Garcia vs Fortuna Odds and Prediction

Garcia is set to face the toughest test of his young career. Garcia vs Fortuna odds are open for twelve betting markets, and we’ve gathered the odds and stats for top bets no matter your betting ticket. 

How to Watch and Bet on Garcia vs Fortuna

DAZN Boxing is putting the fight on live, July 16th, 2022 at 10PM ET. Bet on the fight by clicking any of our place bet or top pick buttons. We’re using only top boxing betting sites, like Bovada and Betonline to gather the odds. 

Top Betting Pick for Garcia vs Fortuna

Garcia is still considered a social media sensation and nothing more by many hardcore boxing fans. This is a shame, because the kid can hit with serious power. He knocked out five of his last six opponents, and his undefeated record has survived Luke Campbell, Emmanuel Tagoe and other top twenty boxers. Parlay this money line on your weekend combat sports betting ticket. 

Top Pick for Fans of Fortuna

The Over 7.5 Rounds matches both fighters TKO frequency, and Garcia’s history of going the distance with his more challenging opponents. Fortuna has several early TKOs, but none over undefeated fighters inside his last fifteen bouts. 

Garcia vs Fortuna Tale of the Tape 

Fighter  Ryan ‘King’ Garcia  Javiier ‘El Abejon’ Fortuna 
Ranking  6th NA
Age 23 32
Height 5’10’’ 5’6’’
Reach 70’’ 68’’
Total Fights 22 43
Record 22-0 37-3-1, 2NC
Knockouts 18 26
Stance Orthodox  Southpaw
Inactivity  3 Months 5 Months

Neither fighter has taken very much time off. Ryan is the larger framed fighter and has a decade of youth on his opponent. Fortuna’s losses include Joseph Diaz and Robert Easter Jr, fighters with three losses between them, but a 30% lower knockout ratio in comparison to Ryan.  

Garcia vs Fortuna Money Line and Method of Victory Betting Odds 

Bet Ryan Garcia  Fortuna 
Money Line -1200 +752
TKO Win -285 +1200
Decision Win  +240 +1500
Draw +2500 +2500

Garcia is a heavy favorite, and his prop TKO win is our second choice for those who don’t want to parlay the moneyline. 
 Garcia vs Fortuna TKO Round Group Bets 

Round Bet TKO Prop  Garcia Fortuna
Rounds 1-6 +155 +2000
Rounds 7-12 +200 +2200
Rounds 1-3 +450 +4000
Rounds 4-6 +275 +3300
Rounds 7-9 +325 +4000
Rounds 10-12 +650 +6600

The Garcia round 7-12 prop betting pick is a close second to the knockout prop. Look to his Rounds 7-9 prop for a slightly greater return, but much higher risk.


Garcia vs Fortuna Over/Under Odds 

Round or Bet Over, Yes Odds Under, No Odds
Will the Fight Go the Distance  +210 -315
7.5 Rounds -120 -120

The Fight goes the distance, No prop bet is fantastic for those who want to parlay with a little insurance. Fortuna has been knocked out only once in his career. 

Garcia vs Fortuna Boxing Breakdown

 Garcia’s counter punching style is based on speed, and he has plenty of it. His check hook gets inside the combinations of the majority of slugging boxers. If you open your elbow at all, Garcia finds a way to get inside your combination. 

Fortuna highlights are few and far between online, but here is his one knockout loss. Fortuna doesn’t have the head movement to deal with Ryan, and Sosa has half the TKO power of Ryan. Bet the knockout props and be ready for a nice parlay money line. 

Garcia vs Fortuna Boxing Pick Wrap Up

 For more combat sports action, parlay the Garcia money line with our UFC betting picks through the weekend. 

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