Boxing Betting Predictions: Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith

Get a load of these two, will ya?

The face-off is something else.

Callum Smith is a giant! The 30 year old Scouser from Liverpool is undefeated at 27-0 and has a chance here to shock the world. To me, Canelo Alvarez is the face of boxing right now and the title is well-deserved.

I can’t remember exactly when we saw someone who could box so well with this much power. I mean, if you have someone in mind, please tell me. Roy Jones was great at range and while a great boxer, of course, his elite speed made a massive difference for him.

Canelo is good from range but his work in the pocket slipping and ripping is something special.

That’s good because I don’t think he is going to win a range battle against a man standing half a foot taller. But then again, Alvarez is a once in a generation type of fighter and I have seen him so even more.

BetOnline has the betting odds for this fight. Let’s take a look at those, find our value, and make a play(s) to pay!

Best Bets

Alvarez vs Smith – Method of Victory

Alvarez Wins Inside the Distance

There we go. Left hook to the liver. I’m calling it right now.

Alvarez is not going to operate at range unless Callum Smith forces him to and nowhere in any of the betting lines are we getting any hint of that. It seems like the books are pretty much split on whether Canelo gets him out of there or not.

Here is my thing. This just comes down to physical anatomy. If you’re that tall at 6’3” and making 168 pounds, then you can’t be that thick. This isn’t the wild west of MMA where they let fighters cut and put back on as many pounds as they like.

Well, California does have regulations in place now but that’s it. Other than that, MMA is wide open for weight cutting. Boxing, though, they make sure with a hydration test the day of the fight, that the competitors didn’t cut more than the allowed percentage of their body weights.

6’3” and no heavier than 185 isn’t that slight of frame. I mean, my dad was 6’4” and 130 pounds. I made it down to 145 once at 6’1”.

Callum isn’t that thick, though, either and I believe that is precisely where Canelo will attack. He is a liver hunter with one of the most vicious hooks that can go the the body and the head.

Just watch how he mixed it up to finish the much larger Kovalev.

If you watch closely, you will see that the left hook he finished him with to the head had the angle of a shovel hook to the body. In this case, he set him up to the body and when Kovalev saw him draw back, he lowered his elbow to protect the liver.


There is no doubt that Callum is tough and may hold the range for a few rounds but Canelo has 12 to work with and I just think the best boxer in the world finds a way to finish the Brit.

My Pick
Alvarez Wins Inside the Distance

In Conclusion

2020 hasn’t been THAT bad, right?

Okay, maybe it has. I am ready for a new year as well, guys, but first we have some major boxing stars fighting and, oh yeah, Christmas as well.

Callum Smith is a giant of a man but once Canelo Alvarez gets inside of those long arms, they will work against the Brit. He has never fought anyone like Alvarez. The only man who owns a win over the Mexican superstar is Floyd Money Mayweather and you know Money was smart enough to catch Canelo fairly early in his career.

Mayweather did make him look silly, though. That fight seemed to make Alvarez that much better, though. He focused on his boxing, his footwork, his slickness, his head movement, and defense and now he is truly a fighter with no flaws.

Smith will be a tough test and it may take Cinnamon a few rounds to find a way to safely close the distance but when he does, I think it’s only a matter of time before the Redwood crashes to the forest floor.

Get your bets in now, team, and enjoy the fights on DAZN or whatever way you can figure out how to see them. Most importantly, though, if you haven’t already, bet directly from this article on Canelo to get the finish!

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