YouTube Celebrity Boxing: Logan Paul vs. KSI Preview and Pick

The fight that everyone has been waiting for is almost here.

No, it’s not the UFC 229 clash between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. That’s certainly a bout everyone is dying for, but it’ll have to be placed on the back burner momentarily, as a YouTube celebrity boxing match between the insufferable Logan Paul and KSI goes down on Saturday, August 25th.

You have just one day to finalize your bets at BetOnline and the other top novelty betting sites, where KSI remains the very light favorite.

Both of these YouTube sensations have strong fan followings and have pretty valid cases to be backed going into the bout, which will go down in Manchester Arena in Manchester, United Kingdom. This is actually just leg one of a two-fight pact, too, so buckle your seat belts for a wild and hopefully comical ride.

As ridiculous as this thing is, there is bad blood between Logan Paul and KSI and these guys are looking to knock each other out. Here’s a quick look at their odds, how they match up and how I’d personally pick this fight:

KSI (+110) vs. Logan Paul (-130)

When I first caught wind of this match months ago, I didn’t pay much attention to it. Then I started gaining interest when Paul opened as a relatively steep underdog. I was a bit surprised, as he looks a little more intimidating than KSI. When the two got together for a live fight promotion, Paul seemed a bit bigger and longer.

Paul does not lack for confidence and if you ever watch his YouTube videos (*rolls eyes), you’d notice he’s got some guns on him. He’s a pretty brash dude and nobody will forget him mocking dead people in Japan, but he’s also busting with confidence and he looks like he could hold his own in a brawl.

The main thing KSI has going for him is he’s done one of these fights before. He took down Joe Weller in the first YouTube celebrity boxing match and while the fight wasn’t very pretty from either side, he did so fairly convincingly.

I’m no fighting expert, but from what I saw, KSI knows how to lay a punch and he even has some ferocity behind his blows.

He doesn’t have very good defense and his punches can be a bit wild, but he can certainly be aggressive and he’s not a small dude. It’s worth pointing out that Weller was really poor with his defense and the fight was stopped (arguably a bit prematurely) in round three of six possible rounds.

KSI was the obvious aggressor and winner in that fight, though. And after being the favorite for basically the past year, he’s now suddenly the underdog.

I was game for Paul at first just because he looks like he’ll be able to hang here and he offered value. Now the favorite becomes a very fun underdog at +110.

These types of things can go either way – even when you’re dealing with elite boxers who actually know what they’re doing. Given the value, KSI’s experience and the fact that we know virtually nothing about how these two will actually match up, I don’t know of any other way to attack this than backing KSI.

Pick: KSI (+110)


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