Beterbiev vs Smith Jr. Odds and Predictions

Beterbiev Vs Smith Light Heavyweight Unification

Here are the stats, betting tables, and top picks for Artur Beterbiev vs Joe Smith Jr. odds. We’re looking at all 20 betting markets and determining a top pick for each category. You’ll be able to find everything from the safest bet to the most lucrative Beterbiev vs Smith jr. prop bet. 

How to Watch and Bet on Beterbiev vs Smith Jr. 

Beterbiev vs Smith Jr. airs on June 18th, 2022 at 10:00PM ET. You can watch the fight on ESPN +, live from Madison Square Garden. Our Beterbiev vs Smith Jr. odds come from Bovada, one of the top Boxing betting websites

Top Betting Pick for Beterbiev vs Smith Jr.

Artur Beterbiev has knocked out everyone he’s faced for a reason. His elusive fients and power jab are similar to the kind of boxing Bivol used to win the decision over Smith. Smith is a gritty fighter that moves forward often, which is exactly the kind of boxer not to be against Beterbiev. Bet the money line for parlay picks and the TKO prop for a -300 payout. 

Top Pick for Fans of Joe Smith Jr. 

If you think Joe can get it done, the Over 3.5 rounds prop bet pays out more than the Beterbiev money line and matches the majority of the last ten fights for both fighters. If Joe gets it done, it will be the hardest fought decision of his career. 

Tale of the Tape for Beterbiev vs Smith Jr.

Fighter  Artur Beterbiev  Joe Smith jr. ‘The Irish Bomber’
Ranking  Unified Champion WBO title Holder
Age 37 32
Height 6’0’’ 6’0’’
Reach 73’’ 76’’ 
Total Fights 17 31
Record 17-0 28-3
Knockouts 17, 100% 22, 70%
Stance Orthodox  Orthodox 
Inactivity  Six Months  Five Months
Weight class
Light Heavy Light Heavy 
Boxing trainer  Marc ramsay, Andre Kulesza,  Jerry Capobianco

Joe is the slightly larger man, and has five years of youth on the champion. In person, Beterbiev looks shorter and slightly heavier than Joe. Beterbiev has been known to cut significant weight leading up to the bout. 

Comparing the Fighters Trainers

Joe’s coach Capobianco was responsible for several olympians in the 90s but is now less relevant to anyone but Joe. Marc Ramsay worked with Jean Pascal, Eleider Alvarez and David Lemieux. It would seem Beterbiev has the training advantage, but Smith was able to defeat his training partner Elieder Alvarez in nine rounds.  

Money Line and Method of Victory Betting Odds for  

Bet Artur Beterbiev Joe Smith jr. 
Money line -900 +500
TKO Win -300 +700
Decision Win  +350 +1100

Beterbeiv has knocked out all seventeen of his challengers, making the -300 KO prop a great choice. The $33 per $100 wagered payout indicates a 75% likelihood according to the oddsmakers. 
Smith has been knocked out once, by little known Eddie Caminero in 2010 early in their careers. 

Beterbeiv vs Joe Smith Jr. Odds History

Beterbeive opened at -1100 for this fight. He ranged from -105 against Gvozdyk in an early title win to -5000 against Enrico Koelling. This is his fifth fight below -1000. 
Joe has been the favorite in his last two. He upset Eleider Alvarez and lost to Bivol at +1400. He also lost a decision to Sullivan Barrera at +210. 

Over Under Odds for Beterbeiv vs Smith Jr. 

Bet  Over, Yes Odds  Under, No Odds
Will the Fight Go the Distance  +250 -390
1.5 Rounds  +1800
2.5 Rounds -3300 +900
3.5 Rounds -1200 +575
4.5 Rounds -550 +335
5.5 Rounds -360 +235
6.5 Rounds -230 +160
7.5 Rounds -155 +110
8.5 Rounds -125 -115
9.5 Rounds +125 -180
10.5 Rounds +170 -245

When considering the over, under- look at the last ten fights for both fighters and decide if there is any pattern to bet on. 

Last Ten Outcomes for Beterbiev vs Smith Jr. 

Fight Outcome  Beterbiev  Smith Jr. 
10 Round Decisions 0 2
12 Rounds Decisions  0 2
1st Round TKO 1 1
2nd Round TKO  0 2
4th Round TKO 3 0
5th Round TKO  1 0
7th Round TKO  1 0
8th Round TKO  0 2
9th Round TKO  1 1
10th Round TKO  2 0
12th Round TKO  1 0

Beterbeiv has a bias toward late finishes against better boxers. His mid ranging finishing is common, making the over 2.5 Rounds prop safe, but not impenetrable. I don’t see a Smith Decision win, so betting the Fight Goes to decision, No prop bet covers you for any highly unlikely Smith Jr. Upset knockouts. 

Beterbiev vs Smith Jr. Group Betting Odds

Bet  Beterbiev Odds Smith jr. Odds
Rounds 1-2 +1500 +6600
Rounds 3-4 +900 +6600
Rounds 5-6 +550 +5000
Rounds 7-8 +400 +3300
Rounds 9-10 +375 +3300
Rounds 11-12 +450 +4000
Rounds 1-6 +300 +2200
Rounds 7-12 EVEN +1400

The Beterbiev late knockout is a +100 bet, paying out triple his -300 knockout prop. If we’re picking a round betting prop, we’d pick that one. However, Artur has five of his last ten TKOs prior to the sixth round, so it’s not worth the risk. 

Beterbiev vs Smith Jr. Boxing Breakdown

Beterbiev is the master of slight feints. They’re often so minor that onlookers can’t appreciate his style. Here, Beterbiev utilizes his jab as an offensive tool. One of the more dangerous issues in dealing with Artur is the power carried by every shot he lands. 

Let’s compare that to the often back and forth work of Joe Smith jr. Smith will march forward with hands in front, and is praised for his grit. Bivol was able to land the jab early, punches that Smith will need to deal with in order to beat Artur. We see Beterbiev winning these exchanges, and ultimately hitting far too hard for Smith. 

Beterbiev’s ability to pour it on is stunning. Here, he landed two left hooks that set off a chain of some forty punches landed. His opponents will often not look rocked, but Artur can see the changes in their behavior and he knows he can put them away. 

Bet the Artur Beterbiev Money line at -900, or take a small risk on a -300 TKO prop bet. 

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