Best Canadian Online Gambling Sites 2022

Gambling has been taking place in Canada for centuries. In the 1970s, the first regulated casino opened its doors in the country and today, a huge number of popular casinos and sportsbooks are spread throughout Canada. Today, our experts will explain how to find the best Canadian gambling sites in 2022.

We’ll go over some of the key differences between land-based and online gambling. Before that, we’ll explain what separates the best Canadian gambling sites from the worst ones. Those looking to skip this information and immediately join a site we recommend can check the ones below!

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Best Canadian Online Gambling Sites 2022

Canada is home to a large and complex set of gambling regulations. Essentially, each province is responsible for setting and monitoring its own gambling industries. Every province in the country has specific laws on gambling, with some being more lenient than others.

Fortunately, most of Canada has now chosen to embrace online gambling. Many fantastic online gambling sites in Canada are currently up and running. Our team of experts has spent hours upon hours researching and reviewing these sites.

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The ones listed above are each known for being safe and modern. Each one provides players with a huge variety of fun gaming options, 24/7. We recommend looking at each one and exploring what they are currently offering.

We at The Sports Geek have developed a unique system to review online gambling sites. Our goal is to ensure that the ones we recommend excel in every way. Below is a look at the top things we look for in the best online gambling sites Canada has to offer.

How We Rate Online Casinos in Canada

The online gambling industry in Canada has grown tremendously over the last decade. It seems as if an exciting new Canadian gambling site launches every month. Not all of these sites are worth playing through.

Over the years, several shady gambling platforms have come and gone in Canada. None of these websites has been able to stay around for very long. Sites like ours are quick to point these out and nearly all of them are quickly blacklisted.

This is what makes the modern era of online gambling so great. Its growing popularity means there is more scrutiny on all of the gambling websites operating today.

Keep in mind, however, that most of the gambling websites here are great and work hard to protect their players at all times.

All trusted and safe online gambling Canada sites will provide key features to their members. Before recommending any site, we spend time to ensure it provides these features. Below is a quick look at the four most important things to look for in online casinos in Canada.

Secure Payment Options

Keeping your money safe should be priority number one when joining an online gambling site. All trustworthy Canadian casino sites will provide secure payment options to their members. This means allowing both deposits and withdrawals to be made quickly and with low transaction fees.

The specific types of payment options provided by various sites differ. Some only allow for traditional bank payments to be made. Others allow for cryptocurrency and e-wallet payments. Many of the most popular ones allow for both types to be made.

The best online gambling sites in Canada always make it easy for their members to deposit and withdraw funds. We highly recommend the ones that come with very low fees, too. Our readers can rest assured that the sites we recommend provide very safe and secure payment systems.

We tend to highly review the sites that provide a very large selection of different payments. Our team ensures that transaction times are low. As time goes on, more unique payment options will likely start being offered by these websites.

Variety of Gaming Options

Next up, we look to ensure that sites offer a large variety of fantastic gambling options. Nowadays, all of the top Canadian casino sites provide their members with many different games. Some will offer more gambling options than the biggest brick-and-mortar casinos in the country.

We tend to favor the sites that provide slot and table games. Online slots have come a long way with incredible graphics and sleek interfaces. Many Canadian gambling sites also offer unique variations of popular table games like blackjack and roulette.

Please Note:
The important thing is finding the sites that offer the best types of games with modern software. Graphics for all games should be sleek, particularly with slots. Don’t bother joining an outdated platform with the same types of games offered a decade ago.

The websites that we highly recommend are known for providing a huge number of unique games. Spend time looking through different sites to see which games are being provided.

Great Promotions

Promotions are often responsible for helping online gambling sites gain members. Nearly every single online gambling site in Canada provides its players with promotions. Not all of these promotions are the same, though.

Bonus Gift Box With Blue RibbonWelcome bonuses are often what attract players. We tend to recommend the ones with low rollover fees. Casino welcome bonuses that seem too good to be true may be exactly that.

Many of the online gambling sites in Canada we have recommended come with great promotions for existing members, too. These are sometimes called reload bonuses. They provide large bonuses to members on a consistent basis.

Promotions can be a great way to add money to your account in the easiest way possible. Oftentimes, the better the promotions being offered by a gambling site, the better the site is overall. All of the Canadian gambling sites we recommend provide excellent promotions.

Customer Support Options

One of the final things we look for in these sites is their customer support systems. It’s 2022 and all online gambling platforms should be able to answer their members’ questions quickly. This is a much more important feature than many might initially realize.

It’s not uncommon for online gamblers to have questions. If that is the case, the website these players utilize should be able to instantly answer them. We tend to highly review the sites that provide a 24/7 live chat feature to players.

Direct phone line support can be fantastic, too. This is not quite as summon as live chat options, yet is sometimes preferred by those not willing to wait for a website representative to answer their questions via chat.

Some of the CA gambling sites we recommend provide these options to their members.

It’s often best to avoid online casino sites providing only email support. More often than not, this form of support takes days, if not weeks, for answers to be questioned. Stick with the ones that provide direct lines of communication, 24/7.

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Canada’s Best Online Casinos

The casino industry in Canada is still fairly new when compared to the ones in other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom. It has grown very quickly since the government began allowing casinos. It should come as no surprise that online casino gambling has grown extremely popular in the country, too.

For many years, only a small number of rudimentary online casino websites were operating in this country. As time went up and demand increased, more and more internet companies began working to break into the Canadian market. Laws and regulations toward online gambling began to loosen, too, leading to even more fantastic online gaming platforms operating in Canada.

A huge number of popular online casino websites are operating in Canada right now. Our casino experts have spent time narrowing down the best ones. Above is a look at the names of these Canadian casino sites with the bonuses they are currently providing.

Canada’s Best Online Sportsbooks

Sports betting has grown extremely popular in Canada lately, too. Many of the provinces across the country now fully embrace and regulate sports betting. A large variety of incredible Canadian online sportsbooks are up and running.

Canada is known for having a large and passionate sports fan base. Millions of sports fans now flock to their favorite online betting platforms to make bets on their favorite teams and players every month. Most of these online sportsbooks make it easy to bet on all of Canada’s most popular sports including football, basketball, ice hockey, and more.

Many of the same features that we look for in the best online casino sites in Canada should be provided by online sportsbooks. That includes safe payment options and excellent customer support options. We also recommend looking for ones that provide odds on a large variety of sports, too.

Top Canadian Sportsbooks

Comparing Land Based Casinos to Online Casinos

Online casino gambling grows more popular every single year. More and more Canadians are beginning to realize how easy and fun it is to play casino games from the comfort of home. There are some key differences between land-based and online casinos and each has its pros and cons.

There is no denying that online gambling has been growing more popular. Land-based casinos remain a fun option for many Canadian residents and tourists visiting the country, too. These properties also help to bring in a large amount of tax revenue. Don’t expect to see brick-and-mortar casinos completely going away anytime soon.

Online Casino vs Land-Base Casino

All forms of casino gambling are fun. Below, we’ll break down some of the key differences between these two options.

Land-Based Casinos in Canada

As we mentioned earlier, the first regulated casino in Canada is said to have gone live in the late 1970s. Today, more than 200 gambling venues are operating around the country. Many of these properties are hugely successful and help to bring their provincial government a huge amount of revenue every month.

Obviously, land-based casinos provide a fun, unique experience. Many love to play their favorite games inside these properties with family and friends. It is that unique, in-person experience that even the best online gambling sites in Canada cannot provide.

Not every single casino is the same. It’s a great idea to read up on some of the closest casinos by you. Each of the casinos in Canada is different and the types of games and entertainment options they provide are unique.

The mass casino shutdowns ordered in 2020 certainly took a toll on the country’s casino industry. Some of the casinos that were forced to shut down at that time have yet to reopen to the public. Many likely never will.

The number and types of games that land-based casinos provide are always different. The larger casinos tend to offer more games and special amenities to patrons. Visiting a brick-and-mortar casino is not always easy depending on its location, meaning this activity is often a special occasion for gamblers.

Online Casinos in Canada

Online gambling became available in Canada shortly after the internet was first launched in the country. Initially, the online gambling sites in Canada were very rudimentary, providing a limited set of gaming options to players. Times have certainly changed.

Most online casino sites in Canada provide more gaming options than the best land-based casinos in the country. Many new players are astounded to see how many different slots, table games, and poker options are provided online.

Even the most hardcore gamblers will always have an exciting gaming option available.

The ability to play games and earn money from the comfort of home is what really appeals to fans of Canadian online casinos. They cut out the inconvenience of making a journey to a casino that may be hours away. The massive number of games these sites provide just makes things better.

Gambling fans love the ability to play casino games on the go using a mobile phone, too. Most of the online gambling sites in Canada are available using a smartphone. In some cases, these mobile platforms are even better than their desktop versions.

Some sites provide what are known as live dealer games. These are table games connected via video stream to a real-life dealer that collects your bets. It may not match the excitement of playing inside a real casino, yet it’s likely the next best thing.

FAQ’s on Online Gambling Sites in Canada

Yes. All of the online gambling websites operating in Canada will allow deposits and withdrawals to be made using Canadian dollars. Fees for these types of payments will vary. The best online gambling Canada sites come with low fees and quick transaction times.

Competition in the Canadian online gambling industry grows fiercer every year. The best online gambling sites in Canada provide secure payment options and excellent customer support. We also highly recommend joining ones that provide a large variety of gambling options.

Some will be surprised to find how many games online casino websites offer to their players. That includes slots, table games, and video poker options. Some of the modern online CA casino sites also provide live dealer games to make the action even more exciting.

Cryptocurrency payments have become much more widely accepted by gaming websites in Canada in recent years. Some of the ones we recommend allow deposits and withdrawals to be made using these options. Generally, only the major cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are accepted.

Our experts are constantly reviewing the online gambling platforms operating in Canada. We spend time to ensure the ones we recommend provide key features such as modernity and safety. Scroll back up to the top of this page to see the list of Canadian gambling websites we currently recommend.

Most gambling platforms in Canada have extremely simple sign-up processes. Generally, this involves entering your basic personal information including name, address, and email. A quick deposit into your account after that means you are ready to begin playing.

The days when only shady gambling sites were up and running are over. Most of the online gaming platforms in Canada are completely trustworthy. Our team spends time recommending sites known for their excellent reputations.

Canada regulates gambling on a province-by-province basis. Fortunately, most lawmakers across the country have chosen to embrace and regulated online gambling. It’s always a great idea to read into the specific laws towards online gambling in the province you are located in.