Butaev vs Stanionis Boxing Betting Pick

We’re diving deep on this welterweight match up between two of boxing’s rising stars, Butaev vs Stanionis. Our betting pick covers the top available odds, our most confident betting picks and a boxing breakdown of these two talented fighters. Place your bets before ringwalk, April 16th 2022 at 8:00 PM ET on FITE or Showtime Boxing. This bout is for the WBA Welterweigth Championship on the Spence vs Ugas Undercard, a perfect addition to your betting ticket. 

Top Boxing Betting Pick for Butaev vs Stanionis

Butaev is the more technical, larger fighter. He’s going to use range to draw out stepping shots from Stanionis, repeatedly landing the left hook. I see a decision win, but I can’t count a Butaev finish out. Stanionis simply hasn’t been challenged, and gets hit quite often. The power of Butaev’s counterwork, and his willingness to shell up in the face of any boxer’s power will win him the fight. Butaev is a slight favorite and pays out $80 per $100 wagered. 

Lead Up to Butaev vs Stanionis 

Both fighters are undefeated, with Butaev currently holding the WBA title. Both fighters have a high knockout percentage, and both are fresh off big wins. Stanionis has one no contest with Luis Collazo due to a headbutt, has been dominant, knocking out four of his last five fighters. 
Butaev is a Russian boxer who still trains out of Dagestan. 
Butaev also holds a no contest. He lost to Alexander Besputin, but Besputin was unable to pass a drug test, and the Titles were revoked, with Butaev reclaiming the WBA title in his most recent win over #8 Jamal James. 

Tale of the Tape for Butaev vs Stanionis

Fighter  Radzhab Butaev  Eimantas Stanionis 
Ranking  #9,  #7,WBA Champion
Age 28 27
Height 5’10’’  5’8’’
Reach 72’’ 68’’
Total Fights 15 14
Record 14-0, 1NC 13-0, 1NC
Knockouts 11 9
Stance Orthodox Orthodox 
66 74
Inactivity  167 Days  251 Days 

Butaev is the larger man by inches, and the four inch reach advantage should come in handy with Butaev’s plodding, counter punching style. He has slightly more knockouts total and a better knockout percentage, but against arguably worse off competition. Stanionis defeat of Dulorme is one of the most experienced opponents of either fighter, and Butaev was fighting un-notable fighters until his last four bouts. 
Stanionis has had an additional four months off, and seems to be careful in planning the frequency of his fight camps and bouts.

Boxing Betting Odds for Butaev vs Stanionis

Bet Odds
Butaev Money Line -125
Stanionis Money Line -105
Over 9.5 Round -150
Under 9.5 Rounds  +105
Over 10.5 Rounds -140
Under 10.5 Rounds  EVEN
Over 11.5 Rounds  -120
Under 11.5 Rounds  -120
Butaev by Decision +285
Stanionis by Decision +260
Butaev in Rounds 7-12 +500
Stanionis in Rounds 7-12  +450
Will the Fight Go the Distance, Yes, No -120
Butaev by KO +240
Stanionis by KO  +250
Draw  +1400

Butaev is a slight favorite, with Stanionis showing better odds for the 7-12 Round range knockout. Butaev is an earlier starter, with five knockouts before round four over the past ten fights. Stanionis’s last two knockouts were late in the fight around round 9. He’s a slower starter, but has two first round knockouts. This should affect your Butaev vs Stanionis betting pick, the odds show that a knockout is just as likely as a decision win, in a fight where neither fighter has ever been downed even once. 

Boxing Odds History for Butaev vs Stanionis

Eimantas has never been the underdog, ranging from -115 toward the beginning of his career, -800 to Dulorme, all the way up to -5000 over Janer Gonzalez. In some sportsbooks, he’s a +120. Butaev was a -112 in his dominant win over Jamal James. His loss to Busputin was at +235, but was switched to a no contest due to failed drug tests. This is an even match up, where both fighters have had dominant odds over lower level fighters and even odds with top ten boxers. 

Top Prop Bets for Butaev vs Stanionis

Under 11.5 rounds is perfect if you believe in the knockout power of both fighters. Given their level of competition leading up to this fight, I think we could see a decision. Fans of either fighter will pick the “butaev by knockout” or “Stanionis by knockout” props, but they’re ignoring the fact that both fighters tend to go the distance with top ten boxers. Stanionis by Decision is one of my top picks, as he holds more amatuer experience and leans toward longer fights overall. Our money line bet is our top recommendation for this selection of Butaev vs Stanionis odds. 

Boxing Analysis for Butaev vs Stanionis

Both fighters have different styles of knockout power. Butaev has an almost kickboxing approach, with a high, tight guard and counterpunching style, versus Stanionis’ forward moving aggression, hoping to box fighters into the ropes for hook and uppercut combinations. His looping overhand right is rare in boxing, but he puts in the work to chip away at a fighter’s defensives before throwing it. I can see Butaev’s counter check hook finding a home versus the Stanionis overhand. 

Butaev’s Body Work

Look at how Butaev holds his hands high to get to the inside. He wants you to strike so that your elbows come away from the body. Butaev’s hands sneak inside the guard to deal damage. Stanionis is rarely found against the ropes like this, and money of both fighter’s best knockouts come after driving an opponent back. It will be interesting to see who takes the first step backwards. 

Butaev’s High Altitude Training

I’ve been skeptical of the coaching of Butaev before, but I’m sure the Dagestani altitude work will put Butaev in good cardio condition for a full twelve rounds. If you think Butaev will fade because he gets early knockouts, you may be mistaken. Butaev vs Stanionis odds show an advantage in late fight TKOs but that’s only because of the frequency of TKOs in later fights, not because of Butaev’s actual late fight performances. 

Butaev’s Height Advantage and The Uppercut

Butaev is the taller fighter, and given that one of Stanionis’ tools is the uppercut. Butaev will draw it out by crouching to counter the body. Expect the left hook to play a major role in the Butaev strategy as he looks to manage the shorter fighter’s uppercut game. 

Stanionis Style and Performances

Stanionis is an aggressive fighter that almost falls into his punches. He’s drilling the uppercut here at his head height, looking for big right handed opportunities. I see style and technical differences in their game as a comparison of Usyk vs Wilder. Stanionis has plenty of power, but a technical opponent that can survive his right hand will put him through the ringer. 


Butaev vs Stanionis Boxing Pick Wrap Up

If you can’t make sense of boxing betting, we do it for you. Butaev should be a next challenger for Spence, and before we can make any predictions there, we’ll need to see how Spence deals with Ugas after the car wreck. The Welterweight division is stacked with high level technicians and sluggers alike. Expect this to be the rebirth of the technical champion as we see Butaev taking the WBA crown and likely facing off against Spence. 

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