Britain’s Got Talent Betting Guide

For close to 15 years now, Britain’s Got Talent has been a British television fan-favorite for many countries across the globe! Each season follows a bevy of contestants as they vie for a cash prize on finale night and an opportunity to perform at the Royal Variety Performance. The show has seen its fair share of singers, musicians, stuntmen, magicians, dancers, and other performers over the years. There is a fair share of great Britain’s Got Talent betting opportunities that await the avid sports gambler!

Maybe you are looking to take a small break from sports gambling and want to place some wagers on something in entertainment. We might have the perfect solution for you! Our hardworking team has assembled an exciting lineup of the best sportsbooks that offer Britain’s Got Talent odds! We are confident that each of our recommended gambling sites can offer a fun, lucrative wagering experience for betting on Britain’s Got Talent!

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What Is Britain’s Got Talent?

Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) is a British talent show competition created by Simon Cowell of American Idol. Premiering in June of 2007, this show has enjoyed favorable ratings and strong loyalty among fans.

This show is similar in format to American Idol. Contestants audition before a panel of judges in the hopes of making it to the live rounds of the competition. In the live rounds, contestants not only have to perform strongly for the judges, but they must also make an impression on the people of Britain as they will be partly dependent on votes from the public. The culmination of Britain’s Got Talent is the final competitor winning a cash prize on finale night and getting an opportunity to perform in front of the British Royal Family!

There have been 14 champions crowned as of 2020, including multiple singers or musicians as well as dancers or other performers.

Our Criteria for the Best Britain’s Got Talent Betting Sites

There are some great reasons why you should be using one of these five sportsbooks to bet on Britain’s Got Talent online! Certain criteria had to be met before our team even considered placing any one of these top-notch gambling sites on our recommendation queue. As a player, you value your money and time. Our team has chosen Britain’s Got Talent betting sites that ensure you will waste neither!

Legal and Legitimate

It might not be in the forefront of players’ minds, but safety and security are crucial when dealing with real money online sportsbooks and betting. All Britain’s Got Talent betting sites our team recommends have been tested and researched to ensure they are fully licensed and legitimate. All US players are welcome to play.

Our team also discovered that the top Britain’s Got Talent betting sites utilize software to protect their clientele against cyber threats and seedy online opportunists. Players can rest in the knowledge that each site has been vetted and proven to be safe and secure for use.
There are no smoke and mirrors. There is no fine print or misleading information.

All we have are legal, legitimate online sportsbooks that offer terrific Britain’s Got Talent odds!

Competitive Britain’s Got Talent Odds

Good odds lead to maximized winnings and a bigger bankroll! Our team knew their recommendations for betting on Britain’s Got Talent online would have to excel with the quality and accuracy of the odds they posted. These BGT betting sites offer customers odds that are up to date and competitive.

Players can wager more aggressively and have more confidence in profitable gambling when the odds are good, accurate, and updated daily by the sportsbook. Each of our recommendations delivers on this principle to offer the best opportunities to players.

Each sportsbook is likely to present different odds than the next guy, but there is no problem with joining more than one sportsbook! A winning combination for your game could be joining all our recommended Britain’s Got Talent betting sites and comparing all the odds against each other to form an even bigger, better picture of where to place your money!

Great Bonuses to Build Your Bankroll

You will find big bonuses at each of our preferred Britain’s Got Talent entertainment betting sites. The intent of these generous welcome and special bonuses is to aid players in creating a larger bankroll. Our expert team wanted to offer up Britain’s Got Talent betting sites that keep our players profitable and viable in their entertainment gambling endeavors.

The most popular avenue for new players to begin building their bankroll is using match bonuses.

These lucrative matches are bonuses that Britain’s Got Talent betting sites give their customers, but there is an obligation that must be met. In many cases, this means a player must deposit up to a certain amount to get a percentage of that money back.

A good example of the match bonus would be a sportsbook that will give its customers a 100% match if they deposit $500. Once the player deposits $500, they will get $500 from the sportsbook making their bank roll $1,000!

Banking Options That Cannot Be Beat

We know that some customers like to go the traditional route of depositing and withdrawing using a credit card. However, cryptocurrencies are gaining traction in the market and many prefer to utilize this decentralized money system in their day-to-day dealings.

Our team’s top picks for Britain’s Got Talent betting sites include a multitude of deposit and payout methods that allow players more flexibility in their banking as well as some additional perks. Cryptocurrency users generally experience faster payout speeds and higher betting maximums.

Regardless of how you choose to fund your account, you are guaranteed to find a variety of choices using our favorite online sportsbooks with Britain’s Got Talent odds!

Attentive Service and Support

We have been alluding to this throughout the post. Never underestimate the importance of customer service and support. When you are gambling for real money online, you do not want a ton of time tied up with roadblocks or issues that take away from your gameplay. It is essential for the avid gambler to have good support waiting in the wings to quickly terminate problems when they sprout up.

Betting on Britain’s Got Talent online using our preferred sportsbooks will give you access to some of the most acclaimed customer support systems available on the web. Each gambling site offers ways for customers to communicate by phone and email as well as live chat, where a service representative can be available for direct conversation.

Another great piece of news:

Our team set aside time to test all service channels at each one of these online BGT betting sites. We’re glad to report that they all get an exceptionally high grade for customer service!

You Can Bet Anywhere

In today’s world, people are all about mobile compatibility. This is no different in the world of online sportsbooks and Britain’s Got Talent gambling apps. Users want something that is convenient, easy to use, and accessible 24/7!

Our team sought out Britain’s Got Talent betting sites that offer the best in mobile compatibility. All sites offer players a downloadable app for all smart devices. However, even with just an internet connection and a browser, players can have access to these top-rated Britain’s Got Talent betting sites without the need for an app.

What Kind of Bets Can I Make on BGT?

There are a few types of bets you can make when using Britain’s Got Talent gambling sites. This will be sure to keep things interesting as you make your way through the season.

The Winner on Finale Night

This kind of bet is the one that comes to most people’s minds when talking about betting on Britain’s Got Talent online. You can bet before the season even starts or several weeks from the finale. Keep in mind, you can win a lot more if you bet early, although it is much more difficult to get the winner right that early on.

The moral of the story is that you will get better odds earlier in the game than later.

Podium Finish

Have you ever heard the saying, “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades?” This is the principle in effect for the podium finish bet. Britain’s Got Talent deals with a wide variety of acts. With the podium finish, you can win and get paid if the act you are wagering on makes it into the top three!

This bet does not carry all the pressure of predicting a winner but it’s still unpredictable enough to have a good shot at some great odds!

Prop Bets

Props bets involve anything during the Britain’s Got Talent show that doesn’t have any direct impact on finale night. You could sit down for a whole day and come up with a list of 300 props for betting on Britain’s Got Talent online. That is how involved some props can become.

Examples would be, “At any point tonight, will Simon Cowell say, ‘In my opinion, this was your best performance so far,’?” or “Will Joe Schmo be wearing a jacket during his act tonight?

Elimination Bets

Instead of rooting for a contestant’s success, this is the flipside where bets are placed on someone going home that week.

Britain’s Got Talent Elimination

How to Bet on Britain’s Got Talent Online

1. Find a Sportsbook You Trust

We feel you will not be let down when you use one of the reliable online sportsbooks that offer Britain’s Got Talent odds! Each one has proven to go above and beyond the call of duty for legality and customer safety. Scroll back to the top of the post to get stated betting for real money on Britain’s Got Talent!

For most gambling sites, you can begin betting money on Britain’s Got Talent online by clicking on the “Sign Up” button or the “Join” tab. Once that is complete, the sportsbook will ask you to create a username and password. There may be some additional information to input. Follow the instructions and you will be on your way to Britain’s Got Talent betting odds in no time!

2. Get Your Betting Account Set Up

Now that you have chosen a sportsbook or sportsbooks to bet on Britain’s Got Talent online, now comes the time to get some cash into your account. This is where players will run into some cool options. Accounts can be funded with credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and others. Players also have their choice of using cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum! Be sure to read all options carefully, as there are different depositing minimums and maximums for each method.

Main MyBookie Deposit Page Screenshot

Bonuses are offered to new and existing players alike, so terms and conditions will vary. Be sure to check them out as they can be used to exponentially build up your bankroll. One of the easiest ways to build up your account initially would be a match bonus. Deposit up to a certain amount and receive a percentage back as a cash bonus! Each site will have its own unique offer. Do some research and find which is best for you!

3. Prepare Your Bet Slip

Be sure to take a close look at all betting lines that offer Britain’s Got Talent odds. There will be a few ways to place bets on the show, including a few prop bets, but most notably, the winner on finale night.

Find the betting lines on your favorite Britain’s Got Talent betting site, check the odds, then start adding onto your bet slip. Be sure all the information is correct and hit the “Submit” button to complete!

4. Collect Your Winnings!

This is the most satisfying part of the entire Britain’s Got Talent betting experience. Once you win some money, it will show up in your account! How long it takes the money to appear is contingent on the payout method you selected. Although, most of the time, the payout will drop within a few hours after the show has ended. Using Bitcoin already comes with multiple advantages, and users will be delighted to know one of those advantages is seeing faster action with their payout speed.

Contact customer service fs your payout does not drop into your account within a few hours following the end of the show.

Britain’s Got Talent Betting Strategy Tips

Many seasons have come and gone and we’ve tried to learn from them to help you make money betting on Britain’s Got Talent. Here are 4 tips to improve your BGT betting strategy.

    Man Inside a Head Silhouette - Strategy

  • Watch the Show or Review Past Seasons

    When betting on Britain’s Got Talent online, it’s advantageous to follow the show closely or have knowledge of past seasons. This gives you a clearer idea of how the public and judges receive each competitor or act. Watching past seasons can help you identify voting trends or strategies that competitors used to get an edge on their rivals.

  • Get Your BGT Bets in Early

    Professionals advise that you place early bets because that’s where the maximum payout will be. As the competition thins, the chances of a big payout begin to get smaller. Betting early allows for betting odds because there are still a ton of acts to choose from in the beginnings of the season.

  • Check Online Reviews or Social Media

    Bettors can gauge the quality and potential of competitors through the judges’ feedback, but even judges’ opinions can be proven wrong as much of the contestants’ success is contingent on audience voting. To get the best possible picture of the competitors’ odds to win, hop on social media or do a Google search to see how the public feels about each contestant.

    This may help you make a more informed and well-rounded decision that could maximize your edge!

  • Bet the Odds

    Acclaimed sports betting guru Billy Walters always recommended betting on the odds not on favorite teams or players and we think this completely applies to real money BGT betting. If bettors have too much tunnel vision or hold fixation on the talent of the acts they love, they could miss the boat on the competitors who may have a stronger edge.

    After all, the goal is to maximize your winnings. And one of the best ways to make that happen is to research the latest Britain’s Got Talent odds and follow the numbers. A winning recipe occurs when betters combine odds with knowledge of the show as well as public opinion.

BGT Betting by The Numbers – Odds, Stats, and Betting Trends

Looking at past seasons can be a great tool for betting on Britain’s Got Talent online. In this section, we’ve collected some data on the outcomes of the first 14 seasons to try to find some BGT betting trends. We’ll be looking at average viewership, BGT betting odds, past winners, runners up, and much more!

How Many People Watch Britain’s Got Talent?

Season Start End UK Viewers (In Millions)
1 June 9, 2007 June 17, 2007 8.38
2 April 12, 2008 April 31, 2008 10.21
3 April 11, 2009 May 30, 2009 13.36
4 April 17, 2010 June 5, 2010 11.05
5 April 16, 2011 June 4, 2011 10.40
6 March 24, 2012 May 12, 2012 10.07
7 April 13, 2013 June 8, 2013 9.71
8 April 12, 2014 June 7, 2014 9.84
9 April 11, 2015 May 31, 2015 9.31
10 April 9, 2016 May 28, 2016 9.43
11 April 15, 2017 June 3, 2017 9.12
12 April 14, 2018 June 3, 2018 8.33
13 April 6, 2019 June 2, 2019 Over 9*
14 April 11, 2020 October 10, 2020 8.17

*Official sources did not choose to disclose viewership numbers for approxomately a quarter of this season skewing the numbers.

Past BGT Winners, Winning Acts, and Runners Up

Season Winner Act Runner Up
1 Paul Potts Opera Singer NA
2 George Sampson Dancer Signature
3 Diversity Dance Troupe Susan Boyle
4 Spellbound Gymnastic Troupe Twist and Pulse
5 Jai Macdowell Singer Ronan Parke
6 Ashley & Pudsey Dog Tricks Jonathan and Charlotte
7 Attraction Shadow Theatre Jack Carroll
8 Collabro Musical Theatre Lucy Kay
9 Jules O’Dwyer & Matisse Dog Tricks Jamie Raven
10 Richard Jones Magician Wayne Woodward
11 Tokio Myers Pianist Issy Simpson
12 Lost Voice Guy Comedian Robert White
13 Colin Thackery Singer X (Marc Spelmann)
14 Jon Courteney Musical Comedian Sign Along with Us

Britain’s Got Talent Betting Odds

Dues to some delays we don’t have current Britain’s Got Talent odds. What we do have however is last season’s BGT odds to serve as an example.

Season 14 BGT Odds

  • Beth Porch +120 (2.20)
  • Sirine Jahangir +600 (7.00)
  • Steve Royal +600 (7.00)
  • Magical Bones +800 (9.00)
  • Sign Along With Us +1200 (13.00)
  • Jon Courtenay +2000 (21.00)
  • Aiden McCann +2500 (26.00)
  • X1X Crew +2500 (26.00)
  • Fayth Ifel +3300 (34.00)
  • Nabil Abdulrashid +5000 (51.00)

If you had bet $100 on Jon Courtenay to win BGT when these odds were released you would have walked away with $2,100!

Season 13 BGT Odds

  • Dave and Finn +275 (3.75)
  • Chapter 13 +500 (6.00)
  • Jonathan Goodwin +500 (6.00)
  • Flakefleet Primary School +1000 (11.00)
  • Siobhan Phillips +1000 (11.00)
  • 4MG +1000 (11.00)
  • Mark McMullan +1300 (14.00)
  • Colin Thackery +1600 (17.00)
  • Kojo Anim +1700 (18.00)
  • Ben Hart +2500 (26.00)
  • X +2800 (29.00)

If you had picked Colin Thackery to win and bet $100 when these odds were released you would have walked away with $1,700!

The Truth About Britain’s Got Talent Betting Trends

As you can see Britain’s Got Talent betting is not clear cut by any means and while looking at historical data is a great tool, it definitely won’t guarentee you winning bets. Here are a few points to sum up this section:

Key Takeaways

  • Despite what odds may say, no act is a sure thing. Winners have ranged from singers to magicians to dance groups and even dog tricks!
  • 9 of 14 winning acts have had to do with music whether performing it or dancing to it.
  • Singing is the act with the most Britian’s Got Talent wins. (Seasons 1, 5, 8, and 13)
  • Acts with dogs are tied for the second most poular type of act with dancing and comedy acts.
  • The sportsbook isn’t always right. The winners of seasons 13 and 14 were both underdogs at the bookies, but won anyway, costing the bookies big.

When is the Next Season of BGT? – Britain’s Got Talent in 2022

There are currently no plans for Britain’s Got Talent to air a 2021 season due to the third national lockdown Britain has implemented. Regardless of when the show will return, our five recommendations for betting on Britain’s Got Talent will remain unchanged! Sit tight for now. We will be here for you once BGT fires back up!

Britain’s Got Talent Judges and Hosts

Answering Your Questions About Britain’s Got Talent Betting

Maybe you missed something while reading our post. Maybe you are not completely clear on something we discussed. No need to worry!

Yes, it is legal. All online sportsbooks with Britain’s Got Talent odds that we promote have been vetted. They are safe and secure to use and accept US players. All are legal and have been fully licensed by a legitimate gambling authority.

This truly depends on the sportsbook and which withdrawal methods you use. Check each Britain’s Got Talent betting site for complete details. Players usually received their payouts the same night following the airing of the show. it could take a couple of hours, but the payout usually never takes until the next day. Any issues can be resolved quickly with customer service.

A lot of professionals advise placing bets earlier because the payouts tend to be bigger in the early stages. As competition thins, you might have a larger chance of winning, but the payouts are not nearly as big as they are in the beginning.

After the finalists perform the winner is chosen by a public vote.

Happy to! Odds for Britain's Got Talent betting work exactly the same as with any other sports or entertainment events. Whether you're looking for information on how to convert odds, wondering how odds payout, or what different kinds of odds mean, you can find all that and more on our page explaining sports betting odds.

The lessons you learn will apply to Britain's Got Talent odds and all other forms of betting you may be interested in.

In our opinion, the best places to bet on Britain’s Got Talent online are at our recommended online sportsbooks! They make you feel like a VIP and treat you to some awesome customer service, banking options, bonus variety, and competitive odds!

There are plenty of bonuses you can capitalize on when you choose the best sites accepting bets on Britain’s Got Talent. There are a ton of welcome bonuses that newbies can use to build up their accounts and a variety of special bonuses that existing customers can claim to keep their momentum going!

Betting on Britain’s Got Talent is a fun way to make some extra cash and a good way to take a little break from your regular sports betting routine. Use one of our favorite online sportsbooks today and begin on the betting fun of Britain’s Got Talent!