Best Online Betting Sites Canada 2022

If you are looking for some of the best online sportsbooks that Canada has to offer in 2022, you have come to the right place! Each sportsbook we feature in this review comes fully licensed, offers a large variety of sports betting markets, and some hefty real money bonuses that allow customers to line their accounts with a ton of additional funds. Sign up for a new account today and begin reaping the blessings and benefits of the best in Canadian online sports betting!

Top Canadian Sports Betting Sites

By far, these are the best real money sportsbooks to be found online for Canadian bettors in 2022! Sign up for a new account at one of our recommended sports betting Canada sites today and earn a generous welcome bonus to get you started off strong!

Betting Site
Bonus Bet Now
1BetOnline Logo BetOnline

50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
2 Bovada

50% up to $1,000 Go to Site
3 BetUS

125% up to $2,500 Go to Site
4 Everygame

100% up to $500 Go to Site
5 MyBookie

100% up to $1,000 Go to Site

If you like what you see, we highly encourage you to use one of the sign-up links above a create a new account today at one of our favorite Canadian sportsbooks. The sign-up process takes only five to ten minutes and is well worth the time!

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How We Rate Online Sportsbooks

There are six main points of criteria that we used to come up with our list of the best in Canadian sportsbooks in 2022. By using this method, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these are the best sportsbooks to deliver the best possible experience for the Canadian bettor! Here are the major aspects and factors we took into consideration:

We made sure the best Canadian sportsbook was completely equipped with the best user-friendly navigation and self-explanatory menu configurations. All sites that appear in this review are easy to use and figure out as you place bets on your favorite sports. There were a few instances where we were confused as to where things were located at the site. Each site also had a sleek and modern design that was attractive to the eye!

Each site in this review of the best sportsbooks for Canadian players has a good variety of sports markets for bettors to enjoy. This includes all major markets like soccer, football, hockey, and basketball as well as minor or international markets like volleyball, auto racing, snooker, badminton, and many more. There are also many betting opportunities within each respective market that give bettors a little more than they bargained for including totals, moneylines, parlays, futures, and spread betting.

Each sportsbook in our review comes with a variety of great, real money bonuses and promotions that allow bettors to keep their bankrolls going strong! We found that many of these sports betting Canada sites carry generous welcome bonuses, reload and deposit promotions, and refer-a-friend deals. Each site also has comprehensive rewards or loyalty program that offers all sorts of benefits or perks for those who have used the site for a while. No matter what site you use, you will be able to make some extra bucks off of more than just the sports bets!

We selected sports betting Canada sites that offer a good assortment of depositing and payout options for their customers. This includes major credit cards and other methods like bank wires and e-wallets. There is definitely no shortage of options for customers, and this allows bettors to experience the ultimate flexibility in banking along with reasonable minimum and maximum limits and minimal fees.

Each of the sportsbooks featured in this review can be played from the comfort and convenience of various iOS and Android devices including smartphones and tablets. This means that bettors can access their favorite betting sites, lines, and odds in just a matter of seconds and at any time of the day or night!

Each sportsbook works really well on mobile with little to no glitches, errors, or lagging of any kind. We also chose sites that offered a similar experience on mobile as that found on a desktop PC with little difference in the way of navigation or menu configuration.

What is a good sports betting Canada site without great customer service? This quality was a must for our ultimate picklist. Each of these sportsbooks offers customer service that can be reached 24/7 by phone or by live chat!

We took the opportunity to test out each of the service and support centers ourselves and found the staff to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly in all matters regarding the site at hand!

Types of Sports Betting

If you are new to sports betting in Canada, you will be happy to know that there are many different ways to place wagers on sports. It’s not just betting on the winner of a certain game, match, or event. There are other ways to place wagers that make the entire experience more interesting and exciting! Although this is an abridged list, here are some of the most popular types of wagers to place when betting on sports online in 2022!

Type of Bet Details
Moneylines Bets Moneyline bets are also known as straight bets. People who are not familiar with gambling tend to immediately think of this betting type. Moneylines bets involve correctly predicting the winner of a game, match, or event. If the bettor is correct in their prediction, the bet counts as a win!
Totals (Over/Under) Bets This kind of bet involves the oddsmakers putting out their prediction of the combined score for both teams involved in a game, event, or match. Bettors then need to correctly predict if the actual combined score will come in over or under this number set by the oddsmakers. It is a fun bet that is easy to understand and offers a fun spin on simply betting on the winner of the event.
Spread Bets With spread betting, oddsmakers design these in a way that encourages bettors to place wagers on both sides, the favorite to win and the underdog. Favorites are valued as a negative while underdogs are valued as a positive. For this example, the favorite will be valued at -2.5 and the underdog will be valued at 2.5. Bets placed on the favorite will count as a win if the favorite wins by 3 or more points. Bets placed on the underdog will count as a win if the underdog outright wins or loses by less than 3 points.
Futures Bets As the name implies, futures bets are wagers that bettors can place on games, matches, and events that have yet to happen. In many cases, these can be best placed as far out as a few days, weeks, or even months. Some of the more confident bettors out there might place wagers on sport events that are a year away!

Tips for Choosing an Online Sportsbook

There are a lot of opinions out there when it comes to choosing the right online sportsbook. If you are interested in joining one of these sports betting Canada sites but are a little unsure of how to narrow things down, we encourage you to take a look at these easy steps to choosing the right sportsbook for you! These tips and tricks could help you find the ideal place you need to be!

Tip #1: Go With One of Our Recommended Sportsbooks

We have taken the time to conduct some thorough research on each of these sports betting Canada sites and found each to be fully licensed by a reputable gambling authority that resides in a legit commission. These are sites you can fully trust!

If you are looking for a sports betting Canada site that is safe and secure, one that will treat you ethically, you cannot go wrong with one of our recommendations. Save yourself some time and energy researching other sites and just go with one of the all-time best sports betting Canada for 2022 that appears in our review!

Canada Sports Betting

Tip #2: Read Online Reviews

While you cannot always trust everything you read online, you can certainly get the sense of a sports betting Canada site by reading multiple reviews. Obviously, the sports betting Canada sites featured in this review you can trust. We have already done all the research and vetting.

But if you choose to use a sportsbook outside or recommendations (you have every right to do this; it’s your choice), you can research its trustworthiness by reading multiple reviews to get a sense of how they treat their customers and users. If there are much more positive experiences than negative, chances are that this might be a good online sportsbook.

Steer clear of sports betting Canada sites with a lot of bad reviews.

Tip #3: Consider Payout Speeds

You could find the perfect sports betting Canada site just for you and then find out that their payout options don’t include any that can be performed in under 48 hours. And that could be make-or-break for a lot of people out there. If you desire fast payouts when sports betting in Canada, definitely check out sites that have the deposit and payout methods that support your needs. Otherwise, you might be disappointed!

Tip #4: Focus on Your Interests

Some people follow only one sport. Others like to follow multiple sports. Depending on who you are and your needs when it comes to sports betting in Canada, you might find the right sportsbook by looking at how extensive their betting options and sports markets are.

  • If you are into one or two sports markets, there is no need to go with a sportsbook with extensive options. Something more simplistic might be your best option.
  • But if you are into all sorts of betting, you will definitely want something with all the bells and whistles when it comes to betting types and sports markets.

Tip #5: Consider the Bonuses Available for Newcomers

If you are an aggressive gambler and your goal is to make as much money as you can along the way, we strongly recommend looking at the real money bonuses and promotions that are available at the sports betting Canada site you are considering. If you want to pad out your bankroll with a lot of additional funds or you want to earn loyalty points with an aggressive rewards program, you will want to look for a sports betting Canada site that offers great deals and good loyalty schemes.

Sports Betting Canada FAQs

Yes, you can legally bet on sports online in Canada! The online sportsbooks that we cover in this review are fully licensed by reputable gambling authorities in Canada which means that they are legal as well as extremely safe and secure when it comes to sharing personal and financial information. There are currently no laws on the books in Canada that say online gambling or betting on sports is illegal so you can use any one of our great sportsbooks with a clear conscience!

Honestly, we like our top picks so much that it is hard to say which one we like the best! They are all great places to use when it comes to sports betting in Canada. When you join any one of these awesome sportsbooks today, you can capitalize on an awesome welcome bonus, experience top-notch service and support, and enjoy an on-the-go mobile experience. No matter the size you choose, you can enjoy a first-rate betting experience online in Canada!

Believe it or not, one of the most popular sports amongst Canadian bettors is the American NHL, MLB, and NBA! And of course, there is always hockey and the Canadian Football league which are obvious favorites.

We found that the typical Canadian bettor is, by and large, betting on the same major sports markets that an American bettor would be interested in. There are also a ton of other markets that get a lot of attention from Canadian bettors, but the NFL, CFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA are where it is at for most Canadians.

The general rule of thumb here is that it is not required for bettors to report their wins unless they are a professional gambler who uses online sports betting as a main source of income. If you are an occasional gambler who places a bet here and there, there is no need to worry about reporting winnings in Canada.

PayPal is a valid banking option for residents of Ontario, but not anywhere else in the country. If there are any changes to this in the future, we will surely make an update to this review in the future as PayPal is a wildly popular way for people to the bank.

Yes, you can access any one of these sports betting Canada sites all from the comfort and convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to mobile compatibility you can bet on sports any time of the day or night and in just seconds!