You Can Now Bet on Coronavirus Results Online

Covid-19, the coronavirus that first emerged in Wuhan China, has now infected more than 90,000 individuals around the world. Containment efforts seem to be failing and no one can accurately say how long the virus will spread for. Now, one of the top online sportsbooks in the US is allowing members to bet on coronavirus results.

There are many questions surrounding this new virus. World leaders seem uncertain about how to stop its spread. Today, I’ll be looking at some of the bets about the coronavirus available online right now.

Coronavirus Update: More than 90,000 People Diagnosed

Back in late December, the coronavirus was largely contained in Wuhan. As time went on, it began spreading throughout China. Eventually, it had infected individuals in every single Chinese province.

It didn’t take long to spread to other countries, as well. Thailand and Japan quickly revealed positive diagnoses. The coronavirus started to work its way into Europe in late January.

Now, this virus has spread all over the world. It’s particularly bad in China, Italy, Iran, and South Korea. As a result, many countries have implemented travel bans towards these countries. Italy even announced that it was shutting down schools and universities.

More than 90,000 people have been infected. Over 3,000 have been killed. Most analysts predict the real numbers are far higher.

Government officials around the world are pushing hard for companies to come up with a cure. It seems unlikely for this to happen within the next 12 months. We’ll simply need to wait and see how containment efforts work out in the coming weeks. Now, people around the country are starting to bet on coronavirus results online.

Bet On Whether or Not the Olympics Will be Canceled Due to Coronavirus

Even now, with infection rates of the coronavirus still relatively low, many sporting events around the world have been canceled. Many have voiced their concerns that large sports venues are easy places for the virus to spread. Officials within the IOC are now discussing the idea of postponing or even canceling the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The Olympic Games are scheduled to begin on July 24th in Tokyo, Japan. Obviously, there are fears of allowing a huge number of visitors from countries dealing with major infection outbreaks. Some feel the entire event should be put on hold until this situation is resolved. is now allowing its members to bet on whether or not this will happen.

As of now, the odds of the Olympic Games being canceled are set at +500. It would be unprecedented for the Olympics to be shut down due to a virus. With the way things are moving, however, this may be the best strategy right now.

The odds that the 2020 Summer Olympics go ahead as planned sit at -1000. The IOC claims it plans to allow the event as usual. As time goes on, these odds are likely to change.

Bet On If the Coronavirus Kills More People Than The Black Plague

This option to bet on coronavirus results is a little morbid, yet many people have questions over how deadly this new virus really is. As of now, it’s killed more than 3,200 people yet some reports claim many deaths are going unreported. To make things worse, scientists recently discovered that there are now two strains of the virus.

The Black Plague devastated Europe from 1347 to 1351. The specific amount of individuals killed varies yet most agree it was in excess of 100 million individuals. Some have concerns that Covid-19 could bring about a similar death rate.

Obviously, this is highly unlikely. The Black Plague took place during medieval times. Science and hospital have come a long way since then.

The odds that the coronavirus kills more people than the Black Plague are set at +3000. This would be massively surprising and as of now, the world is not in that kind of danger.

No one with a scientific understanding of this virus really believes it will kill more people than the Black Plague. For now, the odds that fewer people die come in at -10000.

Bet On If Trump Declares the Coronavirus a National Emergency

It’s been surprising to see how quickly this virus is able to spread. Within just a few weeks, it’s managed to infect individuals in more than 15 different states across the country. Health officials warn that it’s just a matter of time before a major city experiences an outbreak.

Donald Trump has been offering updates on the virus, yet has maintained that it’s still possible to contain the virus. Some officials dispute this claim. Whether or not Trump declares a national emergency due to the coronavirus is now one of the most popular options to bet on coronavirus results online.

This will likely depend on how quickly it’s able to spread. If more states begin experiencing jumps in infection rates and the death toll rises, it seems like a real possibility. More than 11 individuals have already been killed by the coronavirus in the United States.

There are odds of +150 that Trump decides to call this situation a national emergency. Doing so would likely heighten the anxiety around the country. Based on the current trend, this bet may be one worth making.

The odds that Trump never deems this a national emergency sit at -200. He seems determined to contain this virus as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the ability to do so may be out of anyone’s hands.

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