Chisora vs Parker Betting Pick, Latest Odds and Fight Analysis

In this Chisora vs Parker betting pick, we’re gathering the stats, observing all bets, and producing the most accurate fight analysis for the fight. Don’t miss the compubox stats from fight one near the bottom of the page. 

Story of the Fight

The fight goes down on December 18th, 2021 at the Manchester Arena. Chisora holds the WBO Inter-Continental Heavyweight Title after defeating Parker in a split decision last May. They go at it again to determine who deserves the title, and a possible mandatory WBO challenger title shot. Parker lost his title to Anthony Joshua in 2018. 
There’s growing bad blood between the two, as Parker stated in a face to face interview, “He can’t box and he’s not even that good at it.” While Chisora was convinced, “When it’s time for him (Parker) to step up, he chokes.” 
You can see the fight with a DAZN subscription everywhere or on PPV. 

Tale of the Tape for Chisora vs Parker

Fighter  Dereck Chisora Joseph Parker
Ranking  #7 #6
Age 37 29
Height 6’1’’ 6’4’’
Reach 74’’ 76’’
Total Fights 43 31
Record 32-11 29-2
Knockouts 23 21
Stance Orthodox  Orthodox 
280 189
Inactivity  231 Days  231 Days
Weight class
Heavy Heavy
Boxing trainer  Buddy McGrit Andy Lee 

Chisora is heavily more experienced than parker. Parker carries the height, reach and age advantages. 

Comparing the Fighters Trainers

Andy Lee is an Irish trainer and former WBO Middleweight Champion. He was trained by Emmanuel Steward and continues a lineage of boxing knockout artists. Buddy McGrit is a new addition to the aging Chisora team. 

McGrit is promising to produce better strategies that won't have him in slugfests for the remainder of his career. This was a change in camps after Chisora’s 2020 loss to Usyk. 

Both fight camps are high quality and shouldn’t tip the scales either direction, though McGrit has worked with more champions in his career. 

Betting Odds for Chisora vs Parker 

Bet Odds and Payout per Dollar Wager
Dereck Chisora Money Line +700, $7.00
Joseph Parker Money Line -1250, $0.08

Parker won the first fight, despite being downed in the first round. Over the course of twelve rounds, Parker reclaimed dominance in round eight winning 115-113 on two scorecards and losing 111-116 on the third. According to the punch stats, Parker was out-worked in eight of the twelve rounds. 

Prop Bets for Chisora Parker 

This chart does not cover the myriad of methods of victory and round calling props available at

Bet Odds 
Over/Under 10 ½ Rounds  Over -215, Under +175
Chisora by Decision +550
Parker by Decision  +125
Parker by Knockout  +175
Will the Fight Go the Distance  Yes -135, No +105

It’s suspected that this time through, Parker will have evolved to outperform Chisora from every angle. He’s eight years younger, and the odds reflect a likely Parker decision victory. I’m tentative to bet any of the distance and over/under props. 
Parker could knock out Chisora due to age. Thirty-seven is quite old for boxing, and we can’t know how Chisora’s chin is holding up. However, Chisora looked fine in May. He beat Parker at jabs, footwork, defensive boxing and just about any category you can think of. I feel the Chisora  money line at $7.00 per $1 is as good as it gets for this bout. 

Boxing Analysis for Chisora vs Parker

Looking closely at their first fight, you’ll see that Parker was out punched by Chisora time and again. It’s difficult to understand just how badly Chisora beat Parker on paper. The only rounds that seemed competitive were 8-12, which should have put Chisora ahead eight rounds including the knockdown.
There was some argument that Parker had landed cleaner, but this feels untrue after a deeper look at the fight.  

Relevant Compubox Stats for the First Fight 

Fighter  Total Punches  Jabs  Power 
Parker 181/593, 30.5% 48/305, 15% 133/288, 46%
Chisora 245/613, 40% 50/169, 29.6% 195/444, 43.9%

The Chisora robbery is clear while looking at the punch stats. He was more accurate, had better defense overall, and landed an additional 30% more total punches than Parker, including beating him at jabs and power strikes individually. 

Chisora vs Parker Boxing Pick Wrap Up

This is a great chance to capitalize on the righting of a boxing wrong. Boxing is known for it’s bad decisions that edge out older champions in favor of the newer, but in Chisora’s home turf, Parker will have to do more than rely on a showy finish if he wants to take home the title. 

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