Manager To Get Sacked In The Premier League?

Premier League Props - Will Chelsea Sack Maurizio Sarri

In the sea of interesting soccer specials, there was one that really caught my attention. When scrolling through BetWay earlier this morning, I noticed a bet titled Next Premier League Manager to Get Sacked This Season, or something along those lines. The list included basically all Premier League managers alongside an option that none of them will get sacked by the end of the season. However, considering the latest issues revolving around Chelsea (on and off the pitch), it seems as though one name stands out.

The Italian strategist hasn’t been quite enjoying his stay at Stamford Bridge. He has been experiencing numerous issues on the bench, and they all culminated last week when Kepa Arrizabalaga refused to be substituted in their EFL Cup Final against Manchester City. That being said, let’s find out will Chelsea sack Maurizio Sarri by the end of the season?

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Will Chelsea Sack Maurizio Sarri | Three Reasons Why They Might

The Blues are not having a good season under the ruling stick of the Italian tactical philosopher, Maurizio Sarri. At the moment, they’re swinging from 5th to 6th place and are at risk of not qualifying for the 2019/2020 Champions League. Needless to say, a part of being the Chelsea manager is winning trophies, and with their penalty loss against Manchester City in the EFL Cup, their chances of lifting something this season have gone from bad to worse.

With all that in mind, here are two reasons why Maurizio Sarri could be the next Premier League manager to get sacked before the end of the season.

Losing Control

If the last week holds any indication of how Sarri is dealing with the current situation on and off the pitch, one thing is certain, he is slowly losing control over his players. The tipping point is surely Kepa’s disobedience in the EFL Cup Final against Manchester City. Even though the young Spaniard has been punished accordingly, social media and TV have had their fair share of gossip surrounding the whole ordeal. The summary is quite simple – if Sarri can’t control his players, the time has come for his sacking. As simple as that!

Poor Results

The second reason why Maurizio Sarri might be the next manager in Premier League to get sacked is a rather poor batch of results in recent months. But, the real question here is, will Chelsea sack Maurizio Sarri just because of a few bad games?

In all honesty, we’re not just talking about a few bad games here; Chelsea is currently sitting at the 6th position which means they won’t be seeing Champions League next season. Unless they win Europa League, that is. Furthermore, to be honest, mid-season management changes at Chelsea have happened in the past. Unfortunately for Sarri, the effects were actually quite good.

I mean, just take a look at the table down below. You can see that both Hiddink and Di Matteo managed to save Chelsea’s seasons by either improving their end-season placements or winning domestic and European competitions.

Season Managers Date Pos. Final pos Cups won
2007-08 Mourinho, Grant Sept 2007 5th 2nd CL & LC runners-up
2008-09 Scolari, Hiddink Feb 2009 4th 3rd Won FAC
2011-12 Villas-Boas, Di Matteo Mar 2012 6th 6th Won CL & FAC
2012-13 Di Matteo, Benitez Nov 2012 3rd 3rd Won EL
2015-16 Mourinho, Hiddink Dec 2015 16th 10th

Tactical Disarray

Lastly, Sarri’s typical tactical discipline doesn’t seem to be working with Chelsea. He’s not your typical manager that just continues off from where his predecessor left. Nope! He’s the type of manager that brings in radical changes to support the backbone of his tactical ideology. We’re talking about the so-called Sarriball which, quite honestly, hasn’t lived up to the expectations in Premier League.

The biggest drawback of Sarri’s tactical endeavors are the experiments with his midfield line. He’s replaced Kante with Jorginho at the central defensive midfielder spot which hasn’t worked very well thus far. Unfortunately, both fans and pundits are pointing out Jorginho as one of the biggest problems in Chelsea’s performance but Sarri is yet to acknowledge this and make changes; preferably returning the Frenchman to his preferred position in which he’s already won the Premier League twice.

Will Chelsea Sack Maurizio Sarri | Two Reasons Why They Won’t

But not everything goes against Maurizio Sarri. Not everything is bleak for the Italian tactician. There are some bright spots in his Chelsea career, as well as certain circumstances that might work in his favor.

Season Ends Soon

The first thing that comes to mind here is the fact that the season is near its business end. At the time of writing this article, Chelsea has just eleven matches to go. There’s just three-point separating them from the fourth place (with an extra match to play) which leads to the Champions League. That said, there’s still chance for Sarriball to prove its worth and help the boys in Blue qualify for the premier European competition next season.

On the other hand, this can prove to be a double-edged sword. If Sarri fails to take three points from Fulham (away), Wolves (home), and Everton (away), both Chelsea’s CL aspirations and Sarri’s managerial position will be in grave danger.

Sarriball Philosophy and Tottenham Win

Lastly, let’s return to the, now already infamous, Sariball approach to Chelsea’s playstyle. I’ve already talked about it above, but its significance to Chelsea’s style of play requires another go at the philosophy behind it.

The basics of Maurizio Sarri’s Sarriball is effective, Sarriball is attractive; it is well-versed in both attacking and defensive segments… So, what could be the reason behind Chelsea’s recent poor track record? Well, Sarriball takes time to become all of the above. It takes time (and effort) for it to become effective, especially in the harsh Premier League environment where every experiment goes under an extra dose of scrutiny.


So, to conclude… Will Chelsea sack Maurizio Sarri before the end of the season? Let me rephrase that, should you bet on Sarri to be the next Premier League manager to get sacked by the end of this season? Well, the chances are still pretty high. The win against Tottenham might’ve just postponed the sack.

If Sarri fails to deliver at the next three matches, I highly doubt Roman Abramovic will have any patience left for the Italian expert. On the other hand, if Sarri takes all nine points across the next three Premier League matches, I’d say a safer bet would be the “no manager to be sacked by the end of the season” option.

That’s about it for this article. Thank you for sticking to the very end, I really appreciate it!

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