Katie Taylor vs Firuza Sharipova Betting Pick, Latest Odds and Boxing Analysis

In our last Katie Taylor pick, we made the mistake of calling an under when we should have taken the surefire Taylor win. Despite the $0.04 per dollar wagered payout, we won’t make that mistake twice. Taylor is a fantastic boxer, and making use of her performance through a quality parlay will be our betting pick. In this Taylor vs Sharipova betting pick, we’re taking a close look at the stats, fight tape, and betting odds to produce our top betting pick. 
Though it should come as no surprise who we’re landing on. 

Story of the Fight

Katie Taylor makes a quick return to the ring after dismantling Jessica Han just three months ago. She’s facing Firuza Sharipova, the Kazakhstani boxer coming in at 13th in the world professional rankings. 
This bout will have all the titles on the line, WBC, WBA, IBF, and WBO Female Light Titles held by Katie Taylor.  This Saturday, December 11th at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, watch the fights through your DAZN streaming subscription, or simply place your bet and wait for fight updates on Twitter. 
With champions like Teofimo and Kid Galahad facing major upsets in the last month, Taylor is steeling herself against taking anyone lightly.

Betting Odds and Payouts for Taylor vs Sharipova

These odds are accurate as of December 9th and available at Betonline.ag. 
No round prop or method of victory betting is available. 

Betting Pick Odds and Payout per Dollar Wagered 
Katie Taylor Money Line -2500, $0.04
Firuza Sharipova Money Line +1100, $11.00
Over 8 ½ Rounds  -400
Under 8 ½ Rounds  -400

The Money Line Bets

Taylor is an obvious choice with a strong favorite status. In Han, she faced a former world champion and Olympian. Taylor came in at -3000, so it’s interesting that many feel Sharipova is a closer fight, simply due to her knockout capability against mostly unknown fighters. 
Taylor has ranged from -185 to -10000 over the last four years. 
Sharipova pays eleven times your money. 
Her only opponent where there are betting odds on record was against 7-0-1 Yuliya Kutsenko in 2018. Sharipova was a -265 favorite. This is the most significant fight of Sharpova’s career to date, and she won a ten round unanimous decision. 

Betting the Over/Under Prop Betting Pick 

It’s difficult to knock anyone out inside two minute bouts, and Sharipova does have the better KO percentage. Clearly, she’s an aggressive fighter. 
Sharipova’s most significant opponent’s have gone to decision. IN her last four knockouts, two fighters were making their debut bout, and the other two included an 0-1 boxer and 9-6-1 Happy Daudi, an unknown and unranked fighter. 
Taylor has fought six decision wins in a row. Her last TKO was versus the 14-0 Rose Volante in 2019. I see a shift in Taylor’s style shifting to one that is significantly more self protecting. She’s a student of the game and sees no need in producing knockouts to retain her status as one of the PVP greatest ever. In fact, I expect a more conservative Taylor, going the way of Floyd Mayweather, by producing more technical wins and lowering the opponents landing percentage. 
Bet the Over if you need better odds out of this title fight. 

Tale of the Tape for Taylor vs Sharipova 

Fighter  Katie Taylor Firuza Sharipova 
Age 35 27
Height 5’5’’ 5’5’’
Reach 66’’ 65’’
Total Fights 19 15
Record 19-0 14-1
Knockouts 6, 31% 8, 53%
Stance Orthodox Orthodox 
144 74
Inactivity  96 days 88 Days 
Weight class
Light Light

Taylor is eight years older and has a one inch reach advantage. Sharipova takes the finishing percentage advantage and has fought about half as many professional rounds, but only due to the quality of opponent. 
While Taylor has faced multiple olympians and virtually always selected the most difficult opponent available, Sharipova has fought seven fighters making their debut and another four fighters with losing records, or equal losses to wins. 

Coaching Comparison for Taylor vs Sharipova

Taylor is still with long time coach Ross Enamait. He started working with her at the end of her olympic career, with a heavy focus on boxing conditioning. He’s trained other amatuer champions and is slowly developing a good stable of athletes. 
Sharipova is training alongside Sofya Ochigava, a fighter that beat Katie Taylor years ago in the amatuer ranks, and lost to Taylor in a controversial decision in 2012 Olympics. Ochigava has been Sharpiova’s mentor through this camp and over the past year. It’ll be interesting if that plays into the outcome, but it’s unlikely. Taylor’s success and evolution since that time period can’t be understated. Sharipova is preparing to be the fighter Tayor was some nine years ago. 

Fight Analysis for Taylor vs Sharipova

In watching Sharipova’s fights, you’ll see a couple of things early on. Head movement, from her opponent’s or from her, is almost totally absent. She’s willing to exchange, and often wins those exchanges. However, this kind of gritty boxing isn’t going to be the right choice versus Taylor. 

My biggest worry for this fight is that Taylor’s shoulders get worn out from carrying around all those belts.

Sharipova vs Marjanovic

Sharipova’s toughest 2020 bout showed Sharipova’s ability to work up and down the body and land shots consistently. This eight round fight had Sharipova’s conditioning tested. Sharipova didn’t fade much, keeping the pace through the end of the fight. Further evidence for betting the Over prop. 

Sharipova vs Kutsenko

Sharipova faced adversity early, with Kutsenko moving in and landing to the body. In this bout she clenched often during Kutsenko’s attacks rather than head movement and counters striking. Sharipova isn’t the type to look for narrow misses to counter off of. She’s looking to play the aggressor and stifle the opponent’s offense. 

Taylor vs Everyone

Taylor is a boxer prepared for almost any style. I’d be surprised if Sharipova is able to land consistently. In her last three bouts, fighters have landed at 19%, 24%, and 18%. Meanwhile, Taylor lands inside 30% accuracy on all bouts. 
Sharipova will need a high volume to see significant damage, and my theory is we’ll see a more protective, gamified strategy from Taylor. 

Taylor vs Sharipova Betting Pick Wrap Up

While it can be tough to take the small wins, like this -2500 bet on Taylor, keep in mind that winning small is always better than losing to a big underdog. If you want to know more about fight betting analysis, start here. Hopefully we see a Taylor win, yet another step on the long but inevitable road to a bout with Clarrissa Shields. 

Jacob Clark / Author

Jacob Clark had a 15 year career as a professional MMA fighter, coach, and Greg Jackson’s alum. Now, TikTok’s 12th most important BJJ influencer is bringing his sports and betting knowledge to you here at TheSportsGeek. He spends his time cooking vietnamese food and playing D&D with his family. You can meet him at jiu-jitsu open mats all over Indiana.

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