Briedis vs Opetaia Odds and Prediction

Briedis defends his Cruiserweight IBF title, and we’re looking closely at all nineteen betting markets, props and money line bets for Briedis vs Opetaia odds. 

How to Watch and Bet on Briedis vs Opetaia

The fight airs on FITE TV and ESPN+, with the main event expected to start at 7:00 AM ET. You can bet on Briedis vs Opetaia by clicking our place bet buttons. They all lead to Bovada, our top boxing betting site for this bout. 

Top Betting Pick for Briedis vs Opetaia

Briedis is coming off a win over a 31 year old boxer featuring a third round knockout. He’s as tough as ever, and seems unaffected by his age. The only boxer to beat Briedis was Usyk, and Opetaia’s not on his technical level, still relying on youth and athleticism to rack up TKOs. 

Top Pick for Fans of Opetaia

The Opetaia money line is a fine bet but we see Briedis winning this bout with relative ease. We’ve selected the Over 7.5 Rounds prop bet for bettors unwilling to go with the Briedis money line. 

Tale of the Tape for Briedis vs Opetaia

Fighter  Mairis Briedis  Jai Opetaia 
Ranking  #1 NA
Age 37 27
Height 6’1’’ 6’2’’
Reach 75’’ 76’’ 
Total Fights 29 21
Record 28-1 21-0
Knockouts 20 17
Stance Orthodox  Southpaw
Inactivity  9 Months  7 Months 

Weight class

Cruiserweight Cruiserweight
Boxing trainer  Dmitry Shilokhai  Isaac Peach, Don Abnett 

Briedis is a decade older than his opponent. Opetaia was the youngest Australian Olympic boxing representative.

Jai has a better overall knockout percentage, downing his last three opponents, but none inside the top ten Cruiserweights.


Briedis vs Opetaia Money Line and Method of Victory Betting Odds   

Bet  Mairis Briedis  Opetaia Jai Tapu 
Money Line  -193 +160
Decision  +200 +280
TKO  +155 +725
Draw +1400 +1400

Opetaia’s TKO prop is low, mainly because Briedis has fought the who’s who of cruiserweight knockout artists. If Usyk couldn’t do it, it’s not likely Opetaia can do the job.

Briedis has had three decision wins over his last five fights.

Our top prop for the method of victory categories is Briedis by decision. Jai has never been knocked out, and Mairis is fading just a bit with age. 

Briedis vs Opetaia Over Under and Round Betting Odds 

Round Bets  Over, Yes Odds Under, No Odds
2.5 Rounds  +1800
3.5 Rounds -6600 +1100
4.5 Rounds -1600 +650
5.5 Rounds -900 +475
6.5 Rounds -550 +335
7.5 Rounds -410 +260
8.5 Rounds -315 +210
9.5 Rounds -230 +160
10.5 Rounds -205 +145

Six of Briedis’s career nine decisions came after his 33rd birthday. As boxers age, they lose power. Expect This fight to go long, with both fighters showing exceptional chins. Our top prop is the Over 7,5 Rounds at -410. Jai’s latest knockouts are in rounds eight and nine, while Briedis is more and more likely to find the decision win,  

Round and Group Betting Odds for Briedis vs Opetaia

TKO Round Bet  Mairis Briedis  Opetaia Jai Tapu 
Rounds 1-2 +2500 +8000
Rounds 3-4 +1400 +5000
Rounds 5-6 +900 +3300
Rounds 7-8  +750 +2800
Rounds 9-10 +800 +3300
Rounds 11-12 +1100 +4000
Rounds 1-3 +1400 +5000
Rounds 4-6 +700 +2800
Rounds 7-9 +500 +2200
Rounds 10-12 +700 +2800
Rounds 1-6 +550 +1600
Rounds 7-12 +300 +2200

Looking at longshot bets, Briedis fans may think Briedis will win in rounds 3-4, putting his last two opponents down in round 3. I’m more interested in either fighter’s rounds 7-12 prop bets. Neither have been knocked out ever before, so late fight knockout props are your best choice. 

Briedis vs Opetaia Boxing Breakdown

Seen here demonstrating his own brand of one punch knockout power, Briedis won’t let you put your guard down for a second. One clean shot through the gloves and it’s over. Briedis also throws from odd angles. The first shot was an uppercut counter while nearly touching foreheads with his opponent. 

In his last bout, Briedis showed he still had killer instinct at 36. Mann was buckling under his punches early on, and he simply poured on the work, ending the fight with multiple knockdowns. Mann tried to contest that some were to the back of the head but it was an uppercut that stunned him. The man got hit so hard he thought Mairis was cheating. 

Jai looks great in highlights, but he simply hasn’t faced a level of competition that makes me believe he’s ready. I expect Jai to do well and land shots, but then be surprised by the power and accuracy of Briedis. I see fundamental issues with Jai’s technique, and feel Briedis will exploit them with ease. 

Briedis vs Opetaia Boxing Pick Wrap Up

Briedis has to lose the belt at some point, as the champion pushes forty and takes fights once every nine months. We expect Makabu or Bivol to do the job, unless Briedis manages to retire first. 
If you’re looking for top picks to parlay with the Briedis money line or prop bet picks, consider other combat sports cards through the weekend. Or, add undercard boxer Taylah Robertso’s money line to your betting ticket. 

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