Bryan vs Dubois Boxing Odds and Prediction

The WBA regular heavyweight title is on the line, and we’re covering all available odds for the boxing title bout for Trevor Byran vs Daniel Dubois. 

How to Bet and Where to Watch Bryan vs Dubois 

Bryan vs Dubois airs at 6:30PM ET, June 11th 2022. You can watch the fight on BT Sport app or FITE PPV. Bet on the fight by clicking any of our Place Bet buttons, taking you to Bovada, a top Boxing betting site

Top Byran vs Dubois Boxin Pick 

Our top pick goes to the challenger, Daniel Dubois. Dubois knockout power is tough to match. His only loss is to Olympian Joe Joyce, someone who’s leagues above Bryan in boxing skill. Dubois comes from a better training environment, has bested the better competition, and is the best fighter to face Bryan under forty years old. 

Top Boxing Betting Pick for Bryan

Both fighters have plenty of knockout power. The ‘Fight goes to Decision, No’ prop bet at -900 is a fantastic addition to a parlay ticket through the weekend. I would recommend betting light on the Under 3.5 Rounds prop if you’re looking for a better Bryan vs Dubois payout. 

Tale of the Tape for Bryan vs Dubois 

Fighter  Trevor ‘The Dream’ Bryan  Daniel ‘DDD’ Dubois 
Ranking  WBA Regular Champion WBA Regular Interim Champ
Age 32 24
Height 6’4’’ 6’5’’
Reach 79’’ 78’’ 
Total Fights 22 18
Record 22-0 17-1
Knockouts 15, 68% 16, 88%
Stance Orthodox  Orthodox 
Inactivity  5 Months 10 Months
Last Weigh in  267 242
Boxing trainer  Stacey McKinley  Mark Tibs, Martin Bowers
Amatuer Record  NA 69-6

Dubois is slightly smaller in weight, but he’s truly the larger man. He carries more muscle, is taller and has a superior reach. He’s eight years younger than Bryan, who has four more professional bouts overall. Dubois’ amatuer record is far more extensive than Byran, who doesn’t seem to have engaged in recorded amateur competition. 

Dubois vs Bryan Trainers: McKinley and Tibbs/Bowers

McKinley helped to train Mike Tyson at various times in his career. Outside of Tyson fame, McKinley helped to build Mercer, Mike Johnson and Tito mendoza. 

Bartin Bowers owns Peacock Gym in Europe. He was replaced by Dubois with Tibs in 2021. Both teams have produced legendary fighters and cross trained with many more. 

Boxing Betting Odds for Bryan vs Dubois Method of Victory Bets

Fighter  Trevor Bryan  Daniel Dubois 
Money Line  +850 -1600
TKO  +1100 -585
Decision Win +1800 +500
Draw  +2200 +2200
Round 1 Finish +10000 +550
Round 2 +10000 +350
Round 3  +8000 +350
Round 4 +6600 +550
Round 5 +6600 +850
Round 6  +10000 +1400
Round 7 +10000 +2200
Round 8 +10000 +2800
Round 9  +10000 +4000
Round 10 +10000 +5000
Round 11  +10000 +5000
Round 12  +10000 +6600

Oddsmakers see an early finish for Dubois. He lost by 10th round KO to Joyce, but has finished his four most recent wins by 1st or 2nd round TKO. Dubois last fight to make it past the fifth was 2018 in a decision to Kevin Johnson, a crafty vet with 55 total bouts. 

Trevor Bryan KO odds

Bryan is at +10000 for the majority of round calls. Against worthy opponents his KOs are split between rounds three and eleven. If you’re considering a Bryan by KO prop bet, know that the majority of opponents he’s faced under fourty with amatuer experience have made it to decision. 

Dubois Round Call Bets

We won’t be using round call props for our top betting picks, but Dubois in Round 3 is our top round call. Trevor has never been knocked out, and most analysts expect the fight to go between 2-5 rounds total. 

Boxing Round Betting and Group Betting Odds for Bryan vs Dubois 

Round Betting (Fighter KO/RTD Win) Trevor Bryan Odds  Daniel Dubois Odds 
Rounds 1-2 +5000 +185
Rounds 3-4 +4000 +185
Rounds 5-6 +4000 +500
Rounds 7-8 +5000 +1200
Rounds 9-10 +8000 +2200
Rounds 11-12 +8000 +2800
Rounds 1-3 +3300 -110
Rounds 4-6 +2800 +240
Rounds 7-9 +4000 +1000
Rounds 10-12 +6600 +2000
Rounds 1-6 +1600 -275
Rounds 7-12 +3300 +525

The Dubois bets for Rounds 1-6 and 1-3 are our top group betting picks. They cover the majority of Dubois knockouts. I would wager Trevor Bryan’s more likely to win late if at all, so pick the Rounds 7-12 prop bet if you’re a Bryan fan. The Bryan vs Dubois Boxing odds support our guess of a Dubois knockout, and oddsmakers make it clear that a Bryan finish is barely on their radar.  

Over/Under and Round Betting for Dubois vs Bryan

Bet  Over/Yes  Under/No 
3.5 Rounds  -115 -125
Will Fight Go to Decision +425 -900
Fight Ends in 1 +500
Fight Ends in 2 +300
Fight Ends in 3 +300
Fight Ends in 4 +500
Fight Ends in 5 +800
Fight Ends in 6 +1200
Fight Ends in 7 +2000
Fight Ends in 8 +2500
Fight Ends in 9 +3300
Fight Ends in 10 +4000
Fight Ends in 11 +4000
Fight Ends in 12 +5000
Fight Ends in 1-3 -120
Fight Ends in 4-6 +220
Fight Ends in 7-9 +900
Fight Ends in 10-12 +1800

The over under is even, but I would take the under if forced. Dubois is a powerful striker and Bryan has faced anything remotely like it. The Fight ends in Rounds 4-6 may be the top Bryan vs Dubois bet for a Bryan fan looking for a great payout. 

Boxing Breakdown for Bryan vs Dubois Predictions

Bryan has been talking a big game leading up to the bout with Dubois. He hasn’t truly produced the results he needs to back it up. Bryan has focused on padding his record with boxers that should have retired years ago. In his last five, Bryan faced three boxers in their forties. 

Dubois is fantastic at cutting through heavyweight guards. Few can survive his opening flurries. Those that do find his early body work to take a toll by the fifth. Dubois is all about pouring it on and punching in volume, and Bryan has never demonstrated the head movement and footwork that would allow him to prepare for it. 

In his only loss, Joyce outworked Dubois in only three rounds leading up to the round ten TKO. The key here is that Joyce was able to survive. None of the power punches hit him clean, and the average 6 power shots landed per round by Dubois were glancing thanks to expert head movement. 

Bet the Dubois Knockout prop bet at -585 for $17.09 per $100 wager. 

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