Huni vs Goodall Boxing Odds and Pick

Two up and coming undefeated Australian heavyweights meet in Nissan Arena for a bout that will have fans tuning in to watch the evolution of what could be two of the world’s top heavyweights in a few short years. We’ve crunched the stats and fight tape to offer our best bet between the two rising contenders. The winner will gain the WBO Oriental and IBF Pan-Pacific Regional titles, setting them up for future interim belt shots.  

How to Watch and Bet On Huni vs Goodall Boxing

Huni vs Goodall airs Wednesday June 15th, 2022 on Main Event Boxing PPV. Our Bet Now buttons take you to, one of the only sites with current odds. Prop bets aren’t available for Huni vs Goodall Betting at this time. Betonline is one of the top Boxing betting sites, and frequently has boxing and MMA odds that other sites don’t, like this Australian Boxing main event.

Top Betting Pick for Huni vs Goodall Boxing

Huni’s performance over boxers that Goodall struggled with makes him an easy pick. His bodywork and aggression have repeatedly cut through the guards of fighters like Goodall. Huni is working with some of the best camps in the world, and has taken all the time off he’s needed to ensure a winning performance. 

Top Betting Pick for Joe Goodall Fans

If you’re looking for a money line pick on Goodall, we recommend sitting this one out. At WBC in 2017, Goodall was worked by Mahammadrasul Majidov, a fighter with a very similar style to Huni, and arguably less power. Goodall is confident coming into this fight, despite reportedly underporming in sparring against Huni on multiple occasions. 

 Huni vs Goodall Odds 

Fighter Joe Goodall Justis Huni 
Money Line Odds  +250 -325

The Huni hype train is solid. He’s expected by many fans to put a quick end to Goodall, despite this being the toughest opponent of either man’s career. 

Goodall vs Huni Boxing Odds History 

Huni has ranged from -470 in his debut to -333 against Christian Tsoye in 2021. This is Goodall’s first bout with betting odds. Goodall opened the bout at +162, peaking near +275. 

Tale of the Tape for Huni vs Goodall Boxing

Fighter  Justis ‘JPH’ Huni Joseph Goodall
Age 23 29
Height 6’4’’ 6’5’’
Record 5-0 8-0-1
Knockouts 4 6
Stance Orthodox  Orthodox 
Inactivity  12 Months 3 Months
Weight class
Super Heavy Super Heavy 
Boxing trainer  Justin Fortune, Abel Sanchez Kevin Barry 

Goodall is the slightly larger man, and he’s been more active over the last year, mostly because of Huni’s repeated disease concerns. 

Betting on Coaches: Fortune vs Barry

Fortune trained Manny Pacquioa at one time and now works on a camp to camp basis. Huni then goes to Abel Sanchez, a former GGG coach. Huni is gathering a who’s who of boxing coaches, likely to test out who he does well with for long term career choices. 
Kevin Barry trained Joseph Parker and David Tua. He’s a renowned boxing coach, and makes his home in Las Vegas.

Barry focuses on sparring, racking up a reported 250 rounds in total.

He called Goodall “not flashy, just a tough kid.”

Huni vs Goodall Boxing Breakdown 

Huni is on the rise, his last win against the confident Paul Gallen in round ten. His jab is reportedly one of his hardest hitting punches, and tees up multiple KO’s. Coach Fortune reported Huni still had it, stopping sparring partners with his jab, while ‘wearing headgear and 16 oz gloves.’

Huni Setbacks in Camp

Huni had a drive-by shooting attempt of his family just four days ago, six days before the fight. No one was killed, but it’s something that may be weighing on him. Huni also contracted Covid-19 back to back and then broke his hand, which postponed this event over a year in total.

Goodall Boxing Strengths and Weaknesses

Goodall is a big man, and when fighting shorter fighters, he’s fantastic at using his range. The shifting uppercuts to the body and overhand rights are landing clean, but against faster heavyweights you can see how he gets beat to the punch. 

Goodall likes to leave his head hanging and his hands low. Here he’s hit with a check hook by Chris Tsoye, a fighter that Huni put a ten round clinic on in 2021. 

Bet the Justis Huni Money line at -325, a $30.77 payout per $100 wager. 

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