Davis vs Romero Boxing Odds and Pick

Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero goes down tomorrow, May 28th, 2022 at 10:30 PM ET. This fight has twenty open betting markets on the top online boxing betting sites, and we’re breaking down our top pick overall and our best prediction for each of the round and fight prop bets. 

Top Davis vs Romero Boxing Pick

Our betting pick is the Gervonta Davis Money Line at -950. Davis met some adversity in his win over Isaac Cruz, the second decision of his career. We see Romero as his opportunity to reassess his skills and return to delivering late fight knockouts at the championship level. 

Rolando Romero’s Top Pick

Fans of Romero will look to his money line in spite of Davis’ history of finishing young upstarts with ease.

If you’re a Romero fan, bet the Under 10 ½ Rounds Prop bet at -460.

It offers a better payout than a Davis win, and covers the majority of fight outcomes. Romero only has one 12 round decision on record. The other was a six round UD from 2018. Your Davis vs Romero pick pays out $21.74 per $100 wager on Bovada. 

Tale of the Tape for Davis vs Romero 

Fighter  Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis  Rolando ‘Rollie’ Romero
Ranking  #1 Interim Champ
Age 27 26
Height 5’5’’’ 5’8’’
Reach 67’’  68’’
Total Fights 26 14
Record 26-0 14-0
Knockouts 24 12
Stance Southpaw Orthodox 
Inactivity  Six months Eleven Months

Weight class

Lightweight Lightweight
Boxing trainer  Calvin Ford  Mayweather Gym, Larry Wade, Various

Gervonta is the older, smaller frame, but is likely the heavier fighter. Davis has had the tendency to miss weight in the past. Davis’ experience advantage isn’t limited to his professional boxing. Romero had only 35 amatuer matches with a 25-10 record overall.

Gervonta boasts a 206-15 amatuer record; their ring experience is barely comparable.


Davis is fantastic at getting in the head of his opponent. He pokes and prods them, getting them to move forward into his power, abandoning their initial plan of out-boxing him. 

Calvin Ford vs Larry Wade

Wade has produced Caleb Plant, Shawn Porter, and Badou Jack among other big boxing names. His work with Rollie reinvented the boxer from his amatuer career, and has taught him how to express his power in ways that many fighters never learn to. While Wade isn’t my personal pick for all time greatest coach, he may be the perfect coach for a fighter like Romero. 
Ford is the longtime mentor of Gervonta, and has been with him through his amatuer career. They have more of a father/son relationship and Ford hasn’t trained any other modern champions. Wade has the advantage in total champions training, but Ford has the X factor of that deep fighter and coach relationship. 

Gervonta Davis vs Romero Money Line Odds

Fighter Odds
Gervonta Davis -950
Rolando Romero +500

Gervonta Davis was an Olympic gold medalist and has proven to be too much to handle for nearly every lightweight alive.

Romero is still on the rise, and is perhaps facing Davis a bit too soon in his career.

Our top pick is the Davis money line, paying out $10.53 per $100 wager. 

Odds History for Davis and Romero

Davis has been as low as -425 against Mario Barrios and -80 to Liam Walsh. He KO’d both fighters in rounds eleven and three respectively. All other odds have been -1000 to -18500. Romero has never been the underdog, winning with odds from -400 in his last fight with Yigit to -3500 over Ahmetovs in 2020. 

Davis vs Romero Over/Under Props and Odds

The oddsmakers are showing 1:1 return on the Romero vs Davis odds at Over round 6.5. Though they’re undefeated and have never been knocked out, their styles tell us that one man is not coming out of this conscious. 

Rounds Over Odds Under Odds
1.5 -2000 +750
2.5 -650 +375
3.5 -350 +230
4.5 -205 +145
6.5 EVEN -140
7.5 +145 -205
8.5 +195 -290
9.5 +235 -360
10.5 +285 -460
Goes the Distance +375 -550

Romero’s twelve knockouts have all been at round seven or prior, making the Under 6.5 rounds a sensible bet if it were anyone but Davis. He boasts several first round knockouts, but more recently two seventh round knockouts and a decision. The over 3.5 is a smart bet, given neither fighter has been knocked out and Davis likes to take a fight to the later rounds. 

Davis Average Finishing Rounds

Davis has seen a decision, eleventh round finish, sixth round, and twelfth round finish in his last four fights. Three fights prior, he had first, second and third round finishes. It’s tough to tell how early Gervonta will start to go to work, but it’s clear he comes with a strategy in mind for each opponent and isn’t simply reacting to their fight game. Because of this, we’re most confident in the Under 10.5 Rounds prop at -460. 

Davis vs Romero Round Betting and Groups Odds and Prediction

Round Betting (Fighter KO/RTD Win) Gervonta Davis Odds  Rollie Romero Odds 
Rounds 1-2 +575 +6600
Rounds 3-4 +400 +5000
Rounds 5-6 +350 +4000
Rounds 7-8 +400 +5000
Rounds 9-10 +600 +6600
Rounds 11-12 +950 +6600
Davis Decision Win +375 +1600
Rounds 1-3 +375 +5000
Rounds 4-6 +250 +3300
Rounds 7-9 +300 +3300
Rounds 10-12 +650 +5500
Rounds 1-6 +120 +1400
Rounds 7-12 +185 +1200

Round betting for Romero boasts some serious long shots. We’re not interested in any of them. Romero fans should stick to the Romero Rounds 7-12 Knockout at +1200 if anything, but as a Davis vs Romero betting pick, it’s not the right choice. 

What Round Will Davis Knockout Romero?

Because of Romero’s aggressive style, analysts are predicting a clash early on. Davis will test his chin early and if Rollie can’t handle the champ’s power, we’ll see a fast night. Romero hasn’t faced a knockout artist like Davis, few fighters have. 
Our picks include Davis in rounds 1-6 at +120, Rounds 1-3 at +375, and Rounds 3-4 at +400. These props are early, and the 1-3 prop doesn’t sound like we’re giving Romero much of a chance. We aren’t, and we’ll go into detail on why during the Boxing Breakdown. 

Davis vs Romero Fight Outcome Prop Bet Odds

Bet  Gervonta Davis Odds  Rollie Romero Odds 
Decision or Tech Decision Win +375 +1600
Knockout Win -350 +1100
Draw +2200 +2200

Davis is the favorite to win by knockout. Rollie would join the short list of Issac Cruz and German Meraz Lima (six round UD) of boxer’s that have gone the distance with Davis. I don’t think Romero has it in him. His head movement is underwhelming and he doesn’t use his range well enough to avoid exchanging with Davis.  Bet Davis money line, or his Knockout win prop to see $28.57 per $100 wager. 

Boxing Breakdown for Davis vs Romero Predictions

Davis has the ability to find openings that other boxers miss. His hand speed is fantastic, and he utilizes a kind of lulling effect to convince people they’re safe when they aren’t. Here’s the sixth round finish of Santa Cruz via uppercut, one of Davi’s best tools in counter punching against orhtodox fighters that use a cross often. 

Davis likes to use leaping hooks and shift steps against taller fighters. Against Barrios, Davis closes the distance with aggression, repeatedly downing Barrios with gazelle hooks. Davis’ chin is also tested in this highlight, which is heartening to see why people have so much faith in Davis’ ability to resist Romero’s power. 

Here’s Romero against Yigit. You see him getting hit repeatedly by Yigit, showing little ability to move his head or take shots on the shoulder. Roero is a force, and blasts through many of the Yigit shots, but he’ll not have that luxury against the faster, harder hitting Gervonta Davis. 

Betting on Gervonta Davis is betting on his power, but also his accolades. We’ve learned our lesson at just how meaningful Olympic gold is at these high levels. Romero is a fantastic athlete and ring bully, but he’ll meet his more technical counterpart on Saturday. Bet the Davis Money line or our suggested props with Bovada, one of The Sports Geek’s top boxing betting sites for the Davis vs Romero betting odds. 

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Jacob Clark had a 15 year career as a professional MMA fighter, coach, and Greg Jackson’s alum. Now, TikTok’s 12th most important BJJ influencer is bringing his sports and betting knowledge to you here at TheSportsGeek. He spends his time cooking vietnamese food and playing D&D with his family. You can meet him at jiu-jitsu open mats all over Indiana.

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