Mayweather vs Pacquiao Pick + Betting Preview

Boxing fans have been waiting for this day for over five years now: Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather and Pacquiao highlight the most anticipated boxing match since Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier squared off back in 1971, dubbed The Fight of The Century. Even casual observers of the boxing scene, and people that don’t pay attention to the sport are exciting for when they meet face-to-face in the ring at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Saturday night. Ringside tickets to the fight are ranging in the $40,000-$50,000 range and it is making PPV history with a $100.00 price tag.

Will you be in Vegas for the fight? Expect to fork over around $150.00 if you want to watch the fight on TV at a viewing party, exclusively at MGM properties. If you are cheap and don’t want to contribute to the Mayweather and Pacquiao fund, I am sure you can find a free stream online somewhere. In the contracts signed by the fighters, it is reported that Mayweather will take home 60% of the profits and PacMan 40%. At the end of the night they are expected to pocket well over 100 million dollars each. A whopping figure for one night of action. So, do you wonder why Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete in sports? There is one of your answers.

The big winners of this fight will be both Mayweather and Pacquiao regardless of the outcome. Sure, being crowned one of, if not, the greatest boxer of all time has some ring to it (the Ali debate will rage on for decades). But neither of these guys are going to eat Mac and Cheese for the foreseeable future. Mayweather would have to gamble a lot of that away, and I mean a lot, to get to that point. What brings all of you to this article is the gambling aspect of this fight. And hey, they’re cashing in big, so why don’t we try and make some coin off of it as well? The Mayweather/Pacquiao fight coincides with a big day of sports. Not only do we have the biggest boxing match in decades, the Kentucky Derby is today, which is a widely bet event as well. Further, the NFL Draft continues today, and another edition of the Yankee/Red Sox rivalry heats up.

Another big winner of today could be the sportsbooks or sports bettors. Reports indicate that Saturday will be a bigger betting day than the Super Bowl. The fight alone might eclipse some Super Bowls in betting money alone. A lot of money poured in on Pacquiao early, and I can guarantee, there are some bigwigs from the Philippians with thick wallets putting big numbers up behind PacMan. Is laying big money down on Manny justified, or is it just wishful thinking that the “good guy” in the fight will beat the villain? After posting videos and pictures online of his lavish purchases and lifestyle for years now, the fan favorite is clearly not Mayweather despite him being the American fighter. Money Mayweather opened around a -275 favorite and since has been bet down to -210. We provide our sports betting pick and rationale below for this boxing extravaganza.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao Pick
Mayweather (47-0) vs. Pacquiao (57-5-2)

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is 47-0, an undefeated fighter that is among the greatest of all time. However, there is one thing on his resume that isn’t there yet: a win against Manny Pacquiao. He needs it before he can call it a career. If not, Mayweather will always be known as the guy that loss to PacMan. The 47 wins before then would pretty well all go for nothing. Albeit, Mayweather’s career hasn’t come without controversy. Mayweather connected with a strong left hand to the chin of Victor Ortiz with 1 second left in the fourth round, which was greeted after with controversy due to Ortiz letting up his guard for a split second after coming back from a timeout. Perhaps even more controversial was his fight against Luis Castillo. Mayweather won by decision, but a lot of people think otherwise. In fact, the fight is known by many as Mayweather’s first unofficial loss. I can tell you one thing, the champion always gets the benefit of the doubt when a fight goes to decision. Whether it is boxing or MMA, the opposing fighter really needs to run the table to get a win.

Manny Pacquiao does, of course, have official losses credited to his side. The most memorable of those was a knockout by Juan Manuel Marquez. PacMan was left on the mat face down as Marquez scored the biggest win of his career, and Manny’s most shocking loss. It was even more shocking due to the fact that Pacquiao just came off a loss in his previous fight against Timothy Bradley. Since then, however, Pacquiao rattled off three straight victories in a row by UD, including a rematch against Bradley. After two straight losses it was looking like his career might be over, but after responding with three wins in a row, he earned the right to get the mega fight against Mayweather.

In my opinion, Pacquiao is going to have to force the issue early and often. If he gets into a dancing match with Mayweather then the win is going to go to Floyd’s corner. The strength of Mayweather is his excellent defensive abilities. He is the Pittsburgh Steelers or Baltimore Ravens of a decade ago if you want to liken him to an NFL team. Set up a wall on defense and pick up an ugly win. It doesn’t look like much, but the ultimate outcome is winning results. All five of Mayweather’s previous fights went to decision, and the sixth ago was what many call a sucker punch against Victor Ortiz. So including that, Mayweather is 8-1 via decision in his last nine fights. I see this being a close fight with the defensive mastery of Floyd Mayweather shining through.

The only way I see this ending in a TKO or KO is if Manny is swinging for the fences and gets caught with a counter. The OVER is a good bet, but the juice is too high for me. Like I said I see it being close, and like I said, the nod always go to the champ in close fights. If you feel more comfortable and don’t want to worry about how Mayweather wins you can take the -210 odds. But I’m going to go with Mayweather to win by decision at -120.