DraftKings NASCAR Strategy

In this vast world of daily fantasy sports, there are your mainstream sports involving the four most prominent leagues (MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL). Then there are some of the more obscure sports in the daily fantasy sports world. One of these fun and underrated fantasy sports game to play is DraftKings NASCAR. This is one of those contests that involves all of the player (or in this case, racers, all going at the same time).

What makes DraftKings NASCAR so unique is that there are just factors that you have to consider in this sport that you would not even think about in any other sports. Examples of this would be the surface that drivers are driving on. Or what model of car that a particular driver is driving. Imagine if you had to evaluate football players based on their past performances on turf vs grass. Or if you had to evaluate a basketball player based on the type of shoes that he was wearing. These are unique factors that only affect daily fantasy NASCAR and not any other fantasy sport.

Once you get a good grasp of how to play, the game is actually very fun itself while making NASCAR a terrible event to watch. So without further Ado, let’s get into some DraftKings NASCAR strategy!

The first thing that you should be doing when researching a NASCAR event for DraftKings is checking to see where a particular driver is starting. The frustrating part about this is that this information is usually not available until a day before the race. However, this is where the value is going to be found end daily fantasy NASCAR, as I will explain a little further on.

After you are done your initial read-through of the starting positions of the race, it is most important that you find two or three drivers that you believe are going to do very well in the race. What I mean by this is that choose drivers that you believe have the potential upside to lead the majority of laps in the race. Because DraftKings Awards .5 fantasy points for every Fastest lap and .25 fantasy points for every left led, it makes it even more important to pick these drivers that have a high amount of upside to be leading in the race for the vast majority of it. Although this also depends on which course that they are driving on in a particular week.

But even though I’ve been talking about rostering these types of drivers, I still haven’t explained how one can identify these drivers (silly me). The best way to do this is by looking at cumulative driver rating. Which is a statistic that is widely available and is provided by NASCAR themselves. More specifically, I would tailor the driver rating toward the type of track that is being raced on that week.

Another way to identify the high upside drivers in a particular race is by looking at their practice times throughout the week. These are very indicative of how a certain driver is going to do on a track. Simply because these times are derived from the very realistic practice that they have gone through on the very track that they are going to be racing on on race day. Along with these practice times, make sure to utilize 10 lap averages as a way to confirm your thoughts on a driver. This will give you a better sense of how a driver can perform over a longer period of time of a track. Using these methods, you will find it very easy to find a particular set of drivers and which to focus on as a core for your NASCAR lineup on that particular week.

Something else that one should be focusing on when making daily fantasy NASCAR lineups is the idea of place differential. Easily explained as the difference between a driver’s starting position, and where he finishes in the race. These drivers are best found in starting positions anywhere of 20th or lower. These drivers often show that they have a ton of value when paired with the dominating drivers that I explained earlier.

The key here is to find drivers that you believe will move up in the race from there bad starting positions, too much better ones, possibly even in the top 20, 15, and even 10. Searching for these type of drivers is the same as if you were finding you’re dominating drivers. By looking at practice times, driver ratings, and 10 lap averages in the week leading up to the race itself.

Using these methods and I have explained, you will find yourself in very good situations when it comes to cash game lineups. But some of this roster construction will need some work in order to succeed in tournaments. Especially because the field has gotten a lot smarter in the little over a year’s time that DraftKings has been offering daily fantasy NASCAR.

Of course, the dominating drivers and the poor qualifying, but upside driven drivers are the best starting point for both your cash game lineups as well as tournament lineups. However, there are other factors to consider when it comes to building your tournament lineup.

Like every other daily fantasy Sports, certain factors, such as ownership percentages, will determine what you should do in order to win a tournament. And that sometimes you have to be contrarian in order to win that tournament. But the question is, how does one do so successfully.

With the heavy week-to-week variance that you will see in Daily fantasy NASCAR, you should be doing your best to be able to balance a contrarian lineup along with some chalky players. This is because, in NASCAR, people tend to migrate to the chalk a lot more than another daily fantasy Sports. And unlike other sports with very dense player pools, there are only 43 drivers that drive and any particular race.

When it comes to higher priced and projected higher owned drivers, I would give it to another high-priced driver that is starting in the top 15. Drivers that are starting the top 15, regardless of price, have shown to provide a ton of value no matter what their salary is. This is because of DraftKings ability to price drivers efficiently because of how late the qualifying process is for NASCAR.

Along with knowing which drivers to Pivot to, it would be important to know which drivers to fade, to begin with. Drivers that are starting in the number 6 to 15 spots also have the ability to provide you with negative value. If these are the drivers that are going to be highly owned on a particular week, then this would be the drivers that I would look at closest when it comes to practice times, 10 lap averages, and their driver ratings. If the public is high on these drivers, and you find any negative discrepancies with them in the 3 stats that I have talked about, then they are in Prime situation to be faded. Giving you an edge on the field in your quest to win a big tournament.

It is also best to embrace the madness that would occur in any given NASCAR race. Because these drivers are driving very fast Vehicles, they’re putting themselves in a situation where getting into an accident is very likely. Set my mind, it is very sound practice to fade highly owned drivers just because it is possible for that was highly owned drivers to get into crashes and no longer be eligible to race in the race.

I hope that this article has assisted you in being able to when and daily fantasy NASCAR on a week-to-week basis. Hopefully, you have been able to gain some insight into how some of the best players in the sport have been able to win at the rate they have been.

Thank you for reading, and good luck in your DraftKings NASCAR contests!  I would recommend checking out our DFS Bankroll Management Strategies.