Kambosos Jr. vs Haney Boxing Odds and Pick

George Kambosos Jr. vs Devin Haney goes down tomorrow, June 4th, 2022 at 9:00 PM ET, though it’s scheduled as June 5th in Australia. There are eighteen open betting markets on the top online boxing betting sites, and we’ve looked to Bovada to give us the best Kambosos vs Haney odds to make our boxing predictions. 

Top Kambosos Jr. vs Haney Boxing Pick

Our Kambosos Jr. vs Haney boxing pick is the upset. Kambosos overcame Tiafimo Lopez, dethroning the champ that beat the who’s who of boxing’s lightweight. Lopez bested Lomachenko, Commey and Nakatani with ease but couldn’t win as a +800 over the underrated Kambosos.

History will repeat as Haney is narrowly outboxed by one of the toughest lightweights to put away in boxing

The money line pays out at $145 per $100 wager ($245 total payout.)

Best Devin Haney Pick

Devin Haney’s top picks include his money line at a payout of $52.63 per $100 wagered. His extensive amatuer experience of 103-8 is tough to overlook, but his knockout centered style and limited punch volume is a bad style match up for Kambosos. 
Bet the Haney decision prop, money line, or Over 10 ½ Rounds prop bet for your most likely outcomes. 

Tale of the Tape for Kambosos Jr. vs Haney

Fighter  George The Emperor Kambosos JR.  Devin The Dream Haney
Ranking  WBA, IBF, WBO and Ring Champ., #1 WBC Champ, #4
Age 28 23
Height 5’9’’ 5’8’’
Reach 68’’ 71’’
Total Fights 20 27
Record 20-0 27-0
Knockouts 10, 50% 15, 55%
Stance Orthodox  Orthodox 
Inactivity  6 ½ months  6 Months
Weight class
Light Light
Boxing trainer  Mich Akkawy Bill Haney

Stats are near equal, with Haney adding reach but giving up height. He’s five years younger than Kambosos, but has more boxing experience at both amatuer and professional levels. Your Haney vs Kambosos pick should consider their near even knockout power a reminder that Kambosos is being thought of as the less devastating puncher, but that’s not true on paper. Over their last seven bouts, Kambosos has three knockouts to Haney’s two. His quality of opponent has arguably been higher, outside of Haney’s stoppage of then undefeated Zaur Abdullaev. 


Kambosos Jr. vs Haney Coaches, Akkaway and Bill Haney

There may be some psychic damage to Haney coming into this fight. His father was denied access to Australia for this fight, meaning Devin would have to  box for the first time without his father and head coach in his corner- but in a last second change of events his father was offered the temporary visa. You can imagine the stress of that exchange. 

Bill Haney has trained no other major boxers, and as of 2021 took a step back, allowing other coaching staff to take a lead with Devin.

Akkawy has trained no other major champions except his son Bilal. Both fighters are coming from the new guard of boxing coaching; coaches that bring in various trainers and instructors to build a champion fighter. 

Kambosos Jr. vs Haney Money Line Odds

Fighter Money Line Odds
George Kambosos Jr.  +145
Devin Haney -190

Kambosos is the underdog for the third time in his career. He opened as the underdog against Lee Selby before taking a late favorite position. 
Haney is showing off the closest odds of his career. He’s faced no boxers offering under -600 across his nine fight betting history. 

Odds History for Kambosos Jr. vs Haney

Haney has fought more top ten fighters, and Kambosos has skyrocketed up the ranks with bravery in facing Selby and Lopez. Haney’s last three opponent’s have offered -600, -800 and -3000 odds respectively, each with 3-5 losses on their records. His last undefeated opponent was Zaur abdullaev, 16-0 and +1500 at the time of their fight. 

Kambosos is the second top twenty undefeated fighter that Haney has faced.

Kambosos has always been -2000 or better outside of Selby, Haney and Teofimo Lopez. 

Kambosos Jr. vs Haney Over/Under Props and Odds

Fans of Haney should consider the over under props. Neither fighter has lost or been knocked out, and they’ve both seen a majority decision against their five toughest opponents. 

Rounds Over Odds Under Odds
3.5 +2100
4.5 +1600
5.5 -6600 +1100
6.5 -2500 +800
7.5 -1200 +575
8.5 -900 +475
9.5 -650 +375
10.5 -525 +325
Goes the Distance -360 +235

Oddsmakers see the decision or late knockout as the outcome. When betting on Kambosos Jr. vs Haney, remember they’ve never been finished even as amateurs and they’re both still young, taking minimal career damage. 

Kambosos Jr. Average Finishing Rounds

Kambosos has seen three decisions in a row, two twelve rounders and one ten. His last four knockouts were in rounds six, two, one and nine. His early career knockouts matter less, and were against fairly unknown fighters. 
The knockout of Krai Setthapong in round nine was likely his most notable. I don’t see a Kambosos KO, and Betting the over 10.5 Rounds or Goes the Distance prop make sense given his finishing history. 

Haney Average Finishing Rounds

Devin Haney’s has seen three decisions in a row, with his last four KOs in round four, seven, nine and five.

Haney knocked out undefeated Abdullaev in round four, winning the WBC interim title.

As he faces tougher fighter’s he’s had to increase his punching volume to win rounds, subsequently exchanging powerful shots for combination striking. 

Kambosos Jr. vs Haney Round Betting and Groups Odds and Prediction

Round Betting (Fighter KO/RTD Win) George Kambosos Jr. Odds  Devin Haney Odds 
Rounds 1-2 +6600 +6600
Rounds 3-4 +3300 +3300
Rounds 5-6 +2200 +2200
Rounds 7-8 +1600 +1800
Rounds 9-10 +1600 +1600
Rounds 11-12 +1800 +2000
Davis Decision Win +250 +1600
Rounds 1-3 +3300 +3500
Rounds 4-6 +1800 +1800
Rounds 7-9 +1200 +1200
Rounds 10-12 +1400 +1400
Rounds 1-6 +1400 +1600
Rounds 7-12 +750 +800

The early knockouts are off the table for us. Rounds 10-12 are our top round betting picks for either fighter. The rounds 7-12 prop bet cover more ground, but we doubt that either fighter will see a knockout in rounds 7-9, so you’re leaving money on the table compared to the three round grouping. 
Many Haney fans will look to the Haney 7-12 knockout prop bet, but Kambosos is fantastic at dealing with fighters who want to trade in power shots. 

What Round Can Kambosos Knockout Haney?

If Kambosis were to finish Haney it would be in round ten, late in the bout after Kambosos’ shots accumulate. Haney has to travel to Australia, giving Kambosos the home court advantage. Flying and jetlag can have unforeseen effects on a fighter’s cardio. Yes, Haney is a professional, but he’s still human and these small stressors add up. 

Kambosos Jr. vs Haney Fight Outcome Prop Bet Odds

Bet  George Kambosos Jr.  Odds  Devin Haney Odds 
Decision or Tech Decision Win +245 +105
Knockout Win +550 +650
Draw +1200 +1200

You’ll see a lower payout than usual on a draw bet. This is because Kambosos last two twelve round fights were split decisions, and close ones at that. Haney is showing lower knockout props than Kambosos, pointing to the oddsmakers/bettors line movement pick of a Haney Decision win. The Kambosos Jr. vs Haney Odds haven’t shifted much, and I feel that many are too confident in the Haney decision and chin. 

Boxing Breakdown for Kambosos Jr. vs Haney Predictions

Kambosos repeatedly pressured in while Lopez leaned away. Haney is famous for his ability to pull away after landing, and I see that going poorly against George. Lopez lands some fantastic shots in this highlight, but Kambosos bounces back repeatedly. 
Kambosos shows the ability to come back in rounds eleven and twelve, which is mandatory taking on a fighter like Haney. 

Here’s a close up of his knockdown off the pull counter. This sequence is key to our Kambosos vs Haney boxing pick. 

Here are the CompuBox stats, highlighting the importance of the championship rounds for Kambosos. He’s the kind of athlete that can upset a better boxer with conditioning and staying power. 

Haney looked fantastic against Linares, but Jorge was focused on shelling up, where Kambosos will strike will being hit. Haney gets plenty of time to rest and recover between shots. Kambosos keeps a blistering pace, when he’s not hitting he’s clenching and pressuring. I see Haney getting no rest between exchanges, and that’s unusual for him.

The Kambosos vs Haney odds show an over double your money return for our betting pick. Pick Kambosos jr. for the upset win, likely via a decision or late finish. Your Haney vs Kambosos jr pick as a Haney fan should be the Over 10 ½ Round prop bet. 

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