Marquez vs Diaz Odds for Betting and Prediction

Juan Manuel Marquez will be boxing Juan Diaz tonight (Saturday July 31st 2010) at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The bout will be broadcasted on pay-per-view television and should be one of the best fights of the year. So far this year there haven’t been very many headline bouts and I’m hoping this fight can live up to the hype.

These two boxers have already fought each other last year and Marquez walked away the victor with a TKO. It took Marquez until the ninth round to earn the knockout, but what’s most important is that he did. Diaz looked really prepared the last time he fought Marquez and although he ran out of gas near the end of the fight, it was a good performance. The fight between these two ended up earning 2009 Fight of the Year honors.

In the last fight between these two boxers there was just shy of 550 punches thrown in only nine rounds. I’m expecting more of the same tomorrow night and wouldn’t be surprised to see more punches thrown. This is a huge fight for both for both of these guys and both need a victory. Both boxers are coming off of losses and neither of them can afford another loss.

Juan Marquez holds a professional record of 50-5-1 with 37 KO’s coming into this bout, while Juan Diaz hold a professional record of 35-3 with 17 KO’s. Marquez is easily the more experienced fighter coming into the bout and it should play a role if the fight ends up going deep. Both boxers possess knockout power, but there is no doubt in my mind that it would take an incredible fight from Diaz to knockout Marquez.

Marquez vs Diaz Odds

Moneyline (Straight up winner):

Juan Manuel Marquez (-420)
vs. Juan Diaz (+335)
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Marquez vs Diaz Prediction

There is a big age difference between Marquez (36 years old) and Diaz (26 years old), but I don’t think it’s going to matter. Marquez has proven that he can still fight with the very best of fighters and age isn’t going to affect the fight. Marquez recently loss a fight against Floyd Mayweather, but Diaz hasn’t been looking very good in his most recent fights either and they weren’t against the same quality of opponents that Marquez fights.

With the type of boxing style used by Marquez, he’s going to end up taking some punishment tomorrow night. He likes to stay in the middle of the ring and exchange punches and counter punches with his opponents. With Marquez nearing the age of 40 he’s going to have to try and do a better job of protecting himself. Marquez can’t allow Diaz to get out to a fast start or else he may be in trouble tomorrow night.

Diaz is a lot younger and if he starts the fight with a couple solid rounds early, it could end up earning him a victory. In the last between these two boxers, Diaz was keeping up with Marquez for the majority of the fight, but didn’t have enough stamina and endurance. I’m sure in this bout Diaz will be better prepared, but I still can’t see him defeating one of the best pound for pound boxers in the world right now.

The odds aren’t great, but I’ll have to lay my money on Marquez at -425 ( If you don’t want to wager on Marquez due to the juice, I’d recommend looking at the prop bets offered by some online sportbooks, as they’ll have much lower juice.

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