Will Smith Emasculated Chris Rock, Odds on Who Wins in a Real Fight

Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock At Oscars

Will Smith vs. Chris Rock is the one thing we’re all talking about, and, well, there’s a very good reason why: it’s the most viral slap in the history of mankind! A statement slap, if you will; its purpose was never to leave a lasting mark but rather to send a message — and that it did beautifully. A fair bit of time has passed since the whole debacle, and we’re still not quite sure what to think of it.

It’s as if the Dalai Lama kneed Pope Francis in the face on national television. Well, maybe that wasn’t the best analogy but you do get the point. It’s rare for comedians to engage in fisticuffs, what with their preference for verbal brawling. And that is especially true for the obscenely rich and famous ones.

A slap of this magnitude? On the biggest stage in the entertainment business? With millions upon millions of people watching from across the globe? Who’d do such a thing? It sounds like a bit of badly written satire, and yet it all went down in front of our very eyes.

And so it’s impossible not to wonder: who’d win in a full-blown fight?

What if Chris Rock hadn’t shown as much restraint but had, instead, opted to punch back? What if they were to settle their differences inside a cage under the unified rules of boxing or MMA? These questions actually have a lot more depth than one would expect, so let’s take a closer look!

Will Smith vs. Chris Rock Odds | Tale of the Tape

Odds courtesy of Bovada.

Before we delve any deeper into potential strategies and win conditions, let’s first go over the bare facts — the stat sheet, if you will:

  Will “Fresh Prince” Smith Chris “King Julius” Rock
AGE 53 57
HEIGHT 6’2 [188cm] 5’10 [178cm]
WEIGHT +200 lbs [91kg] +168 lbs [76kg]
FIGHTING OUT OF Philadelphia Georgetown, South Carolina
FIGHTING EXPERIENCE More than you’d expect None whatsoever
MOTIVATION Through the roof.
A slap wasn’t enough.
Saving face.

You don’t have to be a member of Mensa to figure out who’s the favorite here. The odds of Chris Rock beating Will Smith in a full-blown fight are rather slim (if not non-existent). He’s older, shorter, has a weight and reach disadvantage along with very little (if any) combat experience.

In other words: he’d have no avenue for success in a potential fight with Will Smith.

The “Fresh Prince,” on the other hand, has had a lot of training. He’s not a fighter by any stretch of the imagination, but he must’ve picked up a few tricks throughout his long and storied career. To make films like Ali, Suicide Squad, and I Am Legend one has to be in peak physical condition.

Darrell Foster, former trainer of boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, also coached Will back in the early aughts.

His mission was not an easy one:
He had to teach an actor with no prior combat experience not just the fundamentals of the “sweet science” but also the many tricks and feints and moves that the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time employed during his heyday.

The training itself was as real as it gets, and the results — an Oscar nomination for Will and widespread critical acclaim — speak for themselves.

Chris Rock was never the leading man in any action flick.
He never portrayed any boxers or mixed martial artists nor was he required to put on any muscle or train like a madman. He’s a comedian through and through, and would much rather rely on his wit than brawn.

A fight between Will Smith and Chris Rock would definitely sell like crazy, but it wouldn’t be a fair match-up. They differ in weight, age, height, reach, and pretty much everything else as well.

Will Smith vs. Chris Rock Betting Odds | An “Iffy” Slap

Some folks were quick to point out that the slap itself wasn’t particularly impressive. It didn’t deal any real damage nor did it throw Chris Rock off-balance. As far as slaps go, it was quite a middling one. Still, we feel like that was “by design.”

Its purpose was clear:
it was a warning meant to inform Chris Rock that he had crossed the line. You don’t need to knock a guy’s head off to let him know how you feel — a “simple” slap, in this case, was a lot more effective (and surely damaging to the recipient’s ego).

There’s a lot of potential here. By competing in a sanctioned bout, Will Smith and Chris Rock would not only solve this once and for all but also generate millions upon millions of dollars, too! All they need to do is enter any kind of cage or ring, put on some gloves, and go at it for three rounds. Just imagine the pay-per-view numbers! And in that fight, we’d bet all our money on Will Smith to come out victorious.

As for that slap yesterday, we call that “cutting a promo.”
Winner: Will Smith!
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